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Usage of ferro silicon

Ferro silicon is widely used in the steel making,iron casting ,low-carbon ferroalloy producing:

1 In the steel making field,Ferro silicon is used as deoxidizer and alloying agent to precipit and diffusedeoxidation.Adding a certain amount silicon of fe-si to the steel can obviously improve the strength ,hardness ,elasticity and permeability of steel.

2 In the iron casting,it is used as ball mile agent and alloying agent especially in the nodular iron casting, Adding ferrosilicon to cast iron ,it can prevent the formation of carbide and promote the precipitation of graphite and the nodulizing.then the mechanical capacity can be the same of steel's.

3 High-silicon ferrosilicon can be used for the production of the low-carbon reductant in ferro alloy industry.

4 In addition ,ferro silicon powder can be used as a suspended phase in the mineral processing industry and coatings for welding electrodes in the electrode manufactruing.


Used as deoxidants and desulfurizing agents, and could purity the molten steel, etc. The size includes:0-3mm, 3-25mm,10-50mm, etc.

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If by 'rust' you mean the redish-brown oxide that remains after oxidation...then the answer to #1 is YES Other metals will not rust unless they contain iron, however they will oxidize( i.e. combine with oxygen and break down)
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