Top Quality Soft And Comfort Cushion Pillows For Sofa

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Top Quality Soft And Comfort Cushion Pillows For Sofa

1.Itemfloor cushion seating sofa
2.Composition100% polyester
3.Size:40*40cm,45*45cm,40*80cm,50*50cm,50"*60"cm,60*60cm, customized
4.Weight:GW:22kgs NW:21kgs
5.Colour:Black, blue, orange, brown, green
6.Certificate:ISO9001, OEKO-TEX 100
7.Quanlity:Strict quality control system of IQC,IPQC,FQC
8.Spec:Usually 288F
9.Market:All over the world
10.Logo:Print, embroidery or jacquard
14.Use:Cushion cover ,sofa cover ,yoga cushion cover and so on
15.Design:Personalized design
16.Cabinet20'FCLAbout 5500pcs
17.Cabinet40'FCLAbout 10000pcs
18.Cabinet40'HQAbout 16000pcs
20.Loading port:Shenzhen or Shanghai

Available Options:

Top Quality Soft And Comfort Cushion Pillows For Sofa

1.Material:Fabric as your choice
2.Color:Any colours
3.Logo:make with your logo
4.Quanlity:Luxury quality, AZO Free and low Cadmium
5.Design:Over 1000 designs for you to chose, or as yours
6.Sample:Free sample
7.Certificate:Formaldehyde, tested by SGS, Meet EU Standard
8.FeatureSoft touch, durable, absorbency, AZO-free, color fastness
9.OEMOEM is available
10.Details:Talk by mail
11.Inspection:Be strict on quality control
12.Delivery Times:delivery on time

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Top Quality Soft And Comfort Cushion Pillows For Sofa

1. Inquiry-Professional quotation.
2. Confirm the price, lead time, artwork, payment term etc.
3. Please pay the deposit after recieve our Proforma Invoice
4. Pay 30% deposit, 70% balance against the BL copy
5. Will arange to production after approval the PP samples
6. Delivery time depends on after confirm all details
7. Can arrange inspection as your request
8. Clients make payment for balance before ship the goods.
9. Order can be say “finish” when you receive the goods and satisfy with them
10. Feedback to us about Quality, Service, Market Feedback & Suggestion. We can better



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Q:How can I change the old down coat to the back cushion?
Take down the old down and put the inside down into the bag you made. Remember that the middle process must be light, and if you're sensitive to feathers, you'd better wear a mask.
Q:Why is the sponge of the computer chair cushion thin? Some computer chairs or hard chairs, no sponge pads?
No matter how good the sponge do not ~ ~ ~ computer chair sunk cost is in place, is unlikely to be too good if you can own a thin sponge, a sponge, 40 cm wide, 4 cm thick sponge pad but also ten dollars plus a set of 20 pieces of cloth get the money
Q:Can the security level C cushion be used as a pillow?
The shape of the pillow should first conform to the normal physiological curve of the human body, so that when sleeping, regardless of supine, lateral position, cervical spine, respiratory tract restoration, normal physiological curve at ordinary times. Although said is "pillow", in fact, "pillow neck" is correct, should be pillow in the back of the head and shoulder in the middle of the neck, when sleeping soundly to support the role of the neck. In supine, the highest point should be in the middle of the neck, in order to support the neck song, to maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The lowest point of the pillow is the back of the head; the pillow supports the side of the neck while lying on the side. To keep the front view of the spine in a straight line, from the side view is normal S (physiological curve) principle.
Q:Controller Shule massage cushion is bad how to repair
The proposal should not arbitrarily prevent damage caused by infection of hair follicles plucked eyebrows, keep the skin clean and dry not over stimulate the brow, eat black sesame nuts, can promote hair growth with vitamin E capsule and ginger tea overnight to wipe the eyebrows.
Q:What are the padding in the cushion?
Down filling: down for sofa filling, comfortable sitting, long-term use of small deformation, drawback is slow rebound, high cost. Generally used in conjunction with the sponge in the advanced sofa, or suitable for cushion use.
Q:Is there any model for the seat cushion?
If that is all set up on the seat according to the vehicle to build, the price of more than 100 to thousand dollars.
Q:What colour cushion does the dark brown sofa match with good-looking?
Warm tones enhance the indoor warmth index, while moderate grey areas can relieve visual fatigue. Originally, coffee is very good, but you are the leather sofa, with light colored cloth on the package will be significantly too light, so you'd better with several different colors, but to echo each other, as you can to do some fabric soft place to choose some material things to do by the PU package for example, with two meters of yellow PU on the package, the middle plus a leopard print PU material, it will be very beautiful! Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:100% sheepskin leather car cushion should be how to wash?
For the cortex cushion, the following cleaning methods can be adopted:1, a slight pollution, please wipe gently with clean agent hair hair wool dipped in dry cleaning, remove dirt, clear liquid soap with clean towel dipped in water, can be repeated several times in the process of operation, try not to wet skin, and dry in the shade. Blow dry if necessary.2, the use of dry cleaning sprays, by the use of shake before use, 15-20 cm from the sewage after injection, especially white dry, with a handkerchief or sticks to remove stains on absorbing powder, new, wet and fat oil need to be repeated several times.3, if it is serious, should be professional washing and dyeing shop processing. Please don't give no optional cleaning or cleaning quality assurance. Unnecessary losses have been caused.
Q:Leather sofa, do not buy sofa cushion
Leather sofa mat belongs to the consumables, after use for a long time will also be damaged, sofa pad quality will affect its service life directly, in brand choice, we must choose relatively well-known brand. In addition, the main role of the sofa pad is to protect the sofa, so it is easy to dirty, in the choice of sofa pad should pay attention to whether it is easy to disassemble, cleaning. In the choice of time, according to different seasons to choose different materials leather sofa pad.
Q:Is the massage cushion useful??
1, the use of massage cushion is very extensive, of which the most important is to help alleviate human fatigue. When people are tired and put this cushion behind their back, they can enjoy the massage of the cushion from top to bottom. They can relax quickly and relieve the tiredness after a busy day's work.2, at the same time massage cushion is said to be able to relax the body muscles, relieve the body soreness, so as to promote people quickly into sleep. In fact, this role has a lot to do with relieving tiredness. Only when people relax, people's whole body and mind will be comfortable and then sleep.

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