Great Soft Beads Cushion for Living Room Usage

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Beads Pillow is the most comfortable place to lay your head on when you are sitting at hoom watching TV or reading books. It will stretch and mould into every part of your body in need of support. This is an extremely soft and comfortable cushion which moulds into any position and is surprisingly supportive.

Product Feature:

Beads pillow are filled with thousands of microbeads, they offer the perfect blend of support and relaxation. They are great comfortable and soft.


Product advantage:

1.The beads pillow has competitive price and quality.

2. Professional in microbeads pillow & cushion more than 7 years.

3. Good quality, three inspections before packing.

4. Best service,customized design is available


Product NameBeads Cushion
Product size30*30CM or customized
Cover85% nylon, 15% spandex
Filling100% polystyrene beads 0.3-0.8mm
Packing1pc in 1OPP bag; 24pcs in 1 carton (56*52*65CM)
Product ability300000pcs per month
Loading PortShangHai or NingBo

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Q:What is the difference between cushion and cushion?
The decorative effect of the cushion is outstanding, and the indoor color can be made by the contrast of the color and the material of the cushion and the surrounding environment. The cushion can keep the chair in a clean state for a long time, and has a warm and comfortable effect on the stool.
Q:Is the car waist cushion useful for driving a wagon?
Health protection function of automobile cushion. In the usual long driving crowd, lumbar disease (disease lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and so on) the incidence rate is very high, and the choice of a good car cushion, can make the waist always have to rely on, can effectively protect the human spine normal S curve.
Q:Fur integrated cushion how to wash?
Wash:1, the fur cushion soaked with water, the soaked fur cushion, with prepared (ingredients 1), using the brush method scrub fur cushion, scrub the leather cushion clean.2, over water, dry.3, put the dried leather cushion into (ingredients 2) soak for 10-15 minutes.4, after the soaked fur cushion dry.5, the dry leather cushion, with hair dryer and fur brush brush, finishing the hair well.6, dry, not dry cleaning and drying machine by hand rub skin plate.
Q:100 wool leather cushion can wash it?
A wool skin admissionThe wool is natural product, requires a certain amount of oxygen and to avoid dampness, so in storage should be used to involute manner and with white paper will be the package, put in the carton; if placed in the storage box, then remember to put moisture barrels. Many people roll up their woollen blankets and tie them in plastic bags, which is actually the wrong way. If you are in a plastic bag, remember to open the opening and let the air circulate.B regular cleaning and maintenance of wool skinThe use of sheepskin on cleaning is very simple, as long as two steps.1.. Combed the wool with a steel comb in the direction of the wool.After the 2.. Is combed, take the wool crust and shake it, so that the dust or debris remaining on the surface can fall off.
Q:The car seat is full leather or silk?
Choosing well-known brands and standardized stores is also a very important part. The market appears to be similar to the texture, color covers a lot, but according to the different brands, the price difference is also great. Big brands and small brands at first glance is difficult to find the difference, but after a few times and quality gap will be reflected. Small brand seating and, it is often difficult to install the reduction, the owners are very headache. The big brands are dedicated cars, not only size standards, but also the process and materials are guaranteed.
Q:Cushion, carpet, these with soft outfit, how should choose? What should I pay attention to?
If you are your own home, it is recommended to use a good soft installed, after all, with a long time, texture is very important. Now home app so much, HomeBA, live well, beast pie what?.
Q:The car is good analytical ice silk cushion cushion
Ice is also called artificial silk, rayon, viscose filament. The car seat is made of natural silk cotton paper from the scientific process, has good air permeability, can automatic humidity, sunshine warming up slowly and so on. In several mainstream fiber silk, car cushion moisture with human skin physiological requirements, with smooth cool, breathable, antistatic, brilliant color and other characteristics. There is a car seat ice mold, mothproof, anti-static, no radiation effect.
Q:What is the role and function of car pillow?
According to the functional classification of car pillow body to classification, including car neck pillow, car headrest and car waist pillow. Different types of car cushion can be in driving can play a role to relieve fatigue, strengthen the protection of the role. It is a guarantee for the health of the car family.
Q:How to clean ice silk cushion car
Do not bleach and wring dry, can be provided directly from the water washing out to dry naturally, should pay attention to the water temperature should be below 40 degrees, which shall not be exposed to high temperature (such as boiling water, blankets, direct sunlight, etc.) and strong detergent.
Q:Why is the sponge of the computer chair cushion thin? Some computer chairs or hard chairs, no sponge pads?
There are two reasons for this problem. On the one hand, the manufacturers of computer chairs use cheap sponges, they don't bounce back at all. The sponge density is too low.

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