The stone garden pavilion 3

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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Carved and Polished
marble, granite, limestone etc
white, yellow, pink, red
do custom size
loading port:
Xingang, Tianjin
wooden crate
TT, Western Union, Paypal
hand carved and highly polished
home and garden decoration
trade terms:
natural stone carved garden pavilion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Outer Packing: 3CM Standard wooden crate with well metal junction and nails Inner Packing: Foam/Blanket to protect each carving part, especially for some of the exquisite parts.
Delivery Detail:

around 40days after your deposit for garden pavilion


The stone  garden pavilion


Do as the customer request.


White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red are available for the pavilion gazebo


Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine...


Only One Piece is Welcomed.


Hand carved and highly polished

Payment terms

T/T, PayPal, Western Union. 40% deposit and the balance against finished pictures

before shipment.


Outer in wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam


Outdoor Decoration, such as home, garden, park, hotel, plaza....

Delivery time

Around 30 days after your deposit.


By sea in container.

How to buy

1. Client send us the picture or just your idea, we can give you some suggestions.

2. Decide the size and material, then make the offer for you.

3. Client accepts the offer and we send proforma invoice.

4. Client transfers 40% deposit and production begins

5. When the products finished, we will send the pictures to you for confirmation.

6. After client’s confirmation, then we will arrange the shipment.

7. After the balance payment, we will send original documents by express, and client will

receive the goods with original documents.

