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Product Description:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Details

1.Structure of Description

 Electrolytic Tinplate Sheets is one of the metal packing materials, which is widely used for making painting cans ,chemical package cans , electrical cable ,battery and metal printing etc. For caps, there are some customers also need TFS, if you have some demand for TFS,also can contact with us. 


2. Main Features 

Steady and high quality

Fast shipment

Good experience for export work

For the surface, Plate uniform in thickness,uniform and smooth tin coating, without flaws,rusts,scratch,wave,nick of tin coating etc.

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheet and Coil For Sale

Minumum Order Quantity: 25 MT              Loading Port:China Main Port

Annual Capacity: 400,000MT                      Payment Terms:TT or LC

Product Specifications:

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Usage and Applications

Prime Quality Tinplate Sheets Specifications

  • Standard : GB2520-2000 ,JIS G3303

  • Steel type : SPCC

  • Coating : 2.8/2.8

  • Surface: Bright, Stone ,

  • Thickness:0.18

  • Width :600MM~1000MM

  • Temper : T1~T5

  • Package: tinplate wrapped completely with an inner cover of plastic or waterproof papers with vorners protected with metal angels.




  • Chemicals and painting cans

  • Dry food cans, such as fancy cans, biscuit cans, milk power cans, tea cans

  • Liquid food cans, such as edible oil cans, beverage cans, Tomato paste cans

  • Sea food cans

  • Crown corks, easy open ends(EOE)

  • Electrical machinery parts

  • Bakeware and household kitchen parts




A. What is the package of tinplate? (Referred as below)

For sheets, thin plastic film + rust-proof paper + metallic cover + metallic angles+ steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet. 

For coil, thin plastic film + rust proof paper + metallic cover + steel band strips + fumigated wooden pallet 


B. The surface of tinplate could you supply? 

Stone finish, Bright finish, Matte finish, Silver finish

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Q:Model of grinding carbide wheel sheet
I. model:Generally, diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding carbide, and diamond grinding wheels are usually divided into diamond size. Model 400 is fine.Two. Brief introduction of grinding wheel:Also called consolidation abrasives, grinding wheels are bonded by the bond of ordinary Abrasives into a certain shape (most round, central through hole), and has a certain strength of the consolidation of abrasives. It is generally made up of abrasives, binders and pores. These three parts are often called the three elements of the bonded abrasives. In accordance with the different classification of binders, there are common ceramic (bond) grinding wheel, resin (bond) grinding wheel, rubber (bond) grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is one of the largest amount of abrasives, widely used, when using high-speed rotation can be cylindrical, metal or nonmetal workpiece inner circle, plane and various surface of rough grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding and notching and cutting etc..
Q:What is the relation between the number of teeth of carbide saw blades?
4 saw blade body hardness, flatness, end jump requirements are also different. In addition, there are some requirements for the speed of the machine and the feeding speed of the wood. 6, to do the saw blade equipment precision also has the very big relations. 7 'chopping waist' is the most difficult thing to do right now. Another: alloy blade why open? Prevent saw blades; increase friction. For example: 3: multi tooth and Small Tooth cut wood saw blade, what's the difference? The number of teeth of the toothed, generally more number of teeth, more cutting edge in unit time, the cutting performance is better, but the cutting teeth with hard alloy saw blade number, the price is high, but the serrated teeth too close, chip quantity is small, easy to cause the blade fever; the other saw too much when the amount of feed, with improper words cut per tooth little friction will increase the cutting edge and the workpiece, the influence of blade service life. Usually, the pitch of teeth is 15-25mm, and the reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the cutting material.
Q:What are the well-known brands of cemented carbide materials at home and abroad?
Domestic mainly Zhuzhou, the other side, the 601 factory is the best made in Zhuzhou. That is, the Taiwan side of the spring insurance is equal to the domestic better, and even better point is the German Lu Sheng Fort I know these, ha ha!
Q:Which is better, cemented carbide, YG8 and YG20?
YG8 is generally used to do small size drawing die, the wear force is not large, such as the impact is not great, requiring wear-resistant, with YG8;YG20 is generally used as cold stamping die, cold heading die and so on
Q:Why carbide fracture?
First you have to choose the right material. Various uses must choose the relative grade, and also has the material which you use, has the sundry inside
Q:Is Zhuzhou the largest cemented carbide producer in Asia?
Of course, yes, or how could the 601 factory be so famous? That's the old military enterprise. It's the hard tool factory now. I hope it can help you!
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of cemented carbide bit 5
Advantages of carbide drills:1. can be used for drilling more complex materials, you can choose a higher cutting speed.2., selection of alloy drill special high-performance alloy blade, effectively reduce the avalanche knife, and maintain good wear resistance.3. multi layer geometry cutting end blade improves discharge performance and maintains smaller cutting resistance.4., in addition to the commonly used right angle stem, there are a variety of handle type, suitable for a variety of drilling machines, drilling machine matching.Disadvantages of carbide drills:The advantages of carbide drill can drill more hard material, the disadvantage is to be good grinding, grinding is not good, easy to break the edge, two main cutting edge height and angle equivalent, it is best to use the grinding machine.
Q:Detailed comparison of cemented carbide with diamond properties
At present, the drill bit above the 981 offshore oil platform, which is being drilled in the South China Sea, is a typical diamond tool, which requires a high level of technology.At present, due to the rapid development of the diamond industry, a lot of new diamond tools are being developed at a very fast speed, some of which are far superior to the traditional cemented carbide tools in performance. With the development of the times, the depletion of metal resources, I believe that more than 80% of carbide applications will be replaced by diamond tools. As a green energy, diamond is showing great vitality.
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy and steel
Products: tungsten steel containing approximately 18% tungsten alloy steel, tungsten steel belongs to hard alloy, also called tungsten titanium alloy. The hardness for the Vivtorinox 10K, second only to diamond. Because of this, tungsten steel products (a common watch), has the characteristics of not easy to be worn. Commonly used in lathe tool, drill, impact drill glass knife head, tile cutter, hard annealing, but brittle. Hard alloy: powder metallurgy hard alloy belongs to the category of metal ceramic is also known as metal carbides (WC, TaC, TiC, NbC, etc.) or metal oxide (such as Al2O3, ZrO2 etc.) as the main ingredient, adding proper amount of metal powder (Co Cr, Mo, Fe, Ni, etc.) made by powder metallurgy method, has some characteristics of metal ceramic.
Q:What are the main uses of carbide round rods?
I have some hard alloy round bars (tungsten steel) and high speed steel round rods (all used for cutting tools). Now I want wire cutting, laser, diamond, wire cutting

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