Series G48 Nylon Coated Steel Measuring Tape

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Series: G48 Case: ABS case Spec.: 2m*16mm,3m*16mm ,5m*19mm and so on
Color: yellow

Product Description:

Series G48  nylon coated steel measuring tape

1. Material of case:ABS plastic case

2. Color:yellow

3. Series:G48

4. Size:2m*16mm,3m*16mm,3.5m*16mm,5m*19mm,5m*25mm,7.5m*25mm



1. Customer have to bear samples charge and courier cost.

2. Samples time: please check with service person if you need samples.


Advantage and Innovation:

1.High quality ABS plastic case

2.Nylon coated steel measuring tape ,can work longer

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Series G48  Nylon Coated Steel Measuring Tape

Series G48  Nylon Coated Steel Measuring Tape

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Q:Would you like to measure the size of your door and window when you want to decorate?
It is the size you want to tell the door and width to choose the next three point measure to avoid the mistakes
Q:What about the tape rust? Do you have a tape measure that does not rust?
Buy stainless steel or tape
Q:Tape measure working principle
The tape is commonly used in daily life tools. Steel tape is often seen. It is commonly used in construction and decoration, and is also one of the necessary tools for families. Divided into fiber tape, tape, waist feet etc.. Lubanche, Feng Shui Chi, Chi Gong belong to the same steel tape.I. principleThe tape can be rolled up because the tape inside is provided with a spring, pull the measuring length, the actual scale and the length of the spring is stretched, once the measurement is completed, which will automatically shrink tape springs, effect of scale in the spring force under the following contraction, so the tape will roll up to.Two, characteristicsFirst, the tape strain is too large to fail. Why didn't the failure; the spring tape is very long, it is completely relaxed to fully tighten large interval, all travel tape including, both ends of a room, so the tape will not fail.Two, pull one meter long and two meters long, not what is the difference between the tape tension; spring is very thin, the deformation of the tightening is also very small, so the reaction is very small, change ruler when they feel not to force.Three, classificationThe main types of tape for steel tape, fiber tape is the second, is that we often see the tape, many people say is the tape, there is a waist foot (feet / tailor clothing ruler belongs to this class). In the south of our country and the Hongkong area commonly known as tape tape or ruler. The material is PVC plastic and glass fiber, which prevents it from being stretched during the use of tape measure.Tape, is generally metric, is a 150 cm, the other side is 60 inches. Inch is a common unit of measurement in foreign countries. The size of a TV and a monitor is in inches. And the size of jeans, also in inches. In China, the amount of clothing is the rural common tape. A 150 cm, the other side of the rural 45. Often say 2 feet 1, 2 feet 2 waist, is the rural units.
Q:Where can I buy the fake scale ruler (50 meter tape tape) that is less a few meters, or how the tape made false, let people see this a few meters
That's true. This is a secret recipe for me to pay for my tuition! Do it yourself
Q:The film pulls it apart. Can it take it back? Take it back, just like a tape measure
The film is not like out of the cassette tape as their own back. The film is generally stored in a cassette, 135 common film is a film by film spool on end, through the external force (manual or motorized) rotary glue reel, the film involved in magazines. This process should be completed in the dark, in the sun once pulled out of film, film exposure, commonly known as the light exposure of film, scrap, is no longer used.
Q:Steel tape 5M19MM what does it mean? How do you measure this 19MM?
The measuring length of the steel tape measure is 5 meters and the width is 19 millimeters
Q:Is there a movable hook at the top of the measuring tape used for measurement? What is the function?
The hook function is you when measuring object that can top, can also hook, hook was as long as a person can be measured object size, the top is the hook hook automatically retracts, the thickness of minus.
Q:How to tell the difference between a tape measure and a good one?
But I usually ask for a ruler at least 2 meters outPS: sadly, the most expensive ruler I used was 28 dollars after so long. I don't know what kind of ruler is on a hundred dollars
Q:The method of repairing steel tape (I removed it, now the amount of parts can not be taken back)
First of all, the inside of the spring (inside the layer of no words of any piece of steel) a little tight, not once, can be two times, until the end of the collection. Then cover and press the rivets.
Q:What if the tape measure is pulled out?
Removed and installed, only

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