The stone garden pavilion 8

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Hebei China (Mainland)
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Carved and Polished
marble, granite, limestone etc
white, yellow, pink, red
do custom size
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Xingang, Tianjin
wooden crate
TT, Western Union, Paypal
hand carved and highly polished
home and garden decoration
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natural stone carved garden pavilion

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Outer Packing: 3CM Standard wooden crate with well metal junction and nails Inner Packing: Foam/Blanket to protect each carving part, especially for some of the exquisite parts.
Delivery Detail:

around 40days after your deposit for garden pavilion


The stone  garden pavilion


Do as the customer request.


White, Pink, Black, Yellow, Red are available for the pavilion gazebo


Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine...


Only One Piece is Welcomed.


Hand carved and highly polished

Payment terms

T/T, PayPal, Western Union. 40% deposit and the balance against finished pictures

before shipment.


Outer in wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam


Outdoor Decoration, such as home, garden, park, hotel, plaza....

Delivery time

Around 30 days after your deposit.


By sea in container.

How to buy

1. Client send us the picture or just your idea, we can give you some suggestions.

2. Decide the size and material, then make the offer for you.

3. Client accepts the offer and we send proforma invoice.

4. Client transfers 40% deposit and production begins

5. When the products finished, we will send the pictures to you for confirmation.

6. After client’s confirmation, then we will arrange the shipment.

7. After the balance payment, we will send original documents by express, and client will

receive the goods with original documents.

