XS series sand washer

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Product Description:

XS Series Bucket Sand Washers is a bucketed sand washer,mainly used to washing and drying building material.Its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission device to ensure the cleaning effect of dehydration is in line with the use of a sand making efficient sand washing equipment.

Featuresand Benefits:

1.   Simplestructure,convenient to repair.

2.   Highprocessing capacity and low power consumption.

3.  Lowwear-parts consumption, low cost.

Model            Diameters of The      Wheel Buckert(mm)Speed of Rotor(r/min)    Feed Opening Size(mm)Capacity(t/h)Motor Power(kw)Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)Weight(kg)
XS2600 (II)26002.5≤1030-705.53515×2270×26722900

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Q:Why are vibrating dewatering screens installed after the sand washer?
It also improves the cleanliness of the sand, improves the quality and output of fine sand, saves energy and protects the environment, green and low-carbon, improves the environment of the sand and gravel factory, and is an ideal equipment for sand making and sand washing by sand and stone manufacturers.
Q:Can quartz sand dehydration be treated separately with a dewatering sieve?
The dewatering sieve is usually used in conjunction with the sand washing machine in the washing sand, so as to clean the finished sand for washing and washing the machine, and then improve the quality of the sand two times. But not in any case, the dehydration sieve should be used in conjunction with other equipment. Dewatering screens can also be used separately.
Q:First test the machine with sand washing machine, then wash the sand in the screw washer, right?
To ensure the effect of fine sand, it is best to use spiral sand washing machine after washing, and then wheel bucket sand washing machine, because the spiral sand washing machine out of fine sand loss more, and wheel type sand washing machine wash out sand more clean
Q:Long heavy sand dewatering recycling machine is how to improve the quality of sand
The use of the dewatering sand recovery machine greatly reduces the content of water, mud and impurities in the sand, and improves the quality of the sand. At the same time, the sand is recovered, and the output of sand is increased and the objective economic benefits for the users are raised. In addition, the full recovery of fine sand also plays a role in protecting the environment. Therefore, has been the vast number of sand washing customer recognition and love.
Q:What are the routine maintenance and performance features of the sand washing equipment?
For the first time to add lubricating oil reducer, use a month later, it is necessary to replace the oil in a timely manner, filling should be filtered, lubricating oil model selection in the South should be higher than the northern viscosity of the choice of lubricants.
Q:What is the minimum amount of waste particles washed by the sand washing machine?
Is through continuous injection to dilute the material, the material in the process of cleaning the precipitation in disturbed flow and mechanical, the detailed material can not precipitate, become passive suspension in the water will be discharged with wastewater. In general, fine sand less than 0.16mm is difficult to recycle.
Q:What is the installation procedure of the spiral sand washer?
1. The equipment shall be installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and secured with anchor bolts2, installation should pay attention to the main body and the level of vertical3, after installation check all parts of the bolts loose and the main warehouse door is fastened, if any, please fasten4 、 according to the power of the equipment, configure the power line and control switch5. After checking, empty load test run and normal test run can be carried out
Q:What should I pay attention to if I want to buy a sand washing machine?
EffectThe washing effect is the key, if even the most basic requirements are not up to the washing machine is certainly not qualified to buy back, it will only be pit themselves can not reach the standard, equipment will be repeated rework the efficiency is greatly affected.
Q:How to make the use of spiral sand washing machine handy?
The production capacity is large, and the sand powder and the mud powder content are low, and the produced sand material is used in a large number of occasions, which brings great benefit for the sand and gravel industry.
Q:Troubleshooting of sanding machine
Sand machine operation when the trip after the 400A, what should I do?

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