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170 degrees A + grade-resolution wide-angle lens

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English / German / French / Spanish / Italian

Video Video

1080P (1920 * 1080) 30FPS

720P (1280 * 720) 60FPS

VGA (848 * 480) 60FPS

QVGA (640 * 480) 60FPS

Video Video Format


Video compression formats


Photo resolution

12M / 8M / 5M

Memory card


Camera mode

Single shot / self-timer / (2 seconds / 5 seconds / 10 seconds) / Continuous

Light frequency shelter

50Hz / 60Hz



Power supply


Battery capacity




Recording time

1080P / 70 minutes

Charging time

About 3 hours

Operating system

Windows XP / VistaorAbove / Win7 / Mac os


59.27 * 41.13 * 29.28

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Q:What are the technical moves in the skateboard?
Times: the next action is to use some of the bottom of the plate gliding action, in English is slide, such as sub plate head is noseslideClass P: moving down the steps, P five, which is the next five stepsBreak son unique fender: the hidden difficult moves, abnormal circumstances will occur, falling when the plate is inserted into the PP head office (skip skip, do not follow suit!!)
Q:Why does the four round turn automatically?
Not in a skateboard shop, but I really want to practice it... Teach me how to speed up and turn the corner. Is it that you pedal second feet after kicking your feet? If so, you're kicking
Q:Skateboarding skills?Start by standing on the wall or relying on someone else to help you balance the balance.
Start by standing on the wall or relying on someone else to help you balance the balance.Method 1First, one foot in front of the skateboard, the other pedal on the ground and slide forward. Then, the other foot pedals at the back of the skateboard. By the waist and two thighs left and right swing, so that the direction of the skateboard forward S words.
Q:What kind of skateboard should beginners choose?
First of all, you have to buy or borrow a piece of board: 70 to 150 yuan of the pure wood, it is heavy and durable, not suitable for the stunt, basic action for taxi; then 200 to 500 yuan, which is composed of seven layers of maple compressed together, very hard! Suitable for jumping maneuvers, this can be roughly divided into two kinds; if you want to buy, it is best not to consider the following 200, otherwise they will suffer, because if you buy the primary, when you want to play a trick, can jump a little bit of money, then you may lose half if you! Buy a stunt, you can practice foundation, can play tricks, also available for a long time!
Q:How to play fancy skateboard?
The plate is always taxiing on the hard ground, and the gliding is the most basic technique. As the terrain changes, a lot of gliding skills are evolved to smooth the slide, allowing the skateboard to move over obstacles, uphill and downhill, and slide over bars and cambered surfaces. Some new basic techniques have also come into being, mainly jumping and balance gliding skills.
Q:What are the names of skateboarding skills?
Regular is accustomed to the left foot in front of the skateboard positionGoofy is used to the right foot in front of the skateboard positionFakie upside down positionSwtich uses an unaccustomed standing posture for action
Q:Ugin and boiling point, which brand of skateboard good?
400 doesn't have to be recommended, because the personal feel of the entry board is pretty much the same. It's just a stepping stone to your skateboard world.It's like you're a swordsman. Come up and give you a artifact. You can't handle itIt seemed like 398 when I bought it.You'll have to upgrade these later.About 700 if you go directly with yourself.Boiling point, then done at home is pretty good. Buy a primary board, use it, and then slowly upgrade. Can also experience different prices of what is the difference?. About 400 of the purchase can be, and then no more than a novice board, it is not worthwhile.In fact, you do not hesitate to buy, say, and more people go out to play, and later they will know what is suitable for themselves.I do not know what is skateboarding, just after the night, muddleheaded bought one, a lifetime also cannot do without him now feel.As for the way, you can look at the post bar. There are many stores, you can look at their Taobao shop, you can also recommend directly to the owner. There is no stick for second-hand skateboards. The price is cheap, but since you are new, you may be influenced by other people's habits by using the used board. Good luck, good luck and good luck.PS: remember to adopt.
Q:OL what is the first skateboard front or rear foot jump?
Exercise points:Many beginners are more willing to practice in situ when they are afraid of falling down. This is bad for practice. It may just be to find the upward feeling, and without the experience of the forward, it is difficult to make a good Ollie in the taxi. But being in place is a good way to experience the action. Therefore, more emphasis should be on the basic skills of skating, skiing and basic balance training, plus downhill exercises, the skateboard has been able to make certain control, and then practice Ollie, may be twice the result with half the effort.Some beginners do Ollie, often can not find the feeling of a coherent, often foot force, while the front pulling action has a chance to finish; or forefoot desperately but not the pull foot stepped on board. It's all normal. It takes some time to connect the movements to coherence. On the ground can try to practice the coordination of feet, master the time difference, habits become natural. You can also close your eyes, imagine the action in a meditative way, deepen your impressions repeatedly, and listen to some relaxing music. I believe it will help. The method of meditation training is easy to implement and can be used frequently during skateboarding training.4) training Ollie training step by step, clear the balance movement of power from the rear foot pedal force caused by the lifting surface and restore balance to the front, and at the same time people have reached up to in height; leap as technology perfect will gradually close to the limit, not anxious, the basic practice of leg strength and bounce it will be of great help. Ollie throughout the process, people and plates are in contact and must be one to. Of course, the skateboard is done on both feet, so the feel of the foot and the plate is critical to each hand. At the same time, scientific and individual training methods will play an important role in skateboarding.
Q:Where is the easiest place to break a skateboard?
There are several cases:Beginners, not what action, basically not too easy to damage the slide surface, is occasionally bumps
Q:How do two wheel brakes stop?
* foot brake(1) move the foot of the pedal end to the rear edge of the energy board.(2) transfer the center of gravity to the end of the plate so that the head of the board rises upwards.(3) the brake pad at the lower end of the plate can be braked when it is in contact with the ground.(4) when the speed is lowered, the foot that is placed on the head of the board can be lowered.

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