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1.Modular mix ofproducts and processes according to different requirements,any combination ofmachine process.

2.Nominalwidth:1600-3200mm according to user requirements.


4.Operatingtemperature: 100-105°c(steam); 100-180°c(steam & thermal oil)

5.AC frequencyconversion drive,mechanical speed:10-50m/min under the process set

6.In the steamingprocess of the fabric hanging from the ring,all loose,no tension ,vapor in thefree state of complete evaporation of color technology.

7.Into the ringmain chain in the revolution,while the rotation of hanging cloth bar evenly toavoid hot mark hanging rod India,even aging.

8.Steamer steamflow within the convection cycle,humidification control,temperature control,loop length control,time control to ensure the quality of steaming the amountof bright color fastness


      • Cloth         capacity:210m(single width)

      • Machine         width:2600mm

      • Working         width:2400mm

      • Machine         speed:5-50m/min

      • Steam         time: Max. time=Max. cloth capacity/Min. speed(minute)

      • Min.         time =Min. cloth capacity/Max. speed(minute)

      • Height         of the loop:1.5-2.5m

      • Driving         system the main chain is driven by A.C. frequency motor, the formation         of the loop is driven by A.C. serve motor, the in-feeding and plaiting         parts are driven by A.C. frequency motors synchronously, controlled by         PLC

      • Total         power: about 26kw

      • Source         of heating: steam(lower temperature 102 for developing of the color, steam         consumption 480kg/h)

      • Transfer         oil(higher temperatures175185 for baking , power consumption         250,000.00kcal/h)

      • Overall         dimension(lxwxh)(mm): 15275×4641×4600

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Q:Textile machinery production process is probably what kind of?
And then part of the assembly into parts (to achieve some of the functions independently of other parts and no complex relationship between the components).
Q:What is the difference between yarn spinning and ring spinning?
Ring spinning (combing) Process: clear flowers - carding - pre-parallel - articles and rolls - combing - the first road parallel - two parallel - roving - spinning - Winding
Q:How to promote the textile machinery industry transformation and upgrading?
Research and development of new products, enhance the competitiveness of the preparation, to replace the point of view of the entry point of the industry
Q:What is the current status of the textile industry?
From the international environment, the international market is still a large expansion of space and opportunities. With the end of 2007, China and the EU textile limit expires, the end of 2008 the end of the Sino-US textile quota limit, the Chinese textile quota era is approaching, accounting for more than 60% of the global textile market share area is fully open, will bring to China's textile trade Great opportunity. And the next few years the world economy will remain in the rising range, will promote the growth of international trade, which will give China's textile and garment exports to bring favorable international market protection.
Q:What are the main producing areas of Chinese textile machinery?
Yuci textile machinery industry from the last century 50's, state-owned Jingwei Textile Machinery Plant put into operation. "Nine after five, by virtue of the latitude and longitude of the radiation and drive in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yuci District, the gradual rise of a private enterprise as the main textile machinery parts production and processing groups.
Q:What are the high efficiency of the spinning machine and the Jenny spinning machine of the invention?
The emergence of the multi-spindle spinning car, the development of handmade textile machinery to the peak, the manual spinning industry, the multi-spindle spinning machine is to enhance the efficiency of the most complete, the fastest spinning wheel. 5. Spinning mechanization Until the emergence of the industrial revolution, the rapid growth of the market, the demand for production increased after the emergence of new spinning technology.
Q:What is the second-hand textile machinery import clearance process?
3. In addition, there is inventory backlog of equipment, although it has exceeded the manufacturer's warranty period or a significant loss of parts, but still maintain the original technical performance, play the original role of the equipment has also been identified as second-hand equipment.
Q:What is a pedal loom?
According to the historical records contained in the history books, the number of fabrics donated between the princes of the Warring States Period was higher than that of the spring and autumn. In recent years, the figures of the Han Dynasty, such as the Han Dynasty stone carvings, Appear dating back to the Warring States period
Q:Who invented Jenny spinning machine?
Things start from the day of 1764. England Lancashire has a textile worker James Hargreaves, that night he went home, opened the door after accidentally kicked his wife is using the spinning machine, when his first reaction is to hurry Spinning machine righting. But when he bent down, but suddenly shocked, and he saw that the spinning was spinning the spinning machine is still turning, but the original sideways of the yarn now become upright.
Q:What is the structure and working principle of Jenny's spinning machine?
The hand cranker is connected to the shaft with a small runner through a rope, which is provided with N driven wheels connected to the spindle with a rope, which is also equipped with a spindle. Roving through the small car's platen, hook the spindle. Small car is a car can move on the slide before and after the car, with the upper and lower two pieces of pressure, pull up through the roving, put down after the cotton yarn can be suppressed.

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