decorative cushions with various pattern

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Our Exclusive outdoor pillows are the best value you can find hand down, use the classic stripe pillow to bring comfort to the great outdoors and living rooms.


woven of soft, water-proof spun polyester

lined with 100% olefin   

100% polyester fill

Cushion Item

High Quality Sunbrella Outdoor Cushion , UV Resistance Cushion ,Outdoor Sofa Cushion

Cushion Cover Material

100% Polyester

Cushion Size


Cushion Cover Shape


Cushion Cover Techniques


Cushion Cover Sample available


Loading Port


Washing Care

Dry Clean Only / Ironing with  low temperature

Cushion  Color

Various Colors are available

Cushion  Use

Beach, Bedding, Car Seat, Chair, Christmas, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Seat


Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is 100% polystyrene. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


Q: Why is there a little difference between the products?

A: Our fabric is stretchy, if you push the cushion when you measure the size, you can get different result.

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Q:Can I use a linen cushion on the car in winter?
It depends on the temperature in your area. In the south, it's basically a linen cushion for a year, and the winter cushion in the north, otherwise it will be a little cold. However, the air-conditioning opened for a long time, it will not feel, you can also use the four seasons pad ah, Taobao currently has a lot of health four seasons pad it?. That way, there won't be any problem.
Q:What about the peculiar smell of car linen cushion?
If it is a sticky odor later, it means that it needs cleaning. The cleaning method is as follows:1, if not dirty, but usually get a little dirt, get a little warm water with dry with a clean towel with water after cleaning;2, if the area is relatively large, washing and dry cleaning can be. Of course, the best way is dry, there will be a certain degree of shrink after washing, and after washing will be wrinkled.3, washing, first at the temperature 30 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, wash hands do not wring, dry naturally after leveling, also cannot use the washing machine, up to 80%, the best time to high temperature ironing, this will be more smooth (of course, if not also can be pressed, the). Also need to pay attention to is: when washing, don't brush hard, or linen cushion will be raised, pattern color will fade.4, dry cleaning is recommended to the professional car wash shop or car beauty shop.
Q:Wooden sofa cushion how slippery ah?
Of course, can also be used to make a fabric sofa set, can also be customized to finish, burlap, not only is the atmosphere, is very practical, not to stick at trifles, not easily.
Q:What material car seating for four seasons with it what kind of material is good cushion
Of all the high quality cushion materials, linen is the best choice. Because it not only good quality, but also the price is moderate, so loved by the riders.1., linen material is good, good ventilation performance, antistatic ability, hot summer use, cool and comfortable feeling. That's why many riders like to buy and use linen cushions in the summer. Next, in the work aspect, the linen textile is neat, the pattern, the grain is very clear, neat, durable, and has the luster. The better the quality, the smoother, the worse the quality, the more coarse, especially hand spinning linen, more neat, clear, smooth, grade, contrast obvious.2., high-quality linen is pure natural, burning tasteless, burning after the ash was white, inferior linen is often chemical fiber products, burning when the pungent smell, burning ash after a black ball. This is the essential distinction between good quality and poor quality flax.
Q:What is the difference between the pillow or cushion?
Sit on the sofa or lying with the personalized pillow, on the sofa watching TV, chatting, or rest, a gentle and comfortable pillow can give people warm feeling, let you have pleasant intimacy in their own home.
Q:What is the filling of a pillow or cushion?
But a kind of Chinese herbal medicine most prone to mildew, and also cannot determine whether for themselves, rather like a sponge is mostly artificial sponge, sponge soft pillow, low price, convenient, simple fabrication process. But sponge is airtight, heat dissipation, dehumidification function is poor, easy aging, decomposition and lose elasticity, sponge can hide mites and bacteria, causing allergic reactions or respiratory diseases. Latex pillow is made of 100% pure natural latex, because of its honeycomb structure, with good permeability, its unique soft touch and latex high elasticity, conform to the body contour. Rely on the human spine to make your spine the best without any load of straight lines. It has natural antibacterial and anti mite function, and has long service life. Buying one can last many years and is still healthy, and one thinks it's worth it
Q:How to clean the cushions and cushions?
Filling is generally cotton, sun you can, and pad should not dirty inside. If dirty, suggest change, sold on the market, the general market near the cloth shop, are sold.
Q:100 wool leather cushion can wash it?
In fact, the wool skin can be dry cleaned or washed. If you wash it, you should follow the following steps:1.. Add cold detergent or a special detergent for wool in lukewarm water not exceeding 40 DEG C and wet the wool.2.. Put the wool in the washing machine. When choosing laundry function, you can choose the special washing process of wool or wash it with warm water, but not more than two minutes.3.. Rinse off all the lotion thoroughly with water until the water becomes clear.4.. Combed the wool in the same direction while the wool was still wet.5.. Wool is dry, preferably dried, avoid direct sunlight or clothes in the dryer. By way of hanging up, on both sides of the clamp, and let it dry naturally.6.. When the wool is dry, please pull it gently through the sheepskin at all angles until the wool has returned to its original condition and continue to dry until it is completely dry.Washed wool blankets can be dried with a little water, or by size, into a laundry bag or wrapped in a towel, placed in the washing machine rapid dehydration, to accelerate drying.
Q:What's packed inside the cushion?
The market now uses EVA (similar to sports shoes soles of the foam layer), EPE (pearl cotton), and even with recycled materials (black heart cotton) as a filler, this should be carefully identified.
Q:Hello, summer, winter season, how to distinguish between quality and price? Value two?
Four seasons cushion has cortex, and some are used in suede cloth, there is also a filler, cassia seed and other items, mainly in the southern Zhejiang area manufacturersThere is a non mainstream cushion seat in winter is the real fur and wool cushion cushion is fur + wool, fur animal fur is pure wool is the mainstream products followed by a wolf and fox skin, which is divided into some pieces of leather leather fight stitching together

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