Wheel Loader with 5 Metric Ton Capacity CG956H

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100 unit/month

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Model Number:


Place of Origin:

Sichuan China (Mainland)


Front Loader

Moving Type:

Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):

8020X3000X3480 mm

Rated Load:







Engine Model:Shangchai SC11CB220G2B1 
Rated power:162kw 
Rated Load Weight:5t 
Perfect after-sales service system

Main features:

uCG electric-hydraulic transmission with forward speed and three reverse.

uThe efficiency of optimized working hydraulic system with shorter circle time (10.0s) is higher. Joy stick makes operating more stable, precise, convenient.

uCabin is equipped with streamline dash panel and steering mechanism. A/C and fuel gauge are standard.

uElectronic-controlled integrated backward-opened cover provides easy maintenance for whole engine system.

uBucket with reinforced wear-resisting blade with 3 times higher wearability than before. Side teeth are equipped for longer use.

uA diagnostic hole is set on the cab floor for easier maintenance of pumps and valves.


Technical features:

Main Specifications


Engine Model

Shangchai SC11CB220G2B1

Rated Power/Rated Revolution

(kw/ hp )

162/ 217.2



Rated Load Weight(kg)


Max. Dump Clearance (45°Discharge)(mm)


Dump Reach (Max. Dump Clearance)(mm)


Max. Forward Speed(km/h)


Min. Turning Radius (mm)


Action Time of Working Device(s)


Lifting Time of Working Device(s)


Bucket Capacity(m³)


Breakout Force(kn)


Overall Size (LxWxH)(mm)


Operating Mass(kg)




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