Solar Panel | Full Certified !!!

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4000 watt/month

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Poly-crystalline Solar Panel TSP255 
Created by 60 cells 
Module efficiency above 15%.

Quality and Safety

1. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards.

2. High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.

3. Using UV-resistant silicon.

4. IS09001/14001/CE/TUV/UL  


Technical date :


Poly 156*156 cell ,60pcs . Power range from 230Wp-260Wp

Maximum Power(W)








Optimum Power Voltage(Vmp)








Optimum Operatige Current(Imp)








Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)








Short Circuit Current(Isc)








Solar Cell:

156*156 Poly

Number of Cell(pcs)


Brand Name of Solar Cells

JA Cell, Bluesun Cell

Size of Module(mm)


Cable & Connector Type

Pass the TUV Certificate

Frame(Material Corners,etc.)


Back sheet


Weight Per Piece(KG)


FF (%)


Junction Box Type

Pass the TUV Certificate

Tolerance Wattage(e.g.+/-5%)

±3%, or 0-3%

Front Glass Thickness(mm)


Temperature Coefficients of Isc(%)


Temperature Coefficients of Voc(%)


Temperature Coefficients of Pm(%)


Temperature Coefficients of Im(%)


Temperature Coefficients of Vm(%)


Temperature Range

 -40°C to +85°C

Surface Maximum Load Capacity


Allowable Hail Load

23m/s ,7.53g

Bypass Diode Rating(A)



90% of 10 years, 80% of 25 years.

Standard Test Conditions

AM1.5   1000W/ 25 +/-2°C


 carton or pallet


14 Pallets / 316pcs


25 Pallets / 700pcs

Solar Panel | Full Certified !!!

Solar Panel | Full Certified !!!

Solar Panel | Full Certified !!!

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