Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

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China main port
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TT or LC
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1 set
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100 set/month

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Product Description:

Quick details:

Condition: New

Brand Name: CCMG

Model Number: HMB850

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Type: Front Loader

Moving Type: Crawler Loader

Rated Load: 3 ton

Certification: CE, GOST-R

Warranty: 12 months or 2400 hours

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

Engine power: 65 KW

characteristics of 3ton wheel loader :

  1. Adopt Cummins 6 cylinder engine with 97KW output power and high torque, strong excavating capability.

  2. Full dydraulic steering system, merging of double pump, energy saving and high work efficiency.

  3. Increase the counterweight, improve the stability and bearing capacity of the complete machine.

  4. Reinforcement structure. Strengthened front and rear frame.

  5. Joystick control realized precise operation, air conditioner are option.

  6. Joystick control realized precise operation, air conditioner are option.

specification of the wheel loader:

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker

Korean Type HMB850 Hydraulic Hammer of Front End Loader, Loader Hammer, Wheel Loader Breaker


1.How about the shipment?

1. The loader machine load one 40HQ container.

2. The loader disassemble into 3 parts, major machine, bucket and cabin.

3. Before shipment, we have done the rust-proof and antiseptic treatment.

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

3. What Can we Do For You?                                                                 

1. During the period of 12 months or 2000 working hours warranty, Chaogong factory are responsible for maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

2. We attend the machinery exhibition in your country and please contact us when we are with you at that time and solve the problem you have.

3. For the sole agents, we will go with senior engineer to your country and offer the technical service. 

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Bulldozer is the name of AMD's newest CPU architecture, veritable bulldozer. It has high power consumption, high heat and slow speed
Q:What certificate should I take for driving a bulldozer? Do I need a driver's license?
Special vehicle driver's license.. More than just a digger. And the crane. All bulldozers have to learn.
Q:What's the use of a gold coin bulldozer?
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Q:What does AMD bulldozer CPU have?
LZ boss, bulldozers and the Zambezi River are two different U, namely CPU and APU which is only suitable for the office, because of its low power consumption, but also integrated display chip with the highest 35W low only 9W, the performance of the bulldozers are not clear only in the online hype, it has dual core, 4 core, 6 8 nuclear, nuclear...... The server has 32 cores, 3 level cache is 6M8M12M16M with a maximum of 32M, a few days ago I saw AMD computer city officials engaged in activities, ask, issued in June is the Zambezi River processor...... Bulldozers released in May is the server, as the desktop processor do not know when to come out, it is said that the server CPU bulldozers 32 nuclear CPU, in several ways still beat in's 16 core, 32 lines into CPU...... Tragedy......
Q:Forklifts use more? Or are bulldozers used more?
Forklift is certainly more use, general forklift monthly rent at around 30000, bulldozers monthly rent of about 20000. Forklift general push soil, transfer goods, cleaning roads, loading and unloading functions are good. Bulldozers are suitable for large earthwork leveling operations.
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Q:The development direction of bulldozer
First, the development of small bulldozersIn addition to the highway construction needs large and medium horsepower bulldozer, the construction of county and township roads network of high grade highway construction and water conservancy engineering, environmental engineering construction, it is bound to create individual construction in large quantities. Thus, the demand for small bulldozers (under 100 horsepower) is bound to increase. At the same time, China has built highways and highway has gradually entered the maintenance period, with the economic development of the eastern coastal areas and the improvement of people's living standard, small bulldozer will gradually become a substitute manual tools. This is where the market for small bulldozers is.Compared with the North American, Western European and Japanese markets, the Chinese small bulldozer market has a considerable gap, both in sales volume and in the proportion of total sales of small bulldozers and heavy bulldozers. The bulldozer industry must take advantage of this opportunity to meet the needs of this new market. According to the magazine introduced, the minicomputer market has entered the growth period, 2008-2012 years before and after entering the late growth period and mature period, and around 2020 into the mature period.Therefore, the enterprises concerned in the bulldozer industry should focus on the strategic point of view and must never ignore the future market of small products. However, in developing countries such as China, the development of small construction machinery products must be accurate. Different technologies and different user groups should be used to solve the positioning problem. Should first develop to meet the developed areas of the vast rural market low-end products. And high-end products, more should consider the needs of future users.
Q:Our company bought a bulldozer, mainly for engineering. Does the bulldozer need to declare a car tax?
The "non - transportation vehicles", as defined here, refer to excavators, graders, forklifts, loaders (forklifts), cranes (cranes), bulldozers and other construction machinery. Therefore, the bulldozer of the above company is a non - carrying vehicle with a fixed device, which shall be exempted from tax and shall not be required to declare the vehicle purchase tax.
Q:Why is CPU than your bulldozer phenom
Either because it's a low-end bulldozer, FX-4300, or because it's a secondhand bulldozer.
Q:What are the common faults of bulldozers?
2 、 the main clutch lever is heavyThe main reasons are as follows: the oil filter is blocked and the oil supply is insufficient; the booster is not working; the main clutch hydraulic system is short of oil; the booster is damaged or the booster safety valve is defective; the double metal sleeve in the moving sleeve is burnt out. When the clutch lever heavy fault, whether the oil level should first check the hydraulic system to meet the requirements; if the oil level is appropriate, can temporarily remove the oil filter, and then the main clutch lever, the lever changes if you feel the strength, the oil filter is blocked, the only oil filter cleaning or replacement can be. If the circuit is normal, but the main clutch lever is heavy, they can check the safety valve and the power is stuck or oil leakage, if the booster safety valve is no problem, you must check or check mobile booster; sleeve double metal sleeve is burning, is necessary for the new.

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