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Q:Please briefly describe the stone art of Ming Xiaoling
aved with the military commander of eight, Chinese table two, stone beast twenty-four. Wen Chen head wearing a crown, holding hands toward Wat; generals wearing armor, holding gold. Chinese watch for the white marble system, on the carved moire. Stone beast has a lion, 獬 Zhi, Tuo camel, like, unicorn, horse, each four. Which is the generals and stone carving the most beautiful. Generals up to 4 meters high, stone as high as 3.47 meters.
Q:The relationship between the disease and the stone carving
The main body of this monument group is - horse riding Huns stone. In this high-168 cm theme carving, the author uses the moral means to a device of the imposing, proudly Zhuo Li's horses to symbolize the hussars general; with the horses to the invaders trampled on the ground to the typical plot to praise the hussars The generals in the fight against the Huns in the war to create the odds; that superego loser, holding the bow and arrow in the hands, has not yet put down the weapons, this is not to tell the people must not relax vigilance. The outline of this work, carved extremely accurate and powerful, horse head to the horse part, made a big ups and downs of the deal, the image is very eye-catching. In short, horse riding Huns stone is a combination of ideological and artistic perfect unity, is the Western Han Dynasty monument sculpture made epoch-making achievements of the mark.
Q:What is the world's largest ancient stone statue of stone?
The world's largest stone statue of stone Stone carving, high 71 meters, the first year of the reign of the Tang Dynasty (AD 713) began construction, Zhen Yuan nineteen years (AD 803) completed, which lasted 90 years, is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province Lingyun Mountain. The Leshan Buddha Buddha body up to 71 meters, including 14.7 meters high head, ear 7 meters long, 3.3 meters long eyes, feet 8.5 meters wide, is the world's largest stone statue of stone. The Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty's 280 years of history, has always been an important pillar of the ideological field. Productivity and the development of science and technology, for the development of Buddhist sculpture art provides a superior material conditions and technical basis. Tang Dynasty built the Buddha, not only a large number, but also large-scale, sophisticated technology, carving level is amazing. One of the tallest one is the Leshan Buddha in Sichuan. Buddha is Maitreya statue, by the Guizhou monk Haitong monks first fund-raising construction, Haitong passed away, Sichuan Jiedushi Wei Gao continued to build him to complete. The Leshan Giant Buddha is directly in the Lingyun Mountain cliff on the cut, in Minjiang, Tsing Yi and Dadu River intersection of the Department. Big Buddha sitting east and west, face the river and sit, "the mountain is a Buddha, the Buddha is a mountain." His face kind and kind, eyes half open half, demeanor Enron, his hands on his lap, sitting on the side of the mountain. Buddha modeling steady and generous, moderate proportion, a strong sense of volume. He was originally painted, but also covered with 60 meters wide 7 layer 13 eaves castle. This pavilion in the Tang Dynasty called the Buddha Court, known as the days of the Song Dynasty Court, but the Yuan Dynasty unfortunately destroyed in the war, and then no reconstruction.
Q:Taishan stone carving
Seven is the title of stone carvings. Taishan and its surrounding, ancient emperors and literati celebrities such as Su Shi, Cai Jing, Kangxi, Qianlong left the title of a large number of inscriptions, only Emperor Qianlong in the mountains and around the left dozens of royal poems. Eight is the building stone. It is an organic part of the history of Chinese ancient art, and there are aspects of philosophy, literature, history, etiquette and so on. It is an important part of ancient Chinese art history. It is an important part of ancient Chinese art history. , Is the concentrated expression of ancient Chinese spiritual civilization. At the same time, Taishan stone carvings in the Han Dynasty stone, reflecting the Han Dynasty production and living standards, but also the concentration of ancient Chinese material civilization embodied. As Mr. Ji Xianlin said: "Taishan is one of the main symbols of Chinese culture, to carry forward the Chinese culture, we must first promote Taishan culture, which is a matter of course.
Q:Stone to see if the collection value
Look at the middle part of the obvious lotus shape. Should be a railings of the building components.
Q:Where is the four stone hills in China?
3, Zhejiang Province Qingtian stone Qingtian stone history has a long history, can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty, which has been unearthed in 1989, Dongjiang Xincheng County Shang Dynasty cultural relics "Yu Yu people" to textual research. Since the nineteenth century Qingtian stone since the Qingtian stone carving several times in the international exposition gold medal, silver medal, won a high reputation, after the founding of new China, many times by the party and the country was selected as a national gift presented to foreign heads of state. In 1992, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued four special stamps of stone, 1995, 1996 Qingtian were the relevant departments of the State Council named "China's stone carving art town" and "Chinese stone town."
Q:What is the difference between stone and clay?
The same view, I think the word is also open to the discussion of some of the people think that "drumming racade figurines" is a more realistic works, the characters in place, gestures vivid, easy way natural and eclectic, very characteristic of the times
Q:Do you buy and sell ancient stone carvings?
See a few levels, the general is not illegal, the level can not be bought and sold
Q:Stone window grille and cement window grill, brick window grille which is good
Stone has a long history, it stresses modeling realistic, handy and delicate, smooth and free pattern. Carving products mainly to people, animals, fireplaces, pots, fences, fountains, relief, Longting Long column, Qiong Lou Yu Ge, birds and beasts, all kinds of fine carving and so on. Not only the charm of ancient art, but also elegant and modern art style, at home and abroad enjoy the "talent" "broken" reputation.
Q:Dazu stone carving thousands of Goddess of Mercy history
Dazu stone carvings of the earliest Avalokitesvara, to the number of holy water rock of the thousands of view of the audience, like the 40 relief hand, more than 100 only engraved. This statue in Dunhuang and Bashu area of ​​the cave temple art, save a lot, came to Dazu, with the history of Dazu stone gradually evolved, rich, so heyday. Dazu Beishan stone carvings Dazu holy water rock thousands of Goddess of the statue techniques in the Dazu Beishan stone also appeared, Beishan stone carvings Guanyin statue of the reputation of the museum, which thousands of Goddess of Mercy statues are more, the earliest works is the No. 9 Swordsman audio and video. In addition, in the Beishan stone corridor, there are five generations, the beginning of the Song Dynasty a lot of Goddess of Mercy statues, such as No. 218,235,243,273 and other niches, are the traditional simple Avalokitesvara statues, but these thousands of hands Guanyin subordinates reduced, the scale also will be reduced, such as the fifth generation of the period of No. 273 niches Guanyin, only two waiter and flying.

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