Waterproof sports camera

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170 degrees A + grade-resolution wide-angle lens

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English / German / French / Spanish / Italian

Video Video

1080P (1920 * 1080) 30FPS

720P (1280 * 720) 60FPS

VGA (848 * 480) 60FPS

QVGA (640 * 480) 60FPS

Video Video Format


Video compression formats


Photo resolution

12M / 8M / 5M

Memory card


Camera mode

Single shot / self-timer / (2 seconds / 5 seconds / 10 seconds) / Continuous

Light frequency shelter

50Hz / 60Hz



Power supply


Battery capacity




Recording time

1080P / 70 minutes

Charging time

About 3 hours

Operating system

Windows XP / VistaorAbove / Win7 / Mac os


59.27 * 41.13 * 29.28

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Q:How to control the direction of the four wheel?I just can't buy it
The body center of gravity to have the foot plate, the upper body slightly forward, knees bent, arms stretch, balance. (you don't need to reach for balance when you get used to it) and then control the direction through the left and right sides of the foot board. When the two feet hit the best novice turning horizontally, it is easier to turn.
Q:My skateboard's wheels are too flexible and too fast
What you said is not good for tightening the wheel screws. That screw would have been required with Hashimoto Hisai's..There is also a simple way to change a rough ground exercise, and the speed will decrease
Q:Seek the special name of the skateboard and the order of difficulty coefficients from small to large
Boneless bone springboard difficulty 2Ollie difficulty springboard dolphin jump 2Bs Pop shove it back to the wall difficulty 2.5
Q:Where is the easiest place to break a skateboard
Skaters have some basis, often exercise, surface loss should be the fastest, the second is the sandpaper, bearing and support, for the surface slip of the hand for nosesllide love action, and sometimes on the wall, touch the water will soon damage etc.. The bracket usually loses during exercise times. Mainly depends on your playing ground, not diligent.Wheels are generally the most durable and can be used almost as a whole.In short, as far as skateboarding is concerned, the surface is the fastest and basically has to be replaced in a few months. Other components have not changed.
Q:How to play fancy skateboard?
The plate is always taxiing on the hard ground, and the gliding is the most basic technique. As the terrain changes, a lot of gliding skills are evolved to smooth the slide, allowing the skateboard to move over obstacles, uphill and downhill, and slide over bars and cambered surfaces. Some new basic techniques have also come into being, mainly jumping and balance gliding skills.
Q:What's on the two wheel?
The dragon board, also known as dragon board, snake board, land surfing board, is a new type of skateboard, an alternative to skateboarding, Korea's new products. Use body, foot twist and hand swing to drive forward
Q:OL what is the first skateboard front or rear foot jump?
1) the basic station method of ollie:The basic law generally flat station Ollie station in front in the centre of the middle foot forefoot in the tail, face in the direction of. Beginners tend to bow their heads down to the board or not to look at the direction of progress, which is a mistake for beginners who like to look at the front wheels, which can make the vision smaller and more tense.2) Ollie action:The rear tail point under the forefoot force center, while the body upwards jump, turn the board forward over the instep front pull out, followed by the rear skateboard jump into the air (the foot is very important, the board level), and as far as possible before the feet, body, air balance. In the whole process of Ollie, the eye should always look at the head of the board, but the center of gravity should not be placed on the front foot and between the feet. When the hind leg is at Ollie, "closing" is an important step.
Q:Because of its simple structure, the scooter gets the thrill of being driven by the wind in the course of rapid taxi. It is more and more popular with teenagers. As shown in the picture, a child is "driving" a scooter to slide forward
(4) the pressure on the skateboard is F=G=m person g=25kg * 10N/kg=250N;The pressure on the skateboard: p=FS=250N100 x 10 - 4m2=2.5 * 104Pa;The pressure of the scooter on the ground is F '=G' = (m person +m car) g= (25kg+3kg) * 10N/kg=280N,(5) in order to improve the stability, the measures can be taken as follows: squat slightly and lower the center of gravityThe answer is: (1) the ground gives a forward force; (2) pressure; the roughness of the contact surface; (3) inertia; reduce; (4) 280; 2.5 x 104; (5) slightly squat body, reduce the center of gravity
Q:Is there a battery in the flash wheel of the skateboard?
The flash wheel is frictional and luminous. The principle is that the inner core and the metal on the inner wall of the wheel rub and shine, and the friction of the new wheel is bright, and it can not always shine
Q:The experience of skateboarding200 words
Once, now, someone left, someone joined me. In the summer, I fell down under the pine tree for the first time in the middle of the night. In winter, the first street was covered with flies and bled.They changed into a suit and even put on a tie. I took off my sweater and put on my t-shirt.An artist on the board who can't afford to eat, I love skateboarding, but I've been on a skateboard, I love skateboarding, I've reflected on it, and at last I've stuck to it.I have the future, but also confidence, skateboarding, gave me courage and self-confidence!A person is bound to have their own hobbies, even if it is chat, do not worry about to deny them!

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