XS series sand washer

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Product Description:

XS Series Bucket Sand Washers is a bucketed sand washer,mainly used to washing and drying building material.Its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission device to ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration is in line with the use of a sand making efficient sand washing equipment.

Featuresand Benefits:

1.   Simplestructure,convenient to repair.

2.   Highprocessing capacity and low power consumption.

3.  Lowwear-parts consumption, low cost.

Model            Diameters of The      Wheel Buckert(mm)Speed of Rotor(r/min)    Feed Opening Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kw)Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(kg)
XS2600 (II)26002.5≤1030-705.53515×2270×26722900

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Q:What is the difference between construction sand washing and non washing?
Wash away the mud, remove the impurities, and the strength of concrete or mortar is even higher.
Q:What are the routine maintenance and performance features of the sand washing equipment?
During the use of the sand washing machine, special technical personnel should be responsible for taking care of it, and operators must have certain techniques. Before the sand washing machine is installed, the operator must be trained in technical operations to understand the principles and performance of the sand washing machine and to be familiar with the operating procedures;4, equipped with necessary maintenance tools, as well as lubricating oil and corresponding parts.
Q:What about the large amount of mud in the sand washing machine?
Of course, our equipment technology continues to upgrade, the latest upgrade of equipment after sand washing and dewatering machine, while the recovery side can also have a dry dehydration, and function, out of the sand to achieve different standards according to user requirements, the map above is marked place, can look at the study
Q:Can hammer crusher be used for sand making?
The use will be less, making sand generally with PCL sand making machine and VSI sand making machine more, of course, complete sets of sand production line with more equipment
Q:What are the common faults in the sand washing machine?
As the sand washing machine has a long service life, there are always some faults, which mainly include:1, fixed and rotor iron core troubleshooting2. bearings fault repairThe shaft is supported by the bearing and rotates, the heaviest part of the load, and the component that is easy to wear.Trouble shootingInspection during operationRolling bearing, will hear "rolling" sound; if you hear the discontinuous "Geng Geng" sound, may be bearing steel ring rupture. When the bearings are mixed with sand and other debris or bearing parts, when slight wear, it will produce slight noise.TroubleshootingThe available 00 sandpaper to erase the rust on the outer surface of the bearing, and then put into the gasoline cleaning; or bearing crack, inner and outer rings of fragmentation or bearing excessive wear, should be replaced with new bearings. When replacing the new bearing, choose the same bearing as the original model.3. rotating shaft troubleshooting
Q:Installation, adjustment and operation of SX type sand washing machine?
After installation, check the reducer size, gear shift, the water tank and the big wheel gap is the same, after the adjustment, the machine fixed welding on the basis.
Q:What is the installation process of the sand recovery machine? Is it difficult to install?
High pressure separator: steel bearings will return bend and outlet docking will be installed in the high-pressure separator feed back on the box, the lower end is inserted into the pipe back to the material box and the upper cover plate and welding, sand recycling equipment high pressure separator the front end of the feed box, loading and fastening bolt. Fill the 76mm feeding rubber tube, the lower end is connected with the pump outlet pipe and tightened with wire.
Q:Large amount of mud sand which used sand washing machine manufacturers | high washing cleanliness sand washing equipment | sand washing machine
Study on the composition of superfine gradation in stone powder and its influence on the compactness of concrete and the function of stone powder in the interface between aggregate and cement.As a professional large-scale sand washing machine manufacturers, need to pay close attention to changes in the market, grasp the market trend, good at capturing the potential demand of customers, the product to achieve the customer's mind, to get the trust of customers, to win customers! Vico sand washing machinery is the most understand your needs, Vico's new sand washing equipment of all the products are from the user needs to make the point. So, sand washing machine manufacturers Vico heavy launched powder sand washing machine is most suitable for your needs. Your needs are our mission, every improvement of our products, every little progress comes from the timely feedback and support from the front line of production.
Q:Sand washing equipment how much a sand washing machine how much money
Sand washing machine is bailing company to produce an efficient large-scale sand and water cleaning equipment, with Braun new type sand making machine and BL fine sand recovery equipment, can produce a large number of high-quality sand and gravel. The production of a large amount of sand mud cleaning powder content is low, widely used in various occasions of sand produced can bring sand industry growth, huge benefits, Braun wheel sand washing machine has become the preferred type of sand industry at home and abroad.
Q:How much money which the stone washing machine, stone washing machine of good quality and reasonable price.
Stone washing machine, sand washing machine in many varieties. If you want to increase the potassium feldspar and other ore whiteness, you can use the scrub machine.

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