Waterproof outdoor sports camera

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Product Description:

Original authentic SJ4000 HD 1080P Waterproof outdoor sports camera movement DV1200w pixels

Note: all our machines, we can provide unlicensed neutral products and packaging.

Packing List:

Unit: mm

Category name Length Width Height

Bare Metal Size: 604,240

Package Size: 17,060,160

Packing size: 485 340 350

QTY: a box of 20 GW 14kg

Thank you for purchasing SJ4000 HD Sports Camera tachograph. This product has a super small body and the integration of design, ease of recording whenever and wherever you shoot great and outdoor sports scene, while the dynamic photography technology can clearly record a variety of activities, using a wide range of vehicle mounted recording, outdoor sports, home security deepwater exploration indispensable recording tool.

Product Features

> Provide waterproof waterproof shell, allowing you to shoot exciting water sports, waterproof housing can waterproof 30 meters depth

> Shooting Functions

> Ultra HD display, video display and wonderful heavy shooting

> Battery removable, easy to replace the battery and prolong life

> Recording function while charging

> Unplugged video work can be

> 12 million high-definition wide-angle lens

> HDMI HD output function

> Webcam function

> Support up to 32G memory card

> Multiple video recording format 1080P 720P WVGA

> Style shooting modes: Single AF Continuous

> Video files plus pin

> Ultra-small mini appearance, color optional.

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Q:Can power 400W/h electric skateboard take international aircraft?
According to the relevant provisions of CAAC, international passengers can carry free articles for free. It is stipulated that the size of non checked baggage should be placed under the front seat of passengers or enclosed baggage rack.
Q:How do you skip the 4 wheel?I've been learning for two days and I can't jump
Turn round, four round to the left and right sides of the inclined slide, slide when you can tilt and turn to slide, or focus on the rear, slightly lift the front wheel, the front wheels so vacant, then put the plate head to your direction.
Q:How do you brake on a skateboard? Four wheel skateboards
The second is the heel brake, which is a bit hard to say. You should put your heels behind the end of the board. The center of gravity is slowly back, a little bit of heel rubbing on the floor, stop, but not relax. The front is to step on board, let the board attached to the rear foot, if you had to relax, it is directly on the. Take your time.
Q:Scooter style electric cars, rainy days will enter the water?
The tightness of the car parts, insulation will decline, coupled with different workmanship, quality is different, may cause electrical parts leaking water. Light rain is fine, but it's not reliable.
Q:The more detailed the skateboard type, the better
For the highway board: as the name suggests is a speed, all the road plate is naturally a big wheel, wide plate, special and sensitive, but because of the big and heavy plate road to make amazing action
Q:What are the skills of skateboarding?!
The first foreign cheat tricks, you have to buy or borrow a piece of board: 70 to 150 yuan of the pure wood, it is heavy and durable, not suitable for the stunt, basic action for taxi; then 200 to 500 yuan, which is composed of seven layers of maple and compression Oh, very hard! Almost can not be broken, for jumping maneuvers, this can be roughly divided into two kinds; if you want to buy, it is best not to consider the following 200, otherwise they will suffer, because if you buy the primary, when you want to play a trick, can jump a little bit,
Q:What board should I buy for skateboarding beginners?
2. slide support (truck): slide support, also known as Truck, the bridge plays an important role in the performance of the skateboard. At present, most of the bridges produced in the United States are made of special aluminum alloy, and almost no fracture occurs. The bridge distance of the slide bridge is different. There are 126mm, 129mm, 134mm, 139mm, 146mm and so on. The bridge with different bridge distances, with different width of the surface, makes the skateboard more flexible and easier to control. The bridge is also different in height. High bridge is suitable for large wheels, a low bridge for containing relatively small wheels, so slip up will be more comfortable, not easy to happen when the wheels touch panel bending caused by excessive bending or rupture of the main nail. INDY, VENTURE, DESTRUCTO, THUNDER, ORION, GRINDKING, TITAN (Nissan) and other bridges are good. INDY is known as the king of the bridge, and its quality is self-evident. VENTURE uses quite a lot of people in the United states. DESTRUCTO is the number one bridge in the United States, and also my favorite bridge. DESTRUCTO is very smooth when it does the action of the round bar bridge (such as 50/50, 5/0, K-GRIND, etc.), and it doesn't move around. It's very steady. The PU pads on the ORION bridge are good, they're tight enough to be as hard as stone, and they don't explode when they're used. GRINDKING bridge is the lightest, but he is not very rigid shaft, jump more will bend, and not wear-resisting, but it's the main bridge nails pretty good, is the kind of anti installed. TITAN according to the friends who have seen it, it's very nice, very beautiful, very light, and rustproof, but it's more expensive than the usual bridge.
Q:How to use the Parkour skateboard on the subway?
Slide after use will be slower, but also can take lives, not just crash skateboard, can also run.Props use, my use is that when you eat other props, there will be in the lower left corner of the props icon and countdown bar. Double click the already eaten props icon, the skateboard comes out, the skateboard also has time limit, after use, the skateboard icon flashes, double-click the icon to use again.
Q:How do two wheel brakes stop?
* foot brake(1) move the foot of the pedal end to the rear edge of the energy board.(2) transfer the center of gravity to the end of the plate so that the head of the board rises upwards.(3) the brake pad at the lower end of the plate can be braked when it is in contact with the ground.(4) when the speed is lowered, the foot that is placed on the head of the board can be lowered.
Q:Ask, how does skateboard shoe Q attach E damage? 1.a, a couple of little soldiers
Yes, this is indeed a bit of a shortage of skateboards, and the attack would be very low in case of a naked hurricane...... But that's the nature of the skateboard shoe hero. The first Q skill is the trajectory, that is to say the online POKE effect is very poor, (I basically do not consider online by wearing the Q pressure across the blood) here is a little trick that skateboard shoes, ready to shake up before A a residual blood soldier, go to fight, so when the explosion E soldier will refresh E CD. I am now using Gongsu Rune (go 0.8+ attack speed), early sucking rod and naked sandals (because of the hurricane hurricane, not very expensive) that through the above tips with blood sucking rod life can create opportunities for frequent blood transfusion, kill.

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