Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

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Product description


Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


The marble mantel


Tenghui sculpture Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei of china

Texture of material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350(High width thicknessmm)Otherdimensionscan be customized!

The time limit for a project

Usually 10-30 days(Except for large products)


Block processing, pure hand  carving, polishing


Professional solid wood crib


Logistics (According to the  weight charge)


Advantage Of Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplacess

1.Natural marble
2 Pure hand carved
3.25 years experience
4.Value of art


Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces

Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Custom Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Hebei China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces

Model Number:



Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor


With Remote Control,Without Remote Control


Other Fireplaces

Installation Type:



100% Natural Marble


100% hand carved

Export Markets:



100% quality insurance

Surface Finishing:

High polishing


As per customers requirement


Durable and artistic


T/T, Western Union


The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside

Delivery Detail:





Q:What price for each watt?

A:It depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms

       Q:What is your warranty system?

      A:Our Solar cells performance guarantees for 25 years

      Q:How do you pack your products?

      A:We have rich experience on how to pack thecells to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

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Q:Stone carving (carving) learning
Want to try their own stone carving, to have the most basic masons, practice line start, pay attention to action essentials, and strength, a row of parallel uniform, practice playing round, you can use a different alloy steel chan (mason common tools) , There are sharp flat, flat with different width and width.    Boring words can learn to inscription, help to describe the details of the future, followed by learn to use the machine: engraved machine, polishing machine, grinding machine. Hand grinding machine to learn to use a different wheel, especially King Kong film; engraved machine to learn to use a different grinding head, and now most of the stone is grinding out. To practice hard martial arts that first worship a mason master from the basic skills from the practice. I guess you want to directly carve a portrait of the human Han, out of play attitude it! To find a plaster like, a little line of the best instrument, with the ruler, a large caliper (you can do their own simple) the amount of bold with a diamond film with Zanzi cut large, and then for small diamond slices, and then the size of praise Child repair OK. Pay special attention to the use of the machine to pay attention to safety. It is best to bring glasses, hats, masks, to prevent the gravel.
Q:The world's oldest stone carved stone
Song Ouyang Xiu to true, found this monument, in the "set of ancient records" to give records. Moved back to Longxing Temple.
Q:Tonghai Jiejia camp stone carving art
Full of stone factory director at the top, good at management, business is better. The management of the stone factory is located in the town of Tonghai County stone carving stone town of immortal foot foothills, and the solution of 12 families of traditional stone carved stone adjacent to the professional households, from the solution camp village committee 2 km.
Q:Stone window grille and cement window grill, brick window grille which is good
Stone has a long history, it stresses modeling realistic, handy and delicate, smooth and free pattern. Carving products mainly to people, animals, fireplaces, pots, fences, fountains, relief, Longting Long column, Qiong Lou Yu Ge, birds and beasts, all kinds of fine carving and so on. Not only the charm of ancient art, but also elegant and modern art style, at home and abroad enjoy the "talent" "broken" reputation.
Q:The main classification of stone
Q:Please briefly describe the stone art of Ming Xiaoling
Portrait and stone was animal, all for the whole stone carved, arranged neatly, up to three years. Stone statue huge, magnificent momentum, modeling ancient clumsy, rugged lines strong, quiet look solemn. For the beginning of the stone one of the representative works.
Q:How many years can an open stone carving save?
weather conditions are not more serious weather is absolutely no problem
Q:What are the stone walls of the Three Gorges Dam
Dazu: Baodingshan cliff statues Baoding Mountain is located in the northeast corner of Dazu County, Chongqing City, 15 kilometers from the county. Dazu stone carvings Baodingshan statue under the auspices of the monk Zhao Zhifeng carved in the Southern Song Dynasty Chunxi six years to Chunyou nine years (AD 1179 - 1249), which lasted 70 years. Has been 800 years of history. Baodingshan to the Southern Song statues mostly, is the Chinese stone statues to decline in the emergence of religious statues masterpiece, is also a rare Buddhist temple in the world. The image is well preserved, the scale is magnificent, the carving is beautiful, the layout is coherent, the artistic expression form and the content organic combination, the nationalization, the popularization, the secularization process manifests itself, the science is in the artistic expression. Content tastes, superb skills extraordinary. Drainage, lighting, mechanics, anti-corrosion and other measures arranged clever, comprehensive.
Q:Stone carving and illustrations!
Stone solid, resistant to weathering, therefore, in the Lingnan architecture, in addition to stone pagoda, stone bridge, stone, stone pavilion, stone tomb, more widely used in building components and decoration. Generally divided into three categories: First, as a building components of the door frame, the fence, hold the drum stone, steps, pillars, Liang Fang, well circle, etc .; Second, as a building annex stone, lions, Shihua table and stone And so on; three as a building in the furnishings, such as stone incense burner, stone five for, and so on.
Q:Chinese stone carvings Compared with foreign stone works, what is the characteristics of Chinese stone carving art
This is the standard of artwork that China has always evaluated. The West in the same period pay more attention to "shape".

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