weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

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China main port
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1 set
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1000 set/month

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Product Description:

1.Use of the upper and lower hinge,turning radius is small,turned to a flexible,easy to operate. 


2.Widely used in construction sites,mixing station feeding,brick,battle field,as well as mine,port cargo loading and short-distance transport.


3.Use of steel frame structure,increasing the overall strength.


4.Power-shift gear box ,universal good,stable and reliable.


5.Use of engine,power large,low fuel consumpution,good for environment.


6.Increasing the engineering machinery special drive axle,wheel-side planetary gear reducer,a strong ability to overcome obstacle.

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

Technical Specifications of ZL15F:

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

Company informaton:

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick

weifang 1.5 ton mini loader with joystick


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Packaging Details: Nude packing,in container

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Our quality ensurance time is 12 months. And our engineers can supply overseas service. 

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