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TIANHE 2 23944-2CS sealed roller bearing are fitted with a large number of long symmetrical large-diameter rollers, capable of withstanding very heavy loads. Special structures of raceway surface as well as the best quality ensure spherical roller bearings the lowest friction including C and CA-bearing.

Compared with conventional spherical roller bearings, tianhe bearings run cooler. They are able to withstand heavier axial loads, or up to a higher speed.


23944-2CS sealed roller bearing Specification



PV limitOil50N/mm2.m/s


Friction Coeff.0.030.20μ
Speep limitOil5m/s
Thermal conductivity2.41Kcal/
Coeff. Of linear expansion27×10-6per 


Q:What's my consideration when I choose a bearing?

 A:- The type and size of bearing you need.

     - The quality or application you prefer.


Q: What's TIANHE bearing's advantage.

A: - Substantial inventory, unified quality control,save much cost and time for customers.


Q: What's your guarantee on quality problem?

A: - Free to change in 2 month and in your next order,10% value of order can be paid after receiving goods and checking out no quality issues.


Q: Can I be a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Of course you can.


Q:What are the benefits of being a TIANHE distributor?

A:-Special Discount

   -Marketing Protection

   -Priority Delivery than other orders.

   -Point to point technical supports and after sales services.


Q:How can I become a distributor of TIANHE?

A: Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.

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Packaging Details:in cartons or as per customer's requirements
Delivery Detail:25-30 days after getting the deposit


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Q:Which foreign brands are good for self lubricating sliding bearings?
Brand NSK, SKF, IGUS, OILERs, Canada, THORDON, USA, DRIE, etc.;Should say each has advantages, brand big words, the product is relatively expensive, product series of all words, not all kinds of products are fine;Like NSK and SKF, they now have self lubrication, but this is not their flagship product;
Q:What's the difference between rolling and plain bearings?
The difference between sliding and rolling bearings is that the former journal and bearing surface work to form sliding friction, while the latter mainly form rolling friction.
Q:What are the common sliding bearing bushing materials? What are the characteristics of each?
3) oily bearing: generally use bronze, cast iron powder, the amount of graphite pressing forming, sintered by high temperature porous material. It is often used in low or medium speed, light load and inconvenient lubrication.4) Niron. Commonly used nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 1010, nylon bearings with running and good, the debris after the soft surface does not hurt the shaft neck, corrosion resistance and other advantages, poor thermal conductivity, water will swell.
Q:Is the ultra high speed spindle suitable for sliding bearings?
The answer is yes. According to the different lubrication principle, the sliding bearing is divided into oilless lubrication bearing, powder metallurgy oil bearing, dynamic pressure bearing and hydrostatic bearing. Over the years, more and more bearings are used in the high-speed spindle system at home and abroad, mainly magnetic suspension bearings, hybrid bearings and hybrid ceramic bearings. Bearing is a comprehensive dynamic model of multi oil based oil film bearing pressure bearing and hydrostatic bearing has the advantages of high speed, avoid bearing serious heat and oil supply system is large and complex, to overcome the possible dynamic pressure start stop of dry friction and weakness, good performance and high speed, wide speed range is suitable for high power, rough machining, and is suitable for high speed finishing.
Q:The difference between rolling bearings and plain bearings in ball mill
As for the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of bearings, I only point to the key, because it involves two kinds of friction in physics, that is, sliding friction and rolling friction, you can find relevant information. From the viewpoint of technology of sliding bearing has a long history, the technology is mature, with a hemispherical bearing as an example, through the serpentine cooling pipe, mill shaft and tile surface by oil film forming lubricating grease lubrication, but relative to the rolling bearing, friction force is still large, directly affect the power consumption is large. On the contrary, one of the most interesting concerns about rolling friction is the heat dissipation of the hollow shaft. Of course, there is a great deal of inconvenience in the processing of rolling bearings as well as the maintenance of the bearings. All right, the bricks are going so far. Jade is waiting for you to come out. (inadequacies, please advise)
Q:Which one is good for sliding bearings?
Huanyu Bearing Co., Ltd. is the leading industry leader in the bearing industry. Professional production of various kinds of ball mill sliding shoe bearing and motor cover type spherical bearing with DQ series end, Z, ZQ, ZQK, ZQFY, ZWF, ZWFH series of spherical bearing seat type,
Q:Now the self-lubricating sliding bearings can withstand the high speed, and if the speed is 30000 rpm, what kind of sliding bearings are chosen?
Price a penny, goods, good price more expensive, Germany's good
Q:How are sliding bearings and rolling bearings assembled?
First of all, rolling bearings are easy to slideRolling into the general bearing position to be in place.Large equipment, plain bearings, very precise. First painted look and the axis of the contact pressure is required to do according to the clearance bearing and shaft in general adjustment times.If you haven't done it, you'd better ask someone to do it. If your head once afraid not this kind of equipment is very expensive. The motor and the machine are to be connected by meter.Bearings are now generally not adjusted by scraping pads.
Q:What are the differences between rolling bearings and plain bearings? What are their respective applications?
The second is the movement in different ways, the way of rolling motion the bearing is rolling motion; x0d sliding bearing is sliding, so the situation on the friction is not the same. The general mechanical equipment used in relatively small rolling bearing, high speed, such as motor x0d, Gear box, sliding bearing applications generally in low speed and heavy load conditions, or maintenance and operation of the site maintenance and lubricating oil is difficult, such as ship propulsion shaft x0d.x0d hope my answer to help you.
Q:What kind of lubrication is used for spindle bearings of important or precision machine tools?
Precision machine tools bear less load, grease selection is a secondary factor, but temperature rise is an important issue, must be strictly controlled. General precision machine tool spindle temperature rise at 10 degrees right. It has been reported that when the product of the bearing bore D (mm) and the spindle revolution n (R / min), such as 1 * 106, it can be lubricated with synthetic grease. At present, there are two main structural forms of spindle roller bearing for the coordinate boring machine at home and abroad, namely roller bearings and roller cone bearings, for 1. axis boring machines. Coordinate boring machine using roller bearings, such as T4240, T4163, etc., and the main shaft and the bearings are in interference fit. Therefore, the selection requirements of grease lubricated low viscosity base oil preparation, such as No. 2 low temperature grease, in order to ensure the spindle temperature rise is low; the rolling cone bearing coordinate boring machine, such as SIP 6A, SIP 8P, a DIXI 75, T4280A, T42100, T4263 and so on, all these boring machine spindle lubrication use grease lubrication.

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