Tungsten carbide strip for machine tools

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Specifications of Tungsten carbide strip for machine tools

Tungsten carbide strip for machine tools

- Competitive price 

- Widely application 

- Quality meet ISO9001:2000



Tungsten carbide strip for machine tools Application:

Usually used for general wood cutters / hard wood cutters ,plastic and tobacco cutting . and  meet the ISO9001:2000 quanlity standard.  We can make  the shipment in the shortest delivery time wtih the compeititve price than any other factory.


We can manufacture various cemented carbide stipes and plate as per customer's requirments based on the differente markets. Our main products include: Cemented carbide  drills, cutting cutters, mining tools, drawing dies ,carbide stripes ,rods etc.


Skillful workers and advanced euquipments can make every of your size possible.

Different grade are available too.


We take great  efforts to increase commodity types rather than quantitiy to promote the flexibility of competing in the worldmarket. Above all , our client;s demands are always the first to be considered.




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