Submerged Arc steel Welding Wires EM12K

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The submerged arc welding wire series products feature excellent welding and mechanical performances. 

Submerged Arc Welding Wire

The products easily removable residue, good seam forming and highly efficient deposiyion.Wire meltingdoes not lead to splash or strong flasing.The sem surface is smooth and welding quality is guaranteed. They facilitate mechanical and automatic welding process. With a wide range of welding parameters, the wires can be used in open fields with strong wind and applied to automobiles, ships, bridges and chemical engineering.


Main Applications:

Applicable to welding of low-carbon steel and some low-alloy steel(such as 16Mn); automatic

submerged arc welding of boilers, pressure vessels, etc.


Chemical compositions of one sample wire(%)

C 0.06  Mn  0.94  Si 0.024  Cr 0.025  Ni 0.015  Cu 0.130  S 0.014  P 0.017


Mechanical Properties of one sample deposited metal

Yield Strength(Mpa) 469

Tensile Stregth(Mpa) 578

Elongation(%)  28

Impact Energy(-20°c) (J)  87  

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Q:The difference between high gloss wire drawing and stainless steel drawing panel
Stainless steel wire drawing, stainless steel surface is a treatment effect, like a silk shop on top of the same effect, Baidu pictures can see,
Q:Stainless steel seamless pipe should pay attention to what?
Threading machine widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, wood products, such as wire and cable industry, is a widely used machine equipment. In order to make the majority of new and old customers to make better use of our machine tools. Here we introduce a problem should be paid attention to in the use of the machine.
Q:What is stainless steel edge silk?
We usually call it stainless steel side silk. We Jiangmen Hua XinDa stainless steel company to do stainless steel line for more than 20 years. That's what they call it inside the line.
Q:It seems that stainless steel rarely asks resistance, but customers insist on asking, and they haven't found the answer for a long time. Who can provide some clues?
Who can resist acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive effects of alloy steel known as stainless steel, mainly Fe Cr alloy.
Q:How do you screw on the stainless steel door?
You should first look at how thick stainless steel, the following general 1MM can nail nails or screws, but preferably stainless steel, a nailing machine is a special bolt, but the equipment is bolt nailing machine
Q:How can make a fine stainless steel wire is not strong magnets attract?
After chemical treatment, you can do it after removing the magnetism.
Q:304 stainless steel wire drawing why rust?? long rust what is the reason?
1. stainless steel products have to be passivation process, the surface free iron removal, rust prevention will be good. 304, only to clean the workpiece, soaked in 45% (volume ratio) nitric acid about 30-60min., that is passivation effect2. wire drawing can not contain alumina and other metal compounds, to avoid contamination of stainless steel surface, will affect corrosion resistance and passivation effect3., stainless steel cutting tools, wheels, grinding materials can not share with other metal work
Q:Is brushed stainless steel harmful to the body?
The substrate is harmful, on the one hand, on the other hand is drawing in scratching the surface of stainless steel, it will make the stainless steel surface burrs, although not too obvious, but in the use of the process there will be some loss of human skin, the body is not good, in addition, the residual stainless steel debris will also on the human body harmful
Q:Anti loosening of stainless steel screw
Once encountered a customer, the company needs stainless steel screws need to be loose. Simply speaking, it is to make the stainless steel screws used in the product material, can make stainless steel screws will not light fall. Screws are required to be fastened together with the product material more tightly. There are two solutions for stainless steel screw looseness prevention. Next, present the following two solutions to prevent the looseness of stainless steel standard parts.
Q:Which is good, brushed stainless steel or plain stainless steel?.
Brushed stainless steel processing costs are very low, the surface scraping is not easy to find, smooth stainless steel surface was scratched, it is obvious, and traces are very difficult to remove. Appropriate types of stainless steel should be selected according to their own needs.

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