slide bearing absorber bushing plain bearing

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plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing
1.Good load capacity and anti-wear.
2.Widely used in the Lead-free field.


Plain bearing, slide bearing, absorber bushing


We CHANGSHEG BEARING is a direct manufacturer specialized in producing bushings with more than 10 years . We believe that we can provide you the best products and services!


du bush, pump bush, shock absorber bushings


PV limitDry3.6N/mm2.m/s
Friction Coeff.0.03~0.20μ
Speed limitDry2m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per°C

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Q:Are plain bearings grease lubricated?
Most of the general sliding bearing lubricated by lubricating oil, but the type of bearing and bearing seal in the open part, but also the use of sliding grease, most general rolling bearing grease, but when the speed is higher than 4 5m/s, or low temperature to increase the resistance and grease should not be too large, or need a large number of the whole unit and heat or liquid systems together, also need lubricating oil.
Q:What kinds of checks should be carried out for the design of non full liquid friction sliding bearings? Explain why, what does the PV value mean?
therefore recommended design make use of safe PV low value, to ensure that the bearing will have longer service life;
Q:What is the relationship between plain bearings, bearings and axle diameters?
The bush or the bearing are all objects, and the axle diameter is a concept of distance
Q:National standard for plain bearings
Multilayer metal bearing materials bearing sliding bearing test of 24 GB/T23894-2009 copper alloy inlaid solid lubrication bearing 25 GB/T23892.2-2009 sliding bearings under steady-state conditions of fluid dynamic pressure of tilting pad thrust bearings - Part second: tilting pad thrust bearing fluid check calculation function 26 GB/T23892.1-2009 sliding bearings under steady-state conditions of dynamic pressure of tilting pad thrust bearings - Part first: tilting pad thrust the bearing calculation of 27 GB/T2 3892.3-2009 sliding bearings under steady-state conditions of fluid dynamic pressure of tilting pad thrust bearings - Part third: Calculation of tilting pad thrust bearings allowableness fluid 28 GB/T23891.1-2009 sliding bearings under steady-state conditions of dynamic pressure thrust bearing thrust bearing part first: computational fluid 29 GB/ T23891.2-2009 sliding bearings under steady-state conditions of dynamic pressure thrust the second part: bearing thrust bearing calculation function 30 GB/T23891.
Q:Can the sliding bearings move in axial direction?
Sliding bearings can not achieve axial and circumferential movement?
Q:Bearing bearing belongs to what type of
The bearing of an internal combustion engine is a sliding component in the sliding bearing of an internal combustion engine. The shape of the Bush is a semicircle cylinder shaped like a tile, called a bush. Because of the heavy weight of the internal combustion engine shaft, the needle roller (bead) bearings can not be used, but only sliding bearings can be used.When the sliding bearing is working, a thin oil film is required between the Bush and the rotating shaft to lubricate the sliding bearing. If due to bad lubrication, there is direct friction between bearing and shaft friction will produce high temperature, while the bearing is due to the special high temperature resistant alloy material, but high temperature direct friction on the burn is still.
Q:In power plants, are the bearings used in turbines rolling or plain bearings?
Because of the high speed of the turbine, it is usually a sliding bearing. Rolling bearings are used only for low speed generators.
Q:Is the ultra high speed spindle suitable for sliding bearings?
The answer is yes. According to the different lubrication principle, the sliding bearing is divided into oilless lubrication bearing, powder metallurgy oil bearing, dynamic pressure bearing and hydrostatic bearing. Over the years, more and more bearings are used in the high-speed spindle system at home and abroad, mainly magnetic suspension bearings, hybrid bearings and hybrid ceramic bearings. Bearing is a comprehensive dynamic model of multi oil based oil film bearing pressure bearing and hydrostatic bearing has the advantages of high speed, avoid bearing serious heat and oil supply system is large and complex, to overcome the possible dynamic pressure start stop of dry friction and weakness, good performance and high speed, wide speed range is suitable for high power, rough machining, and is suitable for high speed finishing.
Q:How to distinguish sliding bearings and rolling bearings?
Rolling bearings are relatively moving parts with rolling bodies for rolling bearings. Rolling bearings are generally made up of outer rings, inner rings, rollers, and cagesPlain bearings are bearings that work under sliding friction. In liquid lubrication, the sliding surfaces are separated by lubricant without direct contact
Q:What are the main structures of radial plain bearings? What are their respective features?
The integral type bearing has simple structureThe mounting surface of the flange type bearing is perpendicular to the central line of the bearing

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