Copper Mining Magnetic Separator

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Specifications of copper mining magnetic separator:


Magnetic field strength(gs)

Working capacity(kg)

Motor power(kw)

Weight (kg)





































Usage of copper mining magnetic separator:


 1. Simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain.
   2. Max. Magnetic intensity: 8,000 OE.
   3. The number of axial magnetic can be adjusted in accordance with material characteristics
   4. This magnetic separator is suitable for processing various bulk materials and will not blocked for its compact structure.
   5. energy saving & high-efficiency.
   6. Also has disaggregating function for sticky and poor-fluidity powders.
   7. Stainless steel machine and full-closed operation enable an easy clean.
   8. This high gradient magnetic separator has optimized magnetic circuit, which offers high intensity magnetic field for better separating effect.
   9. Magnetic separator working under high temperature.


When the ore pulp folw into the magnetic field, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the drum. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic minerals are cast off and discharged, while the strong magnetic minerals on the surface of the drum rotate with the drum and will be brought out of magnetic field to complete the sorting operation.


Picture of copper mining magnetic separator:

copper mining magnetic separator


copper mining magnetic separator

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Q:Is the shaft of the round vibrating screen a straight axis or an eccentric shaft?
Normally, the eccentric axis of a circular vibrating screen.
Q:What is the screen frame of a linear vibrating screen?
The screen frame of the linear vibrating screen can not be exactly what kind of good. It can only be said that each material has the advantage of each kind of material
Q:What is the structure of the LZS cold shale shaker?
The series vibrating screen consists of a sieve box, a vibrator, a support spring, a vibration isolating frame, a two vibration isolating spring, an electric motor and a bracket thereof. The screen frame component is composed of a screen frame, a screen surface and a fastening device. The screen frame side plate is made of a whole piece of high quality steel plate, and the connection between the side plate, the reinforcing rib and the crossbeam and the vibrator bottom frame is connected with the self-locking nut or the ring groove rivet by a high strength bolt, and the utility model is firm and reliable.
Q:Operation of linear vibrating screen
Linear vibrating screen examination and preparation before the start of work: 1) to check the oil level on both sides of the vibrator; 2) to check whether there is no vibrator stuck, don't trouble phenomenon; 3) check the bolts are loose, the triangle between the belt and the belt pulley is taut; 4) to check the moving part and the fixed line screen the distance between the object (such as feeding, discharge chute and sieve sieve funnel and the distance of not less than 80mm); 5) to check the electrical wiring is connected, two motor is reverse rotation; 6) check the bearing and other parts of lubrication; 7) check whether vibrator vent permeability; 8) out of line screen the obstacles around (including workers); 9) to check the performance of electrical equipment; 10) for inspection problems should be recorded and timely please professional personnel from the. 11) the above inspection is normal and the preparation work is completed, you can open the machine
Q:How is the application of compound spring in vibrating screen?
The compound spring is one of the damping springs, which acts as a buffer in the process of the work of the vibrating screen, so that the material can keep forward movement on the screen without damaging the vibrating screen.
Q:What does the model of linear vibrating screen mean?
Zsf520 linear vibrating screen, as you say, means that "Z" means straight line motion, "SF" refers to the screen, and "520" is the dimension of the linear screen: 500x2000 (mm)
Q:What are the types of vibrating screens? What are the differences?
The difference is that light screening equipment for materials for powder, granule or liquid material, mesh size is generally 1mm the following materials; and for large bulk material screen
Q:What is the solution to the problem of "torsional vibration" in the vibrating screen?
An effective solution to the "torsional vibration" fault of vibrating screenExciting force 1, adjust the screen, make reasonable adjustment method is as follows:The demolition vibration motor protective cover;The. Unscrew the lateral vibration motor eccentric block clamping bolt;. the vibration of the motor on both sides of the eccentric block to rotate adjustment two eccentric block angle, the larger angle, the exciting force becomes smaller, the smaller the angle, the exciting force becomes larger, gradually adjust to the requirements of the exciting force;The. Tighten the vibration motor eccentric block clamping bolt and the protective cover is installed.
Q:What are the reasons for the small amount of circular vibrating screen?
It may be the adjustment of the angle of the vibrating screen. Again, it is possible that the size of the mesh can also affect it.
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Xi'an Jincheng vibration is the professional vibrating screen, vibrating screen detector more time, can see on the website

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