The stone garden pavilion 1

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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Carved and Polished
marble, granite, limestone etc
white, yellow, pink, red
do custom size
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Xingang, Tianjin
wooden crate
TT, Western Union, Paypal
hand carved and highly polished
home and garden decoration
trade terms:
natural stone carved garden pavilion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Outer Packing: 3CM Standard wooden crate with well metal junction and nails Inner Packing: Foam/Blanket to protect each carving part, especially for some of the exquisite parts.
Delivery Detail:

around 40days after your deposit for garden pavilion


The stone  garden pavilion


Do as the customer request.


White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red are available for the pavilion gazebo


Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine...


Only One Piece is Welcomed.


Hand carved and highly polished

Payment terms

T/T, PayPal, Western Union. 40% deposit and the balance against finished pictures

before shipment.


Outer in wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam


Outdoor Decoration, such as home, garden, park, hotel, plaza....

Delivery time

Around 30 days after your deposit.


By sea in container.

How to buy

1. Client send us the picture or just your idea, we can give you some suggestions.

2. Decide the size and material, then make the offer for you.

3. Client accepts the offer and we send proforma invoice.

4. Client transfers 40% deposit and production begins

5. When the products finished, we will send the pictures to you for confirmation.

6. After client’s confirmation, then we will arrange the shipment.

7. After the balance payment, we will send original documents by express, and client will

receive the goods with original documents.

