Wheel Loader 2000kg 2 Ton ZL20F Brand New

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China main port
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1 set
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15 set/month

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Wheel loader is mainly used to move loose materials in road construction, urban construction, environment cleaning, coal yard, sand and stone quarry, small and medium civil engineering, railway station, wharf, freight yards, warehouse, etc.



1. Torque converter with double Turbines.

2. Hydraulic steering and articulating frame.

3. Clear and wide-vision cab, “French Green” colour glass to inhibit ultra-Violet light and make the operator more


4. Advanced structure and convenient for maintenance and repairing; all performance parameters have reached world's

advanced level.

5. Cold & warm air-conditioner with environ mental protection are for user's option.

6. To apply priority unload in hydraulic system to save energy.

7. To apply movable console to operate conveniently.



Rated loading: 2000kg

Overall weight: 5700kg

Engine model: WEICHAI R4105G57

Type: Vertical, in-line, water cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine

No. of cylinder-bore/stroke: 4-105x125mm

Rated power: 55kw-2200r/min

Transmission system

Maximum speed: 24km/h

Type specification: 16/70-20


Wheel Loader 2000kg 2 Ton ZL20F Brand New

Wheel Loader 2000kg 2 Ton ZL20F Brand New

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