self-lubricated sliding bearing with high quality

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self-lubricated sliding bearing
1, low wear, low friction , with long life
2,low vibration, low noise and non-pollution

self-lubricated sliding bearing



1.PTFE with fibre 0.01~0.03mm 

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm 

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm 

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm



Load capacity                 140N/mm2 

Temperature                  -195°C ~ +280°C 

Speed limit                     5m/s 

Friction coef(u)               0.04~0.20 

PV Limit(Dry)                  3.6N/mm2 .m/s 



1.PTFE and fibre can protect the shaft while in operation. 

2.It is suitable for the machine required harmless to people because 

of Lead-free. 

3.Goodload capacity and anti-wear. 

4.Bronze and steel have good thermal conductivity. 

5.Anti-corrosion because of surface plating. 

6.It is widely used in general machines,and suitable for food machine,pharmaceutical 

machine,tobacco machine etc.It will subsitute SF-1 series bushings in future because of environment protection. 


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Q:What are plain bearings, roller bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings?
A rolling bearing (ROLLINGBEARING) is a precision mechanical element that reduces the friction loss between a running shaft and an axle seat to a rolling friction. Generally, the rolling bearings consist of the outer ring, inner ring, roller and cage. A type of bearing in which the journal rotates in a circular contact with a number of rollers usually mounted on the locating ring.
Q:What is the speed of plain bearings?
The position of the oil free bushing is generally used for more accurate straight-line slip. But the rotation still gives priority to bearings. Or simply use linear bearings.
Q:Are plain bearings grease lubricated?
There are many kinds of sliding bearings, from lubrication methods can be divided into two types of hydrostatic lubrication and dynamic lubrication.Hydrostatic lubrication is to rely on lubrication is the system's oil pump pressure, so that the oil into the lubrication point. Due to the external pressure by the formation of oil wedge, oil film thickness, thus can produce or avoid starting impact of dry friction, wear a small (friction coefficient is 0.001), compared with the dynamic pressure bearing, can use slightly low viscosity lubricating oil.Dynamic pressure bearing is the rotation of the shaft, the use of lubricating oil to produce oil wedge force, the formation of fluid mechanics, dynamic oil film.
Q:Sliding bearings relative clearance 0.001 what?
Accuracy should be up to 0.001 of the standard
Q:The sliding bearing consists of several parts. What are the parts?
I understand that the so-called slip is the relative motion of the two contact surfaces. The contact surface can be flat, spherical, or otherwise.
Q:Failure forms of plain bearings, failure forms of plain bearings
3., stick (glue): temperature rise + pressure + oil film rupture welding;4. fatigue spalling: load repeated action fatigue crack expansion crack;
Q:Material and allowable line speed of plain bearings?
Bushings in oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication, large load, and load hours allowed line speed is not the same. As the first floor said, the design of such bearings, not only depends on the V value (line speed), but also depends on the P value (load), and the PV value. Generally, the wire speed of copper alloy is about 0.5M/S.
Q:Why sliding bearings are divided into bearing housings and bushes, and sometimes on the bearing shell with a layer of bearing liner
this layer is self lubricating layer, play the role of lubrication, so can often be used Rongchang sliding bearing, which is based on the Rongchang high strength copper alloy (CuZn25Al5, CuZn24Al6Fe3Mn4) as the basic material, according to the use conditions according to a certain proportion in the work surface processing hole and fill in the solid lubricant, copper alloy high strength provides high bearing capacity and solid lubricant can form low friction.
Q:What are the bearing capacity of the bearings when they are discharged at the end?
This problem is very complex, you can refer to the sliding bearing monographs, there are detailed analysis, but also a simplified algorithm
Q:What are the lubrication methods of plain bearings?
(3) solid lubricant. Commonly used solid lubricants are graphite, molybdenum sulfide, Teflon and so on. Usually, the solid lubricant is balanced and lubricated, and the 1. is made by the state, and it is also treated by grinding, sintering, pouring and pulling the friction table. The di green will be molded into the bearing and used in the bearing. Chongqing automotive parts mentioned that solid lubricants can form a solid film on a friction table to reduce frictional resistance. They are usually used in situations where special applications such as vacuum, high temperature, etc. are applied.

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