JWG1728 Type Rapier Weaving Machine

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Based on the ten years' developing and manufacturing experience on theweaving machines in Jingwei Textile Machinery Co.Ltd., they developed thenewest high speed rapier weaving machine type JWG1728 which has the multitudepatents. The first-class R&D technicians constructed the core of loom andthe high manufacture capability ensured its higher quality. The simple andreliable rapier weaving machine solves lots of the problems in technical areaof the controlling, manufacturlng and
weaving method, decreased the power consumption and costs of the machinerunning and maintenance effectively. The figuration design combines well withthe metal shield, and has the simple installation and nice looking. Thereliability, stability, flexibiIity and applicability for JWG1728 RapierWeaving Machine ensure the high quality of your fabric.

Structure Characteristics


1. Firmed Frame

  JWG1728 seriesrapier weaving machine is selected the chamber frame which is connected withfour firmed beamsThe better rigidity and less vibration of tructureensure its superexcellent stability so that it is suitable for weaving thesuper-heavy fabric.

2. Strong Beating Force
     The optimal curve of beating cam, stronger rocket shaft, solid slay andslay bracket ensure the strong beating force for weaving all kinds of fabric

3. Optimal Movement of Gripper
     JWG1728 series rapier weaving machine is designed elaborately and it adoptsthe separate main driving technique, weft inserting motion with spatialconnection rod and minimal idle stroke design, which optimize the accelerationfor weft inserting, lower the vibration for weft tension. it is suitable forthe weft inserting with high speed and increase the production efficiency. Thenipper guiding device without the guiding hook on JWG1728 rapier weavingmachiRe, it avoids the effluence of guiding hook
on the warps and increases the quality of fabric having special requirements onwarps. The weft inserting motions with single or double floating guiding hooksare also available, which can separate the rapier from warps and aresuitable for the high Speed weaving Of most fabric.

4. Electronicl Let-Off and Take-Up Motions
     The electronic let-off and take-up systems were driven by the separateservo motors and been synchronous by the encoder. The sensitive tension sensorcontrols the warps tension and ensures the weaving motion with constanttension. There are the programs for preventing start-marks function, which canreduce the start-marks effectively and improve the fabric quality.

5. Lubrication System
     The main driving system adopts the circulation lubrication system which isdriven by an individual motor. The finer filter ensures cleanness of thelubrication oil.The whole lubrication system is monitored by an electriccontrol system, thus makes the maintenance be convenient and the ope ration bereliable.

6. Separate Selvage Weaving System
     Selected the separate selvage weaving system, reduced the shed formationfor waste selvage two pieces, thus makes the adjustment be convenlent andprolong the service life.

7. Low Speed Motion
     The low speed motion can be used to control the running angle of loomduring adjusting and normal running periods, thus makes the operation be easyand reliable, increases the production efficiency and decreases the faults onfabric.

8. Reliable Conmputer Control
     The JWG1728 is selected the reliable A.C.serve motor fordriving the electronic let-off and take-up motion, thetension sensor for measuring the warps tension, and the CPU for running all themotions integrally and harmoniously. It has the auto-analysis and alarmfunctions for kinds of troubles, thus makes the operation be convenient andhumanity.

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Q:Textile machinery industry how to have prospects?
As of the end of 2010, the industry total assets reached 77.613 billion yuan, an increase of 27.78%; industry sales revenue 815.65 billion yuan, an increase of 42.13%. Overall, after experiencing the decline in industry growth in 2008, the industry scale expansion rate significantly accelerated, the overall development trend is good
Q:What is the textile process?
, clear cotton process: to remove most of the raw cotton impurities, defects and not spinning short fiber.
Q:What are the related fields of textile engineering?
With the basic skills of textile design and textile process design;
Q:What is the history of the development of textile machinery?
785 British E. Cartwright (also translated Edmund Carter Wright) invented the power loom, the same year the United Kingdom built the world's first steam-powered cotton textile mill, the textile industry from the workshop to the large industrial industry A turning point in the production transition. The progress of human society and the increase of population have promoted the development of textile industry and promoted the improvement of textile machinery accordingly. Energy reform (with steam instead of manpower, animal power) is laid the foundation of modern textile machinery.
Q:What is the cashmere dyeing process?
The raw material cost is mainly composed of two parts: raw material cost and processing cost. In order to reduce the product cost, the raw material is the first choice.
Q:What are the main producing areas of Chinese textile machinery?
Wangtai Town, a total of 175 textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, the annual production capacity of 70,000 Taiwan (sets); textile weaving enterprises 3, the annual weaving capacity of 100 million yards, 23 industrial enterprises above designated size.
Q:Who invented Jenny spinning machine?
He suddenly thought: if a few spindles are arranged vertically, with a spinning wheel driven, not all of a sudden spinning more yarn it? Hargreaves was very excited and tried to do it right away. In the following year he made a new spinning machine with eight spinning spindles with a spinning wheel, and the effect was eight times higher. 1764 made to his daughter Jenny named spinning machine. This is the first multi-spindle hand spinning machine, equipped with eight spindles, with a roller feed fiber strip, suitable for cotton, wool, hemp fiber spinning. The emergence of Jenny's spinning machine caused a lot of hand-spinning spurs at the time, and they rushed into the home of Hargreaves to destroy the machine.
Q:The state of the textile industry machinery revitalization, expanding domestic demand, the specific policy is what?
2008-2010, with the rapid development of the world and China's textile industry, the demand for textile machinery more and more, China's textile industry development is facing a good opportunity. It is expected that by 2010, by the promotion of textile machinery, China's textile machinery industry, the new product output value will be increased from 25% in 2005 to 50%
Q:What are the high efficiency of the spinning machine and the Jenny spinning machine of the invention?
The earliest use of hydraulic spinning machine is horsepower driven, and later cited hydraulic. The use of hydraulically operated machines is of great importance in the history of the textile industry, where textile workers can operate the machine at hand, but once the power is used, the worker can not leave the power source, As the beginning of the factory system. The first batch of factories in history was established to make textiles. In 1779, S. Crompton, in conjunction with the advantages of the Jenny spinning machine and the hydro spinning machine, developed a spinning mule that spun out fine and strong spun yarns,
Q:Textile machinery production process is probably what kind of?
And then the processing of a good machine frame is the initial installation of the wall after the installation (here first to do the foundation).

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