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Years of operation and technology accumulation, has developed into a research and development camping tents, camping tents production, camping tents advertising design, plate making, printing as one of professional manufacturer of camping supplies; and trained a group of experienced technical staff; establish a sound service system.

Double account tent structure

Material glass fiber strut bar

Specifications Flysheet: 220 * 200 * 135 Inner: 200 * 185 * 130

Item LY10105

Weight of 3500 (g)

Origin Anhui Huangshan

Free to build speed to build the case open

Outdoor camping tent factory specializing in the production of single-person tent, double tent, three to four tents, high-grade export trade travel supplies, advertising tents and camping supplies various accessories.

Outdoor camping tent factory with its sophisticated technology, durable, easy to install, etc., has become a leading brand products in Zhejiang province tent, and was widely praised by customers, renowned in the industry.

Outdoor camping tent factory always adhere to the principle of quality, price, reputation among both, and develop new markets, customers and common development!

 I plant to serve the army and armed police departments, the major tourist cities, and foreign aid relief civil affairs department; company organization has a factory office, supply, sales, QC, finance, technology development department, production department , trade unions and overseas offices; strict management, both from raw material storage, a library, to cutting, manufacturing production, or finished product storage, handling, shipping, fireproof, waterproof and mildew, etc. according to ISO9002 quality management system, the quality of our products has been a great protection.

    Currently, in order to produce to meet market demand at home and abroad, the products have been sold to the EU, North America, South America and Southeast Asia, the company's decision-makers strive to meet the export department on the basis of the group to expand the domestic market. Quality is the life, we using ERP systems management software and network management with international standards, all technical workers must undergo a rigorous professional training to posts, and our products get into the country, such as the ISO9000 quality certification and many other prizes.

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Q:Which is better, tent, drawstring or spring?
I have two kinds, the rope can be firmly fixed tent shape, and the more convenient spring, each has advantages and disadvantages. Personally prefer to rope, and feel a little stronger. It's almost the same.
Q:Tent fabric waterproof effect index is how much?
The fabric is determined, the tent has waterproof performance, but also through the special waterproof treatment, the most common is PU (PU is a polyurethane coating of organic polymer, PU coating is a kind of stable temperature resistant coating), namely the PU mortar scraping on the fabric in the coating, soft texture and feel good. Waterproof performance and aging. It is not difficult to understand, PU coating thickness determines the waterproof of the tent, and the thickness of the coating by mm, shows that the static waterproof column height coating under laboratory conditions, such as the PU1500mm coating shows that the coating is not leaking in the static water column 1500mm. According to the practical experience in the field environment PU800 coating can prevent small to moderate, PU10001200 coating can prevent to heavy rain, more than the basic 1500mm coating can be used in a variety of environment.
Q:Can the tent protect the snake?
Keep the camp clean and all rubbish must be buried in time. Because, as long as there is star grease, it is possible to attract ants, ants will lead to lizards, and lizards will lead snakes. Be careful not to burn fish bones. This smell will also attract snakes.
Q:What are the equipment required for camping in the wild?
AdjustableBecause of the difference in camping location and climate, your demand for tents will change. A tent can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of environments. It can be used in tents where conditions are limited and tents can save you time, money and energy. In general, the double deck tent with independent tent poles is the least adjustable, and they can only be built in the same way, regardless of the conditions of the camp and the weather conditions. On the contrary, ultra light tents can be flexibly adjusted to accommodate a variety of environmental changes.
Q:What brand is moistureproof mat good?
Self inflating cushion has a variety of processing technology, a complete separation of the inner and outer layers without any fixed, this mat is very cheap, 100 yuan, but to use inside and outside layer slip away, uncomfortable; a fixed type, between the inner and outer layers has a plurality of fixed points; a total heat compound, inside and outside with hot layer composite technology fully bonded, the mat use effect is best, but the price is too expensive, Sanfo CAMP-A-REST, THERM-A-REST is full of hot compound, the former domestic, the U.S. imports, CASCADE DESIGN products, the price is 360 yuan and 980 yuan.
Q:A common problem with a pneumatic tent
When the leak point is very large and the diameter is more than 15 centimeters, you can repair it temporarily with the above method. When you have free time in the inflatable tent, you can return it to the factory for free maintenance, so as to ensure the quality of the inflatable tent!
Q:How do you fold an automatic tent?
To put away the tent, both hands down the palm in the middle of the bracket on any of the diagonal, and slightly forced down, the tent will be restored to the state before the start.5. fold the tent's four corners inward and close.
Q:What do you have in a camping tent?
Moisture-proof and warm, of course, is to buy Tents, supporting the purchase of sleeping bags and moisture-proof mats.
Q:What if the inflatable tent leaks?
When the leak point is very large and the diameter is more than 15 centimeters, you can repair it temporarily with the above method. When you have free time in the inflatable tent, you can return it to the factory for free maintenance, so as to ensure the quality of the inflatable tent!
Q:Classification of automatic tents
Automatic tents may be divided into three categories, the first is the use of accounting rod flexible winding up and down, the poor quality of the account rod or fold angle is too large, easy to break.The second kind of rope pull up tent, that is, the top prop up, the organ is to use the rope to support the whole tent,The third kind is the top support structure for the spring, uses the spring elasticity to prop up the tent, this is one kind of most automated.

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