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Q:Survey: What is the best method of cleaning up after and disposing of dragon droppings?
Wow. That's a tough one. I mean, they'd probably be fireproof, right? Nuke 'em from orbit. Only way to be sure.
Q:How does AMD's Bulldozer compare to Intel's Nehalem?
And you probably wont! AMD is keeping a tight lid on the bulldozer..either because they want to blitz the world with its performance ..OR...its not as great as the hype! The Ivy bridge is coming out from intel that is suppose to be the enthusiast version of the Sandy Bridge. and as you can see the 2600K is pretty tuff to beat especially at $314 si the new one should be above the 995X sad to say AMD has to little, to late...had the Bulldozer come out when Sandy Bridge did there would have been a near even market. at this point the bulldozers is just an also ran.The only thing that can save its butt would be price point and mother board ability/price. The Sandy Bridge mother boards are a bit expensive the P8P67 Deluxe is $239 so adding the $314 for the CPU = $553 IF the bulldozer can come in under that price point it stands a chance. 8 core or even 12 core means little if there is nothing out there that can take advantage of all those cores. Little to nothing can take advantage of 6 cores now! We all have to wait and see bench marks now are just theoretical as there is nothing to test them on for real world results. Like the rest of us...just sit and wait...and wait...and wait!
Q:Where could I buy an AMD Bulldozer?
You're not the only one anticipating the release of the Bulldozer, it's already been O'clocked to over 8GHz in independent testing...............smokin gun...
Q:What type of bulldozer Shantui bulldozer ty160b
As of today, the maximum power of the brand Shantui bulldozer model SD52-3, 392kw engine power, the specific Shantui SD2278 push SD32115 million price difference in difference 25 to 50 liters per hour! Cummins
Q:AMD FX CPU VS AMD Phenom II X6 VS AMD APU's. and X8 core Bulldozer.?
X6 for video editing and heavy data processing, apu for gaming, and x8 for servers and also for heavy data processing.
Q:Cat or caterpillar model letters on a bulldozer?
I'm not sure the exact meaning of the letters and numbers, The numbers like D6, D9, etc, is the size of the machine. I believe the D designates dozer. It's kind of like F series ford trucks, the bigger the number, the bigger the machine. The letter after the number is kind of like the trim package on a vehicle. The machine is for example a D3 C, means it's a D3 dozer, style C. Same deal with excavators and other cat equipment. IE: 955, 955H. 951, 951L, 951C
Q:i need a metaphor please help!?
I really tried to come up with a metaphor but some of the lines were just distracting the process. For instance, I'd change the line "Had finally come to a stop" to, "Had at last come to rest", or even "At last came to rest". Also "A sickness like a bulldozer" doesn't really make much sense, at least not the way it's worded. I see you're trying to say it's destructive/powerful as a bulldozer, but it comes off funny. I'd change the entire middle section to this: "Yet finally came a day, An illness lost tenacity. At last there dawned a day, When she discarded misery." I tried to keep the whole day thing going for you. Plus it goes along with the progressive improvement transition. If I think up a metaphor that goes with the original poem I'll definitely post it for you. Best of luck.
Q:How much is a team 230 Shantui bulldozer
Hello: according to the current form of Shantui 230 an hour is about 400 dollars a day refers to the character, eight hours is probably around 3200, the price of different types of classes, different things there is a price change!
Q:Can you believe this???
This sounds like an excellent question for the Government and Politics or Military Life forums.
Q:Does an enzyme act more like a chair lift or a bulldozer?
Chair lift. It doesn't remove the energy that must be over come for a reaction to occur, it just assists in getting the molecules over the hill.

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