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BiSiY-1 66-72------<1.3Bi:1-5
CaBaSiY-3 68-722-42-4<1.3
SbSiY-5 68-72---------Sb:3-9


SiBa for iron and steel smelting
3.Steelmaking and casting
4.Controlled composition&size

SiBa for Iron and Steel Smelting


It is widely used as highly effective and long time deoxidizer in steel-making, casting iron and foundry, while has the function of desulfurization and dephosphorization. It is especially suitable for large thin-walled parts and the foundry of non-uniform wall thickness of parts and small thin and urgent cold of parts, while can used to improve the quality of castings.

Properties and characteristics


(1) Inoculants apply to grey cast iron and nodular cast iron and can promote “A” type of graphite formed and graphite balls complete.

(2) It can be into nuclear in relatively wide temperature range, has strong ability of spheroidizing and anti-recession and can effectively prevent castings from chilling tendency.

 (3) It has complete deoxidizing effect and better than the other deoxidizing alloy agents. Its addition amount is 35-50% of FeSi75’s.


(1) Si-Ba alloy containing 10%-35% of Ba has high efficiency, strong ability of dephosphorization and better than CaSi alloy.

 (2) After adding Si-Ba alloy, the essence and distribution characteristics of non-metallic inclusions will have important change.

(3) Adding right amount of Si-Ba alloy into the steel can improve plasticity and toughness in the high and low temperature. FeSiBa can most effectively improve winterhardiness of the steel.

Size: 0-3mm,3-10mm,10-100mm or as customers’ requirements

Packing:1 MT PP bag net each

Rmark: Chemical composition and size can be optional as per customers’ requirement.

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