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Hebei China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces
Model Number:
Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor
With Remote Control,Without Remote Control
Other Fireplaces
Installation Type:
100% Natural Marble
100% hand carved
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100% quality insurance
Surface Finishing:
High polishing
As per customers requirement
Durable and artistic
T/T, Western Union
The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside
Delivery Detail:30-45days


The Marble Fireplaces
1.Natural marble
2 Pure hand carved
3.25 years experience
4.Value of art

Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


The  marble mantel




Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei  of China

Texture of  material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350High width thickness,mmOther dimensions can be customized

The time limit  for a project

Usually 10-30  daysExcept for large products


Block processing, pure  hand carving, polishing


Professional solid  wood crib


Logistics (According  to the weight charge

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Q:Feidong County has a cultural relics called "Wu Fu tomb stone carving," I would like to ask from the city where the car can be past?
From Hefei East Bus Station Hefei to Xiao Wei, Chen set of agricultural bus to Fangbu called, and then to the hall to any
Q:There is a pair of Ming Dynasty Xuande years of stone zodiac, do not know how much money?
Confirmation is true. Ok that more than 300,000. The fake is not worth the money Do not see things that do not say ah
Q:Shou Shan stone masterpiece what is what
2. Guinness Book of World Records micro-engraved boutique "Mao Zedong anthology", with Wei monument, line character to the 107.2 million words carved in a hundred pieces carefully grinding, different shapes, different sizes of Shoushan stone. In the equivalent of the size of the nail cover Shoushan stone on the micro-engraved more than 500 Chinese characters. 100 pieces of Shoushan stone into China map shape. Called "micro-carved a must."
Q:Where there is a stone carving stone where the place
Flat carved for stone, three-dimensional sculpture and embossed carved for stone!
Q:Stone process specific process?
Q:What are the characteristics of the Han Dynasty stone carvings?
 It is symbolic that the overall layout of the stone carvings and the tombs of the Huoqi disease is epoch-making. The work has not directly depict the image of Huo Qubing and the specific war scenes, especially the theme of carving "horse riding Huns" more symbolic artistic approach, with vigorous and horses and horses under the dying struggle of the image of the Huns Against the enemy, stability and border, to communicate the wisdom of the Western Regions.
Q:Chinese stone carvings Compared with foreign stone works, what is the characteristics of Chinese stone carving art
This can be traced to the Southern Dynasty Sheikh's six law theory, Qiyun vivid, should be like the elephant, with color, business location, transfer mode write.
Q:National treasure cultural relics Maoling stone, the era of its creation is what age
It is the earliest and most complete large-scale round carving crafts that have been found in China so far. It is also an outstanding representative of the stone art of the Han Dynasty. It occupies an important position in the history of Chinese art.
Q:Jiangxi Sanqingshan that stone carved the world's first mountain who title, and solution
Day gate watch Located in the north of the town of Sanqing blessing south of the arch. Things have a granite stone pillars in the sky Lingyun standing. Stone pillar top squatting stone carving "狻 猊" a pair, this only the west side of the column top one. China table stone column is the north side of the regular script couplets: "clear the dust clamor of the world unparalleled blessing, high Lingyun Jiangnan first Xianfeng." The first of the first "Feng Ding Yan Jue" cleverly embedded "Qingnao Ling" four words, the true characterization of the Emperor Wen Jiangui later years hidden Sanqingshan self-proclaimed high, when the young peak on the throne to sit on the throne of the emperor, but all of a sudden because of "Jing "Was captured under the wild, traces of escape, the peak of the home of the dog, the taste of the difficulties and obstacles, suffered from heaven to hell of the peerless experience of abuse, is the emperor thought and experience of the real reflection and historical mirror.
Q:Dazu stone carving thousands of Goddess of Mercy history
Beishan stone carvings on the 9th cave this respect for Goddess of Mercy, dressed in tiles, feet pedal, good Fu Fu sitting in prime square diamond seat. On the shoulders of the hand in the crown of a care of a Buddha, chest hands together, slightly under the hands of both hands, and then the next two knees out of the knees indescribe India, the rest of the hand (more residual) sub-bottle, bell, Bow, pestle, shield and other law clamor. Wearing a corolla, the top two light, lingering niche two flying days. Behind a round head light and peach body light, decorated with engraved flame pattern, carved arm more than to show thousands of hands. Niches about the two walls of the corresponding carved ten Buddha, Manjusri, Samantabhadra and so on. Under the seat of the right kneel on the skinny of the elderly, the left side of the kneeling hands holding a bowl for begging like hungry ghosts, said Guanyin met them will be charity. Dazu Baodingshan thousands of hand view audio and video Dazu Baoding Mountain Dafu Bay South Rock No. 8 niche a real 830 hand cliffs Avalokitesvara statues, dating back more than 800 years of history, people call her a world must!

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