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A454H Series Fly Frame are suitable for processing carded and combedcotton, man-made fibre and their blends up to 65mm, from drawn sliver intoroving of various counts and different twists, and supplied to spinning framefor yarn production.

Now there are two version in the series. i.e. A454EH and A454GH. ModelA454EH is suitable for processing the staple length below 51mm. and ModelA454GH is suitable up to 65 mm.

A454H Series Fly Frame is a upgrade version which based on the A454 Serieswith inverter.


·With its advanced design and facile adjusting speed.

·With soft start for improving the roving tension and the rovingunevenness.

·Lessen the power consumption and the service time of the motor can beprolonged.

·With convenient monitor.

·The reliability of the machine can be greatly improved.

·The device can besimply erected and reliable running so the labor intensity of the operators canbe greatly reduced

Main Specifications

·Model               A454EH         A454GH

·Spindle gauge (mm)                  180

·No. of spindles              60,104, 108      120, 128,132

·Full package (mm)              Ø128×320

·Adaptable counts (Tex)           1000~286 (Nm 1~3.5)

·Drafting range (times)              5~12

·Twist range (T/M)                18~70

·Drafting System      3 rollers with double short aprons  3 rollers withlong bottom apron

·rollers diameter (mm)            Ø 28, Ø25, Ø28

·Centre distance between rollers(mm) Front Zone 49~70 Rear Zone 50~80 Front Zone 47~80Rear Zone 50~90

·Spindle speed (rpm)           530~900         480~900

·Adaptable staple length (mm)      22~38 (51 At option)    22~65 (51 At option)

·Creel                      Gantry creel with guide rollers

·Main motor power (KW)                4.7

·Machine hands                  Left or Right

·Floor space (L×W) (mm) 6729.5×3565.5 (60s) 10689.5×3565.5 (104s) 11049.5×3565.5 (60s)


1. High Speed

The closed type high speed flyer is equipped. The timing belts are adopted for the driving of  flyer.

2. High efficiency and Simple operation

All process data is stored and can be recalled up at any time. Except the drafting change gears, all of other change gears are eliminated. The technological parameters are input directly on the touch screen.

3. Technical

the latest generation cone drumless version which is development on the base of FA series with the microcomputer control. PLC, servo control and the regulating speed by inverter.

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Q:What is the historical background of the mechanization of the British cotton textile industry?
Capital: overseas plunder and trade accumulated a lot of capital;
Q:When the textile industry, as well as the history of the textile industry development?
Ancient countries in the world for the textile fibers are natural fibers, usually wool, linen, cotton) three short fibers, such as the Mediterranean region before the textile fiber is only wool and linen; India Peninsula region before the use of cotton
Q:How to promote the textile machinery industry transformation and upgrading?
From low production efficiency to high production efficiency, from the provision of product functionality
Q:What are the main producing areas of Chinese textile machinery?
Qingdao Spark Textile Machinery Group and Dongjia Textile Machinery Group is the national textile industry key enterprises. Spark Group has become the nation's most complete varieties, the largest production of shuttleless loom production enterprises, in 2001 in the national textile machinery enterprises profits, profits and taxes, sales income of the three indicators ranked No. 6, No. 3 and No. 2 ; Dongjia Group ranked No. 28, No. 23 and No. 13 respectively. The town of textile machinery production enterprises a total of 5,000 major production equipment (sets), 374 imported equipment, which has the international advanced level of CNC machining center 100 (sets)
Q:What is the second-hand textile machinery import clearance process?
First determine the customs code (HS) of the equipment to confirm whether to allow imports, whether it relates to imported electromechanical
Q:Why the first industrial revolution in the cotton textile industry innovation will cause the British national yarn shortage?
The emergence of a large number of free labor force has contributed to the rapid development of the British factory art industry at that time. At the same time, because the textile industry itself has less investment, quick, high profit characteristics, so it became the backbone of the workshop industry. In this way, the first industrial revolution of the situation will be the first in the textile industry in the rise of handicrafts
Q:What are the mechanical characteristics of textile machinery?
High efficiency, high efficiency, provincial maintenance; standardization, serialization, generalization; low energy consumption, low noise, low pollution, is the characteristics and direction of modern textile machinery.
Q:What modern textile machinery?
Manufacturing the entire textile machinery plant dedicated equipment accounted for the proportion of the whole plant equipment, so under certain conditions can change the variety of production of other machinery.
Q:What are the classification of textile machinery?
1. Spinning down
Q:How does the mechanical wave generated in the spinning process work?
Mechanical waves meet, you can cross each other, do not interfere with each other

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