630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
1 set
Supply Capability:
100 set/month

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Product Description:

Quick details:

Condition: New

Brand Name: AOLITE

Model Number: Aolite 630B

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Type: Front Loader

Moving Type: Wheel Loader

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):7400*2440*3200mm

Rated Load: 3000 kg

Certification: CE,BV,ISO.SGS etc

Warranty: 12 months

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Axle: Big hub reduction axle

Tire size: 17.5-25

Gearbox: YJ320B

Machine parts: optional

Machine size: Customized

Engine: 92kW, 125hp

MOQ: 1set

Production Information:

1.We suppling 0.6 to 5t,bucket capacity 0.3 to 3.0 m³ wheel loader.

2.Loader color can designed according to customers' requirements.


Specifications of our products:

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader

630 Hot Sale China Pay Loader/630 Wheel Loader


1.How about the shipment?

You can put 2 sets of of wheel loaders in one 40HQ container. The spare parts are packed with boxes.

The delivery time is 20 days. 

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

3. What Can OUTAILONG Do For You?                                                                 

1.Installation Services
Installation Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.

4.After Sales Service
We offer the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly feels about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide. Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. Also we offer one year guarantee period.  

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Q:220 how heavy is the bulldozer body?
The pedal generally more than 100 kg, two hundred kg of general frame
Q:What does bulldozer mean?
4. Support both AVX and SSE instructions5, more advanced power management technologyThe key improvements include power / core area efficiency, new ISA support, core scalability and modular design concepts, which are expected to significantly improve power performance and area performance per unit.Bulldozer architecture features:1, the core design is fully modular2 、 efficient cluster multithreaded architecture
Q:Which is better, bulldozer or APU? What's the difference?
Because of current distribution and process problems, the price is high, the working voltage is high.As for how the performance of bulldozers remains, they need to be released later.
Q:Excuse me, where is the bulldozer for rent?
What place I have 160 mountains with bulldozers bulldozers
Q:How many bulldozer types are there?
Manufacturer code + engine power + deformation codeSuch as:Xuangong TS160-3 TS represents xuanggong bulldozers, 160 engine power of 121 kilowatts, about 160 horsepower, 3 is the third generation.Shantui SD16F SD represents Shantui bulldozers, 16 engine power of 120 kilowatts, about 160 horsepower, F is representative of the section of the F deformation.Some foreign brands adopt the naming rules 70 years ago according to the factory batch model. Code for manufacturer + batch + modification code. But the batch code is more casual here don't dwell on.
Q:What are amd pile drivers and bulldozers?
These two years, real estate is so fire...... AMD watched everyone decided to get involved in the real estate industry, from the beginning of the construction team on intervention......Building a house needs to be laid on foundations, and foundations are naturally built with bulldozers and pile drivers, you know.
Q:What motherboard does AMD bulldozer use?
Budget enough directly on the line of 990FX motherboards, no doubt the support of the most perfect.If you have budget constraints or want to make a specific choice, you can refer to the following:If you don't play a overclocking, do not require two or more parallel graphics card, so 970 is enough, the 8 series motherboard through update BIOS and support the bulldozer roller can, 7 Series motherboard too old, don't even support SATA6Gbps, is not recommended.If you need to make a big overclocking, graphics block is good, then the preferred first-line high-end motherboard 990, the reason is recommended as first-line first-line board such as ASUS,
Q:In which department does the driving permit apply for assessment?
The twenty-seventh is engaged in special operations personnel assessment, certification and review the work of the relevant personnel, dereliction of duty, breach of privilege cheating, shall be given administrative punishment; constitute a crime, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law. Local units responsible for special operations assessment, not the same, there are Safety Supervision Bureau, labor bureau or quality supervision bureau.The wheel excavator must do the driving license. The driver should do the operation card and driver's license, and the bulldozer needs the operation card. There is the B driver's license and the operation certificate of the production safety administration
Q:What radiator does the FX8120
Water cooling, you can consider the pirate ship H60 500, Tt Bigwater A80 500 nod, Antec HLER H20 620 about 400. Personally think that the water is a bit redundant, generally use long-term overclocking three Red Sea extreme overclocking, Aeolus ice jet 400 Extreme Edition or Frostsaber version of these 150 pieces of game player = around the radiator has been fully able to control the temperature of your CPU.
Q:Is the AM3+ special interface for the AMD bulldozer? Does the AM3+ motherboard provide full support for bulldozers?
Yes, fully support bulldozers, then definitely buy 970 or 990 motherboard, as for the previous motherboard, although some installed black bulldozer interface, but certainly no 9 system motherboard support good

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