Movement of movable camera

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Original authentic SJ4000 HD 1080P Waterproof outdoor sports camera movement DV1200w pixels

Note: all our machines, we can provide unlicensed neutral products and packaging.

Packing List:

Unit: mm

Category name Length Width Height

Bare Metal Size: 604,240

Package Size: 17,060,160

Packing size: 485 340 350

QTY: a box of 20 GW 14kg

Package 1 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card

Package 2 = official configuration + 4G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

Package 3 = official configuration + 8G authentic licensed card

Package 4 = official configuration + 8G genuine licensed digital rub + card + reader

Package 5 = official configuration + 16G authentic licensed card + reader + digital rub

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Exercise points:Many beginners are more willing to practice in situ when they are afraid of falling down. This is bad for practice. It may just be to find the upward feeling, and without the experience of the forward, it is difficult to make a good Ollie in the taxi. But being in place is a good way to experience the action. Therefore, more emphasis should be on the basic skills of skating, skiing and basic balance training, plus downhill exercises, the skateboard has been able to make certain control, and then practice Ollie, may be twice the result with half the effort.Some beginners do Ollie, often can not find the feeling of a coherent, often foot force, while the front pulling action has a chance to finish; or forefoot desperately but not the pull foot stepped on board. It's all normal. It takes some time to connect the movements to coherence. On the ground can try to practice the coordination of feet, master the time difference, habits become natural. You can also close your eyes, imagine the action in a meditative way, deepen your impressions repeatedly, and listen to some relaxing music. I believe it will help. The method of meditation training is easy to implement and can be used frequently during skateboarding training.
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There is a tool, twist the nut under the wheel after twisting loose, shake the board move, do not let the bridge touch the floor. That's it.

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