Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with large capacity#GW903TS

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470 unit
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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: GW903TS


Wet and dry vacuum use

Metal barrel

Variable power control

Water-proof power switch

Blower function

Large capacity

Long cord

Creivce tool for mutiple use

Low temperature motor with self-cooling impeller

Cyclone system

Washable HEPA filter

Sponge outlet filter


1200W-1600W nominal power

Cord length 5m

Dust bag capacity 15/20/25L

Speed control on body

Vacuum degree:no less than 21kpa

Suction power:no less than 250W

Load qty (20'/40'/40H') for 15L: 470/965/1100 pcs
Load qty (20'/40'/40H') for 20L: 380/775/900 pcs

Load qty (20'/40'/40H') for 25L: 340/695/815 pcs

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Q:How do I repair the belt of the vacuum cleaner?
Re install the vibration lever and adjust the drive belt as necessary
Q:I need a new vacuum cleaner, what should I buy?
We've got a Hooray Henry - great little worker and even has a cheery face! Got him after 2-3 others in recent years who literally bit the dust - Henry was recommended as can cope with more hoovering than a little dust so if you're doing renovations and have clumps of plaster it will suck 'em up and not wear out the motor.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner - which is best? Volta or Kambrook?
I work at a vac store and I've never heard of either brand. Its hard for me to say for sure not being familiar with the companys or products.(USA) My best advice is to call their customer service lines and see who is the most willing to help you. A compnay that produces a good product will have good customer support to stand behind it. Make up a problem and see how eager they are to solve it. e.g. you are having trouble putting it together. Pick the one that takes care of you the best. You can also look to see where the machine is manufactured. Stay away from chinese, and korean. Look to see if the parts that are going to take abuse(brushroller, bottom plate, tools, wheels) are made out of durable material(ABS plastic or metal). Last you can call local vac shops, try a few different ones, tell them you were interested in purchasing those vacs and you wanted to know if they sold them and what their opinion was on them.
Q:Why don't vacuum cleaners work as stomach pumps?
Vacuum cleaners have suction that is way too powerful to use on internal organs. Didn't you see the 1000 Ways to Die episode where the idiot used a shop vac to perform his own liposuction and disemboweled himself and bled to death? Same principle. Besides, pumping the stomach would not help with food poisoning, which comes from bacteria or toxins in the food. By the time you use a pump, the bacteria or toxin is in the bloodstream and your vacuuming action is futile.
Q:How to repair the vibration lever of vacuum cleaner?
If the brush has worn off, replace the brush. If the end cap, flange or casing is damaged, it also needs replacing. Replace the whole vibration lever if necessary
Q:What is a good, inexpensive hand-held vacuum cleaner?
I work in a vacuum sales/repair shop and I believe the Dirt Devil classic or ultra vac are your best choices. They are bagless/bagged units. They are NOT cordless. They only corless I sell, is a high power unit for about $70. The DD will run about 40-60.
Q:Is there such thing as a sports ball pump extention for a vacuum cleaner?
Vacuum cleaners don't generate enough pressure to fill a sports ball.
Q:Ever demolish a vacuum cleaner?
No, but I have a Kirby I'm working on seeing what it won't suck up. I used it to vacuum out the oven when it was so dirty,..... nothing would cook in it. I use the Kirby as a leaf blower, it leaves the men in the 'hood perplexed, I'm looking for other surfaces for the Kirby to suck blow:)
Q:something stuck in my vacuum.. should i take these screws out? pic!?
sure it rather is genuine! over the years it may reason an enduring lose of sensation and could burst blood vessels ensuing in bruising! dealing with this bruising/therapeutic technique many times over the years can rather reason the tissue in one's penis to grow to be fibrous ensuing in much less the suitable erections or perhaps painful ones! men who abuse penile pumps can be bothered by most of the same issues! that's probable on your terrific activity to masturbate interior the traditional way or extra constructive yet, hit upon a prepared substantial different for some genuine intercourse!
Q:What is the deal with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
Leave the vacuum on while you address your dog. Mine was doing that and I used one of the 'Dog Whisperer's' techniques of immediately addressing my pit when he started lunging at my vacuum cleaner. I stopped, got between him and the vacuum and let him know by 'Pssting', snapping my fingers and getting his attention that his behavior wouldn't be tolerated. It took about 30 seconds for him to get the idea. Now I just have to 'Psst' and put my hand out for him to stop. He sits back and looks at me like, Oh. Okay.

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