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Q:Shop name Liu Ji stone carving, small stone carvings to buy landscape sculpture credible do you
Landscape sculpture is different from the ornaments of the ornament, mainly the shape is relatively large, aesthetic requirements are more biased towards public aesthetics, material has a stronger weatherproof, anti-UV requirements, mainly to take copper, stainless steel, glass steel resin, natural stone
Q:On the Similarities and Differences between the Stone Terra - cotta of Qin Shihuang 's Terracotta Warriors and the Stone Carving Art at the Tomb of Huo
Books to the two dynasties of the carving art style classified as a class can be seen that they have the same place Qin Dynasty belongs to the real art and the Western Han Dynasty Huo stone disease is exaggerated deformation of the former fine the atmosphere
Q:Jiangxi Sanqingshan that stone carved the world's first mountain who title, and solution
Day gate watch Located in the north of the town of Sanqing blessing south of the arch. Things have a granite stone pillars in the sky Lingyun standing. Stone pillar top squatting stone carving "狻 猊" a pair, this only the west side of the column top one. China table stone column is the north side of the regular script couplets: "clear the dust clamor of the world unparalleled blessing, high Lingyun Jiangnan first Xianfeng." The first of the first "Feng Ding Yan Jue" cleverly embedded "Qingnao Ling" four words, the true characterization of the Emperor Wen Jiangui later years hidden Sanqingshan self-proclaimed high, when the young peak on the throne to sit on the throne of the emperor, but all of a sudden because of "Jing "Was captured under the wild, traces of escape, the peak of the home of the dog, the taste of the difficulties and obstacles, suffered from heaven to hell of the peerless experience of abuse, is the emperor thought and experience of the real reflection and historical mirror.
Q:The Characteristics of Stone Buddha in the Stone Carving Process in the Six Dynasties
The Buddhist art caves and statues are developed in the north dynasty, which is closely related to the line of Buddhism eastward, the high degree of national integration and the tragic struggle, and the relative art of Buddhism is not developed in the Northern Dynasties. Delicate and gorgeous, knife and delicate, self-contained. In addition, the small stone carvings in southern China, in a few hundred years there is a considerable degree of development, one of the most notable is the talc sculpture. These carvings are mostly buried in the burial device, full of muscle strength, Dynamic figures calm and powerful, unruly state of vivid and happy, quite a statue of the legacy of Chinese figurines. Pellets are also common funerary objects, put in pairs, at first most vivid and realistic, after the evolution of abstract and formal style.Step vivid vivid, its usual way is the deformation of exaggeration and abstraction, leading to the form of realism evolved into a symbol The aristocracy of the Northern Dynasties and the nobility of the aristocratic life, on the one hand from the superb stone building and its stone art can be seen on the other hand, the image of the three carving art reproduction of the people at that time the beautiful picture. From the Northern Wei and East scan stone chamber stone carvings and statues stone carvings, we can see the veranda-style houses, straight window lattice, graceful ladies, Shu Shuangwang honey sitting aristocracy, the line of Jin Jian smooth, Of the hook type, vividly present the basic techniques and performance style of Chinese painting at that time, its elegant and elegant style, pro-suitable and lyrical. Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the literati advocated the natural scenery, broad-minded and uninhibited, which led to the aristocratic government after the garden landscape development.From the stone carvings, we can also see the poly stone cited spring, plant landscaping interest.
Q:What is Buddha Buddha?
Is the South without great wisdom Manjusri Bodhisattva!
Q:Taishan stone carving
Five is the classic stone carvings. Such as located in the northeast of Taishan Doujue stream in the large stone on the carved in more than 1,400 years ago, "King Kong" and so on. Six is ​​the tomb of the tomb tower stone. Mainly engraved dead life, virtue and the office and other content, there is a large number of Han Dynasty around the Han Dynasty officials and monks of the tombstone and tower Ming, such as "Fang Yanqian monument", this monument records the father of Xu Xuan Tong Xu Humble life and virtue, by Yu Shinan author, Ouyang query regular script.
Q:Which in the stone company, which will be better
In the stone carving process is the best, and now the market are all good at all
Q:The artistic characteristics and the background of stone carvings at the tomb of
Artistic features: Stone carving concise, exaggerated, in the shape of a large turning point for a bold and simple chisel, and in the details of the performance on the use of relief and line carved way, making the whole sculpture more vigorous atmosphere, full of vitality. For example, the "horse riding the Huns" is the most representative of the stone carvings in the tomb of the most representative works, works in the horses and mighty, proudly stand up, the enemy curled up at the horse, dying, and the whole horse contour seamless, suggesting that the Huns The fate of defeat. The characterization of the Hun people in the horse has a certain significance, although the whole character image modeling concise, but in the hair and beard and other facial features on the treatment of exaggerated portrayal, reflecting the Han Chinese characters on the image Understanding and understanding. It is worth noting that the sculpture immediately did not the image of the general, and this is precisely reflects the beauty of the Han Dynasty sculpture connotation, meaning and not shape. Time backgroud: BC 2 century, is the era of Emperor Wu of the government, the national strength is relatively strong, technology, art level further enhanced. The powerful Western Han dynasty inherited and carried forward the excellent artistic tradition of the previous generation, boldly absorbing and drawing on foreign art, so that the Han Dynasty sculpture art has made brilliant achievements. Han Dynasty sculpture as a feudal society in front of the powerful dynasty art, with a deep and magnificent spirit reflects the full of confidence and vitality of the spirit of the times.
Q:How many squares of stone sculptures
I am doing sculpture here, usually more than 2,000 square feet. Bluestone, yellow rust stone ,,,
Q:Confucius stone carving like the installation of what is the argument
The fifth: by the Shaolin Temple of the sea lights Master again and again the disciples of the three lines of the master for the elephant - 1, prickly cocks blood. 2, stained cinnabar. 3, open eyes, view of the Quartet near the distant far. 4, open the mouth light, teach no tired to teach no class 5, slap in the face, listen to eight square repair Qi Ping. 6, open nose light, smell for the fragrance of the Qing Dynasty. 7, start light, holding the holy volume; to the Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College new school. Is willing to holy first division of the spirit, cross the crane to return, to see Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College Zhuang Rong! Sunrise in the sky The sixth item: by the director Lee to assist the master for the iconic flower;         By the director of Lee to assist the master for the elephant ornaments;         By the master for the holy spree holy water blessing. Common blessing: willing to heaven and earth to Ning, may the world clean, may be prosperous, willing to Valley of the gods, may like the image of the full, Qi Fu, God bless and harmony; willing all things all over the world can be happy and auspicious harmony!        Ritual perfect, 100 industry by the blessing! The ceremony is over, thank you and the ladies!

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