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Type of blade               Tilting straight blade                                        

Operating weight          16100 (kg)                                                    

Max. drawbar pull        145(kN)                                                        

Ground pressure             55 kpa)                                                          

Widthof standard shoe            1880(mm)                                                      

Ground clearance           445 (mm)                                                      

Grade ability                  Straight 30°  Side 25o                                    

Capacity of blade           4.5  m3                                                        

Dimension of blade        3297×1170  (mm)                                        

Digging depth              592(mm)                                                        

Overall dimension          5037×3270×3077 mm                                   UNDERCARRIAGE SYSTEM

ENGINE                       C6121ZG05                                                    TYPE:Swing type of sprayed beam. suspendedType: Water-cooled, single-row, vertical,4-stroke-cycle,turbocharged.               Structureof equalizer bar

manufacture                         Shang hai diesel enginecompany               Number of trackrollers(each side)        7

Rated RPM                          1900r/min                                                Number of carrierrollers(each side)       2

Rated power                        131kW                                                     Pitch                            203 mm

Num. of cylinder-bore×stroke       6-121mm×152mm                                     Widthof shoe                     560 mm

Fuel consumption                 215g/kw.h                                                Gear         Forward             Reverse

Max. torque                         770N.m/1400rpm                                      1 st          4 km/h              4.8 km/h

2st        6.9km/h             8.4 km/h

IMPLEMENT HYDRAULIC SYSTEM                                     3 st        10.9km/h             12.9km/h

Max. system pressure               15.5MPa                                    

Pump type                       Gear pump        

System output                  178L/min


Torque converter    Single-stage with output torque divider combined smoothnesswith economy

Transmission         Planetary, power shift transmission withthree forward and three reverse

Steering clutch      Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring, hydraulic separate.

Steering brake       Hand levers combine steering clutch disengagement and brakingin one control

Final drive          The final drive are double reduction withspur gear and segment sprocket


SD6G bulldozer is designed on the basis ofCAT’s D6G, and the maincomponent of undercarriage is interchangeable with D6G’s,

which issimilar with D6D.We have accumulated twenty years’ experiences formanufacturing D6D, so the SD6G’sundercarriage

isreliable. The control valve for implement system is imported from PIRKER, aAmerican company , which manufacture valve

for CAT,so the implement hydraulic also enjoys a high quality.

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Q:Which work is efficient, excavators or bulldozers?
Bulldozer, as the name suggests, the main function is to push the soil, can be used for land, built along the lake, the mountains to fill the ditch, also used for road and corridor route wrecker, road subgrade subgrade material molding, aggregate etc.. It is one of the main to short distance transport, without the need to use dump trucks and other transportation equipment, nor loading operations, such as loading, loading equipment of loader, excavator, digging; function, good at digging various trench, cable channel, channel, or excavation.
Q:I'm looking for a job. I'm a bulldozer driver, looking for a job.
Third: self introduction when applying1, recommend - be prepared to introduce yourself in the shortest possible time with the simplest and proper language.2, self-confidence - do not ask "recruit a few", to believe that he is the only suitable person, but do not blindly arrogant.3, instrument - personal instrument, according to the position to make the corresponding "packaging", also can bring confidence to yourself.4, record - prepare pens and paper, write the location, line and leader of the interview, introduce yourself, point of view and so on.5, prepare - prepare for the interview of common problems of countermeasures, such as why you leave the original position, what are your strengths and weaknesses?6, what are your most outstanding achievements? What are your goals?7, before, the company's bosses, managers, employees, what do you think?8, the company - know how much, what requirements, which position would you like?9, the position of the assumption, as well as salary requirements.Fourth: how can you be polite in applying for an interview?1, punctuality - in advance of the appointment time, do some candidates before the preparation.2, interview - stand up, shake hands, moderate strength; smile relaxed, look directly at the examiner3, dialogue - exchange, the right to enjoy; ask questions, listen to, follow the train of thought,4, answer - questions, flexible and sincere; at the end, do not forget to thank; get business cards, strengthen ties.5, focus - try to capture the focus of communication in an effective time: the main points of the job.6, feelings - after the interview, no matter what the outcome, should write down their feelings, an experience, a promotion.7, taboo - not confident, not serious, dishonest, find acquaintances, heavy treatment, ask questions indiscriminately.
Q:What's the difference between a bulldozer and a tilting shovel?
Many bulldozers are straight shovels, used as stacking operations for material fields. Another, as a road engineer, is to buy a tire bulldozer. The shovel can adjust the shovel's angle freely. It can be adjusted to the right slope by left deviation. Of course, you can also adjust the front straight state.
Q:How many litres do you need when you change the engine oil?
If no data case (because the vehicles are generally manual, if according to the instructions), added to the engine oil dipstick line; the gear box side edge to a check hole oil leakage; gear box in box cover open, add to the oil to the idler wheel can be 1/3.
Q:Are there any differences between bulldozers, loaders and forklifts? Thirty...
The bulldozer is forklift loader bulldozer is you can go to the real network to learn more
Q:How about Shandong bulldozer
Sometimes he stopped at the gate, most of them were not there. See the car is very clean, as for how, I dare not say the last drink when I heard the mountain excavator he also would like to buy a smaller. Should be used, otherwise, could not even buy a Shandong small excavator.
Q:What are the instruments of the bulldozer instrument panel?
The two meter can usually be mounted on the display panel.The primary instrument can read signals directly from the main circuit.
Q:CPU core I3 series or AMD bulldozer is good
If you do not play the game, recommend using I3, upgrade more space, and less heat, and performance is between the quad core and six core bulldozers.
Q:Can loaders and bulldozers work in conjunction with earthworks?
Bulldozer earthmoving, loader and dump truck with earth, earth, sprinkler, sprinkler, bulldozer flat, flat machine end, roller molding, this is the whole earthwork required machinery. Or excavator with the dump truck, soil, sprinkler, sprinkler, bulldozers flat, flat machine end flat, roller mill rolling molding
Q:Which 3770 Core i7 performance and bulldozer eight core which is fast? Ten
2600K compares 2600, is he does not lock, may overclocking you, if does not have the overclocking needs, that does not take K is not differentBulldozer eight nuclear 8150, many tests also come with i5 2500 a level, and power consumption is also big, really disappointing, not recommended to buy

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