XS series sand washer

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Product Description:

XS Series Bucket Sand Washers is a bucketed sand washer,mainly used to washing and drying building material.Its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission device to ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration is in line with the use of a sand making efficient sand washing equipment.

Featuresand Benefits:

1.   Simplestructure,convenient to repair.

2.   Highprocessing capacity and low power consumption.

3.  Lowwear-parts consumption, low cost.

Model            Diameters of The      Wheel Buckert(mm)Speed of Rotor(r/min)    Feed Opening Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kw)Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(kg)
XS2600 (II)26002.5≤1030-705.53515×2270×26722900

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Q:How does the XS sand washing machine collect tiny materials?
In the process of turning the sand in the mud powder with water drain, clean sand is poured out on the belt conveyor, mud and debris in the upper part of the upper part of the cleaning tank through the overflow outlet, so as to achieve excellent cleaning effect of sand stone.
Q:What is the installation procedure of the spiral sand washer?
The spiral sand washing machine produced by Hongxing company has grown into a spiral sand washing machine production and export base with the leading technical level, the excelsior manufacturing process and the innovative manufacturing concept
Q:Why use double press to make the power of sand washing machine?
In a single press by using the air pressure side, side sections of bureau of BHF can not be adjusted, or with extremely laborious mold repair or die cushion adjust 9 double action drawing press the outer slide with four suspension points, can be thrown in mechanical or hydraulic adjustment method, adjusting die height or pressure points the preparation of the point blankholding force can be adjusted, conducive to the formation of.2. complex forming conditions of drawing die parts of the metal homogeneous flow, often in the border region with different pressure tensile reinforcement to control the metal flow resistance. Double action drawing press the outer slide, due to the pressure side rigidity, tensile ribs of metal completely deformed, thus give full play to the role of tensile reinforcement to control the metal flow. If the air pressure side, the local pressure section reach enough pressure
Q:Sand washing machine and washing machine with a machine?
Sand washing machine is based on the continuous development of the washing machine on the models are more and more, and then the specific you check the Internet related information, some details of the Asian website
Q:How much money which the stone washing machine, stone washing machine of good quality and reasonable price.
To Zhengzhou Zhen Ping coal equipment to see, coal washing equipment, and coal briquette equipment
Q:Who knows what is the long heavy wheel sand washing machine maximum feed size?
The role of wheeled sand washing machine is to filter the stone powder in the sand. The machine-made sand used in the project is mostly 2-3 millimeters, and the content of stone powder is below 7%.
Q:I wash Sunaba sand washing process
Sand washing machine adopts advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand industry developed efficient sand washing equipment, it has washed height, reasonable structure, high yield, less loss of sand sand washing process, especially the transmission parts with water, sand isolation, so the failure rate is much lower than the currently used sand washing machine, is the best choice for the domestic washing sand industry upgrading.
Q:What are the routine maintenance and performance features of the sand washing equipment?
For the first time to add lubricating oil reducer, use a month later, it is necessary to replace the oil in a timely manner, filling should be filtered, lubricating oil model selection in the South should be higher than the northern viscosity of the choice of lubricants.
Q:How much water does the sand washer need to clean the sand?
The production of a large amount of sand mud cleaning powder content is low, widely used in various occasions of sand produced can bring sand industry growth, huge benefits, has become the preferred type of sand industry at home and abroad.
Q:Why choose the faithful stone washing sand washing machine? Several reasons for choosing the faithful stone washing machine!
The faithful heavy specializes in stone washing and washing sand industry for many years. Both in terms of technology or services, leading counterparts, the same product vendors.

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