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Q:Shenyang Palace Museum stone carving
Carved a variety of Wen Chen, generals, ladies, waiter and other characters stone and stone horse, stone elephant, stone camel with a variety of beasts, stone birds, stone rabbit, lifelike, vivid, vibrant.
Q:The main classification of stone
Q:Can you tell us about the boutique in Dazu Rock?
Dazu County is located in the southeast of Sichuan Basin, west of Chengdu, 271 kilometers east of Chongqing, 70 kilometers. The county a total area of ​​about 1,400 square kilometers, a population of about 900,000. Dazujian County in Tang Qian yuan the first year (AD 758 years), dating back more than 1240 years of history, the county name to take "Dafeng big enough" meaning. Dazu stone was founded in the first year of Tang Yonghui (AD 650), after the late Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties, Sheng in the Song Dynasty, stretching Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among them, there are five key cultural relics protection units in the country, namely, Beishan (including the North Tower), Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shimen Mountain, Shijingshan stone carved "five mountain stone carving" (World Heritage part), Chongqing cultural relics protection units 4 That is, Tsingshanzi, Shu Chengyan, wonderful mountain stone carvings, thousands of Buddha rock carvings, Dazu County cultural relics protection units such as the Western Hills, holy water Temple, Sanjiao Temple, Castle Peak homes, Laojun Temple, half of the temple, seven arch bridge, Pu Temple , Chen Jiayan stone and so on. Beishan, Baoding Mountain, Nanshan, Shimen Mountain, stone Zhushan is Dazu stone in the largest, most valuable, the art of the most beautiful stone statues on behalf of.
Q:Beijing Stone Carving Museum of Art
Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum is a blend of stone carvings in Beijing. It is a thematic museum of stone carvings, materials collection, display, research and protection. Museum of elegant environment, exhibits unique and rich content, is a rare place for tourism and leisure in Beijing.
Q:Nanputuo Temple cliff stone carving origin and art?
In the history of Chinese Buddhism, Xiamen's Nanputuo Temple has its important position, it is the spread of Buddhism in the southern Fujian area. Nan Putuo's abbot, in the Chinese Buddhist community are renowned. Since 1927 Ren Nan Putuo abbot and Minnan Buddhist College Dean of the Master, had to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States lectures, preaching, a great impact. And he advocated the reform of Buddhism, unity, sects, but also very effective for the Buddhist made a great contribution, which also makes the reputation of Nanputuo Temple at home and abroad widely publicized. Nanpu Tuo Temple to the afternoon, the mountains of the sea, the whole temple of the building, the layout of symmetry, rigorous structure, full of national style, fully embodies the work of our people's superb architectural art. Standing on the distant view, from the endless rock to the five peaks of the mountain, in the north and south of the central axis, King Hall, Main Hall, big bastard, possession of the golden floor of the building layers of care, structured, pitch corresponding. Around the wing, veranda Gallery, Bell and Drum Tower symmetrical arrangement, back to protect the three Dian, forming a whole, showing the magnificent magnificent momentum of the South Temple, there is a dignity of the Dharma boundless.
Q:The Characteristics of Stone Buddha in the Stone Carving Process in the Six Dynasties
During the period of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the creation of Buddhist art became the history of Buddhism, and the art of Buddhist statues gradually became one of the main forms of ancient Chinese stone carving art. The sculptures of the Wei and Jin Dynasties and Northern and Southern Dynasties have also developed on the basis of tradition, the struggle and integration between ethnic groups and the influence of exotic culture, which makes the art of stone carving at present show a more colorful appearance. , More common than the Han Dynasty, style style is also a significant change. The tomb of the Six Dynasties directly inherited the shape since the Han and Jin dynasties, it is in the base tree from the polygon of the column, the top of the column engraved square version, the top of the column, in the carved covered with a lotus covered In the Six Dynasties Xiao Jing grave form the most gorgeous, carvings, although many but no sense of mattress, from its fine lotus cap, we see the impact of Buddhist art on the traditional stone from the existing permanent tomb The relief image of the room can spy out the achievements of the Northern Wei stone carving art. It can be seen, to the north and the south, Buddhist art has penetrated into all areas of stone, and gave it unprecedented vitality. Buddhism art in the cave statues and various occasions for the image, are religious worshipers rely on the quiet by virtue of its very developed, and the prosperity of Buddhism inseparable, both for the product of religion, but also profound times the brand of society , Both the admirers of the interpretation of the true meaning of Buddhism, but also the artist's inner monologue.
Q:Ancient wind stone engraving studio brief introduction?
And the legislature when the rate of people to go to the carved stone pots in Jiangsu, Huizhou and Soviet workers will be combined to create a very popular stone pot carving, and then back to Huizhou study Shexian stone carving and identification, the process of thinking is not To have been sad, so many freehand, the works of the outflow, many Yan carving asked their OEM.
Q:Which in the stone company, which will be better
Commonly used stone granite, marble, bluestone, gravel and so on. Stone quality hard weathering resistance, is a major monumental sculpture of the main material.
Q:What is the best stone for making stone?
Not the best, only better ah, haha! You can try to import stone, like gold bouquet, Estonian gold and so on. Are generally introduced from Europe, high grade. You can go to Xiamen City Xien Trade Co., Ltd. to ask the price, the material is good material, high hardness, frost resistance.
Q:Confucius stone carving like the installation of what is the argument
The fifth: by the Shaolin Temple of the sea lights Master again and again the disciples of the three lines of the master for the elephant - 1, prickly cocks blood. 2, stained cinnabar. 3, open eyes, view of the Quartet near the distant far. 4, open the mouth light, teach no tired to teach no class 5, slap in the face, listen to eight square repair Qi Ping. 6, open nose light, smell for the fragrance of the Qing Dynasty. 7, start light, holding the holy volume; to the Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College new school. Is willing to holy first division of the spirit, cross the crane to return, to see Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College Zhuang Rong! Sunrise in the sky The sixth item: by the director Lee to assist the master for the iconic flower;         By the director of Lee to assist the master for the elephant ornaments;         By the master for the holy spree holy water blessing. Common blessing: willing to heaven and earth to Ning, may the world clean, may be prosperous, willing to Valley of the gods, may like the image of the full, Qi Fu, God bless and harmony; willing all things all over the world can be happy and auspicious harmony!        Ritual perfect, 100 industry by the blessing! The ceremony is over, thank you and the ladies!

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