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Nodulizer Simg Alloy Export Europian Market Chiese Supplier





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Packaging Detail:packing in 1 MT/ big bags
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after receiving your orders



1. CIQ quality certificate
2. Supply 2000T/Month
3.Low contend of microelement.



1. Uses the advanced smelting craft production the nodulizer product, the organization is compact, the ingredient is stable.

2. It does not have the deflection evenly, the MgO content is low. 

3. The spheroidization response is steady, the magnesium absorption rate is high, the anti-decline time is long.

4. After sherardizing, the stone ball not a strike circle entire, tiny, the tendency is small.

5. granularity 0.5-6mm, 1-10mm, 1-20mm, 3-25mm


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