Steel Measuring Tape with Nylon Coated Tape High quality

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tape coated: nylon coated tape blade accuracy: Class I accuracy

Product Description:

 1. Tape accuracy: Class I accuracy

 2. Tape coated: Nylon coated tape blade with long use life

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Art. No.Speci. pcs/inner boxpcs/ctnG.W/N.W(kgs)Meas.(cm)






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Q:Why do tape measurements mark 455mm and 910mm? What's the point?
Modulus. The basic modulus 910mm of many buildings in japan. 455 is half the modulus.
Q:What if you don't look at tape measure?
Do you think it's an English unit? The English unit is very complicated. The unit of length is not a decimal one.1 feet =12 inches, it is worth noting that there are two tone word China Chinese characters, such as "foot" and "inch", these two words are "feet" and "inch", is "Y ngch 'pronunciation from" and "Y" NGC connected n".In addition: about English and English is not divided Ying silk, and the imperial unit of Ying silk, 1 inches in length, with inch fraction to indicate, such as 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 etc.. "1/8 inches" is called "1 English cents". This is the "Chinese version", which is not available in the English language.There is 1 miles =1760 =5280 feet, 1 fathoms 1 wave =2 code, =220 code, =3 code 1 feet.The conversion between and international units: about 1.609344 kilometers 1 miles (kilometers), 1 yards is 0.9144 meters, 1 feet about 30.48 cm, 1 fathoms of about 1.8288 meters, the 1 wave is 201.17 meters, 1 inches - 2.54 cm.
Q:Why steel tape does not exceed 10 meters?
You think about a problem. It's spring loaded with steel tape. It's so long. It needs a lot of springs
Q:The film pulls it apart. Can it take it back? Take it back, just like a tape measure.
Can not!However, if the 135 film is not fully pulled out and out of the cartridge, you can twist the middle axle by hand and roll it back a little bit. Of course, if not in the darkroom or film is opened in the inner pocket, exposure, roll back did not mean what.
Q:Why is the tape measure loose?
Two floor on the right, simply said is to let you regardless of the amount or amount of the top are accurate
Q:What brand of tape hardness is the best?
STANLEY and "doctor" tools
Q:Does the tape measure 20 centimeters, top or bottom, centimeter on top or centimeter below?
The small lattice is cm, the inch. Please adopt!
Q:It is not easy to cut a steel tape
I have a patent, slow down after receiving the tail, and slowly enter the shell. No hand cutting!
Q:Why is it different from the wall and back to the wall? The back to the wall is always lower than the face to the wall. Why?
Just stand there and measure it.
Q:Someone knows the tape measure doesn't work. What shall I do?
Either repaired or replacedThis little thing still so tangled, right?

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