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We can supply you any colors of granite, marble, travertine, limestone,and quartz.

Popular marble colors: ChinaCarrara, Pure White, Absolute White, Overlord Flower, Cyan Cream, Yunnan Beige,Pinghua Cream, Bonan Stone, Voladas, Bianca Carrara, Marmara White, CremaMarfil, Royal Botticino, Botticino, Chang'e Beige, Flash Playinum, New Marfil,Peach Honey Onyx, Classic Cream, Wood Vein, Coffee Brown, Hang Grey, RossoLevanto, Classic Brown, Nero Marquina, Red Cream, Perlato Svevo, Sunny Yellow,Oream, Tiger Beige, Galala Beige, Moca Cream, Martini Flower, Butterfly Beuge,Habak Geige, China Marfil, Apollo, Shell Beige, Rosalia, Rosa Norwegian, GoldBeige, Emperador Light, Dark Emperador and etc.

Popular granite colors:G603, G654, G681, G682, G636, G633, G635, G640, G623, G664, G687, G617, G439,G684, Tiger skin white, Tiger skin red, Tiger skin red, Spray white, Leopardskin, Huidong Red, Tianshan red, Guilin red, Maple leaf red, Red porphyry,China butterfly green, Absolute black, Kashmir white, Sesame gold, ImperialGold, Mardura gold, Diamond gold, New veneziano, Giallo veneziano, Gialloornamental, Santa cecilia, Giallo fiorito, Tropical brown, Baltic brown, Carmenred, Imperial red, Multicolor red, Sapphire gold, Tan brown, Café imperial,Blue pearl, Butterfly green, Emerald pearl, Verde ubatuba, Santa Cecilia light,Black galaxy and etc.

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packing detail: carton box or as your demand

delivery detail: about 30 days or as the client requirments.

The series of products using innovative production technology, using such as raw materials jade pure, using computer more pipelines from tile colour cloth, texture, light feeling, all aspects designs create perfect create beautiful and elegent noble generous adornment effect.We have many different color and different design in this series, this tile is good sell in the supermarket, shopping mall


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4. We have more than 5 years exports experience.So we can make your order more smooth.

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8.We have many certifications of our tiles.

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Q:Please summarize and analyze the new technologies, new methods, new processes and new materials that have emerged in the construction of garden planting in recent years.
Third, the new technology and materials innovation is not much: dry with non-woven alternative rope, spray with the adhesive coloring agent, root control of water with potted containers, tree ventilation pipe, dedicated support rod, etc.
Q:Accounting work of landscape engineering enterprises
2, landscaping enterprises will applaud farmers to buy seedlings nursery care, I think if it is seedlings seedlings into a large seedlings have their own planting costs in the inside, is not it can be considered to sell their own direct planting seedlings, the same exemption from value-added tax and corporate income tax
Q:Landscaping belongs to what industry
Although the landscape engineering and ecological environment is the core function of the landscaping project, it is one of the main means to realize the improvement of the residents' life and the ecological environment. It is the same as the standardization of the construction industry and the scale of the construction industry. Operation is quite different. Each of the landscaping projects can be regarded as a unique artwork, its uniqueness and ecology, so that the landscaping project is more difficult to realize the qualification of large-scale construction enterprises, and the quality of successful landscaping projects And the results, as well as cooperation with the party and other aspects of the accumulated business reputation, often become customers to determine the design and construction of landscaping enterprises strength, product quality, functional effects, cooperation and service awareness of one of the key. Therefore, with a long history of good business reputation, better past the quality of landscape engineering qualification rating, has gradually become a garden green enterprise into large and medium-sized municipal projects and excellent real estate development enterprise market conditions. For the new entrants to the landscaping market, due to the lack of successful examples of landscaping projects and good business reputation, it is in a relatively inferior position in the selection of qualified suppliers and bargaining negotiations.
Q:Commonly used garden decoration materials which
According to the purpose and performance is divided into three categories: ① general cement. For general civil engineering, such as Portland cement (calcium silicate as the main mineral composition of the cement collectively, the international collectively referred to as Portland cement, including ordinary Portland cement, slag, volcanic ash, fly ash , Mixed portland cement, etc.). ② special cement. For a special project, such as oil well cement, sand and other cement
Q:Garden company with their own subsidiary of the nursery stock making landscape, need to pay taxes?
4, landscape engineering can be set by the product work order, collect the cost of the product, which is relatively simple. The above method for reference.
Q:Garden tools garden scissors modeling
1, gardening tools include: garden scissors, flower tools (garden flowers, small sets of flowers). Garden scissors main products are high branch scissors, the whole fence shear (fence cut), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears), multi-use cut, picking cut, cut flowers cut, cut grass cut;
Q:Garden products in the wooden floats generally use what is the wood material? What has been done?
Anticorrosive treatment will be full brush soaked UV anti-UV oil three times to ensure that the wood color of the varnish simple and natural.
Q:Home garden machinery which company products are good? I have been to several really do not Zeyang
The key is to see the quality of practitioners, the garden can not raise this line of people, if the boss is engaged in maintenance of the general no problem, maintenance equipment and site is not important, it is important that the general maintenance of small companies, large companies if the maintenance of maintenance personnel Okay, sometimes individual large company maintenance but not good. I do Jinan garden machinery Jinan Greentown garden machinery company, practitioners for 12 years. General problems can be resolved quickly, this line is not very much money to repair, mainly by selling money, may wish to talk with the owner, see the owner level. Garden machinery products are relatively single, less species.
Q:What is the meaning of the beauty of the garden
Pleasant and elegant private garden, the same touched the soul of ordinary people in Suzhou, the conditions of the people are also in their own film mountain bucket room, small homes lying, repair close to the small garden. Living in the residential floor of the tenants, the walls of the small yard into a small and elegant small garden, in Suzhou, the formation of a fashion, so that the first floor prices higher than the second floor. According to the "Gusu Evening News" reported that the full street peninsula area Mr. Hu has an area of ​​about 40 square meters of rectangular yard, he dug in the hospital a 3 square meters of the size of the pond, planted a pool of lotus, Koi. Scattered on both sides of the layout of two Taihu Shi Feng, leaning on the wall planted a number of trees and flowers. Floor peeling pebbles, winding streets, quite elegant. Sericulture in the village of Mr. Gu home courtyard less than 20 square meters, there are pools of stone, flowers and trees, the same graceful posture. According to a person in charge of a horticultural company in Suzhou, the number of residential area garden, the area of ​​more than 50 square meters have more than 200. The garden is a mirror of historical development. In general, chaos destroyed the park, Sheng Park. Silence for more than half a century of Chinese gardens, and again in the Wuzhong earth, is undoubtedly the reform and opening up brought about a welcome cultural phenomenon. To the wooden structure of the building system based in China's classical gardens, can not appear Barton temple-like ancient buildings. As Yu Qiuyu said, the Chinese cultural concept does not value the European-style religious sense of solidification of the eternal, but more emphasis on generation renewal, the pursuit of endless. Suzhou garden "new version", just reflects the spirit of the garden culture "endless", the characteristics of the future.
Q:Changyuan County landscape sculpture company who is more powerful?
Feiyan Garden Sculpture Co., Ltd. mainly produces imitation wood, imitation stone landscape garden and other outdoor building decoration materials and the construction of the standard ecological doors, products include imitation wood fence, imitation wood stumps, aisle paved, pavilions, flower racks, bridges, Imitation wood landscape sketch, such as flower boxes, trash cans, signs, imitation wooden tables and chairs, etc., up to more than 100 kinds of products.

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