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Usingpolyamide fibre,polyester filament fibre,cotton yarn and fine fibre forknitting one-sided terry fabric.


  Using polyamide fibrepolyester filament fibrecotton yarnand fine fibre for knitting one-sided terry fabric and double-sided terryfabric such as towelbath towelbathrobetowel quiltdish toweletcIn case of shearing and raising the long loopit can also bemade into cotton blanket etcDue to being fasted With the
stitch of base cloth
the terry is flat and smoothand hardlycomes out of base cloth

Technical date sheet







Compound needle

Working Width





Knitting Speed(MAX.)

750rpm(136”)       750rpm(136”)

1300rpm(186”)   1300rpm(186”Chemical  fibre)

Height of Terry



2mm or 3mm

Number of Guide Bars

4 guide bars(2 ground bars,2 terry bars)

3 guide bars &1sinker bar


The shog are under control of 6 tracks of pattern  wheel.Fixed with a conversion device between terry loop and plain stitch.

With an additional device,it can knit double  terry fabric.

Density Range



Main motor):5.5KW(136”);  9KW(186”)

Inching motor):0.75KW

Batching motor):1.5KW


φ535mmX535mm(φ21”X21”) orφ762mm X535mm(φ30”X21”)



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Q:What is the historical background of the mechanization of the British cotton textile industry?
Market: Britain's overseas colonial activities have expanded the overseas colonial market, enclosure movement has expanded the domestic market;
Q:When did Chinese ancient textile technology come from? Why does Europe call China "silk country"?
Silk Road South Silk Road, Cyrus is the "silk country". Ancient Greek and Roman called China for Cyrus, Cyrus used silk weaving silk, then from the plant, and his legal system also. The law is as follows: its state insects, the Greeks called the race (SER).
Q:What is the current status of the textile industry?
From the international environment, the international market is still a large expansion of space and opportunities. With the end of 2007, China and the EU textile limit expires, the end of 2008 the end of the Sino-US textile quota limit, the Chinese textile quota era is approaching, accounting for more than 60% of the global textile market share area is fully open, will bring to China's textile trade Great opportunity. And the next few years the world economy will remain in the rising range, will promote the growth of international trade, which will give China's textile and garment exports to bring favorable international market protection.
Q:What are the main producing areas of Chinese textile machinery?
While the southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang, mainly textile mills more, but there are many textile machinery manufacturers
Q:What is the history of the development of textile machinery?
Human beings originally used natural fibers as raw materials for spinning and weaving, earlier than the invention of the text (see World Textile History, China Textile History).
Q:What modern textile machinery?
Manufacturing special spare parts factory-specific equipment, a large proportion of dedicated lines (especially knitting needles, clothing), change the species more difficult.
Q:What are the classification of textile machinery?
3. Hydraulic large spinning wheel
Q:What are the related fields of textile engineering?
Business training objectives: The professional training with textile engineering knowledge and ability, in the textile enterprises, scientific research, teaching and other departments engaged in textile design and development, textile design, textile production quality control, production and technological transformation and the initial management and management capacity Senior engineering and technical personnel.
Q:What are the risks of safety accidents in the textile machinery industry?
Textile machinery industry is the light industry, mainly to master with high-speed rotating machine production
Q:What is the structure and working principle of Jenny's spinning machine?
Spinning a hand when a small section of cotton yarn hook on the hook on the spindle, and then pull a sliver and cotton yarn caught, twisted in the hands. So that this piece of cotton bar was hooked with the handle fixed. This is called on both sides of the spinning grip, hand cranks on the small wheel to drive the spindle on the rotation called twisting.

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