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Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D)
1.steel backing,sintered porous bronze,PTFE layer
3.low wear


Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D) introduction:

1. Hydraulic special bearings is a new type op material, which in basis of SF-1P and designed in principles of oil and shock absorber. it become more wear-resisting under breaking off the lubricating oil .these products also particularly suitable for the frequent reciprocating motion besides having the advantages of SF-1P.

2. Its properties is similar to that of the foreign product designated as DP4,Currently the product gradually replace SF-1P,applying to auto shock absorber, hydraulic cylinders and other various fields.


Load capacity                                   120N/mm2

Max Speed                                       2m/s

Friction Coefficient                            0.04~0.20

PV Limit (dry)                                    3.6N/mm2 m/s

PV Limti (oil)                                     50N/mm2 m/s

Temperature Limit                             -195oC ~+270oC


Why use Cast brass Bearing?


long service life and maintenance-free

High load capacity

High wear resistence

low coefficients of friction

Good heat conductivity

High corrosion resistence



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Q:When calculating non liquid friction sliding bearings, what is the purpose of checking P, PV, v?
Check the average pressure of the bearing P is to ensure that the lubricant is not too large pressure extrusion.
Q:Which foreign brands are good for self lubricating sliding bearings?
Foreign brands but also so a few, Saint Gobain (France), SKF, Schaeffler (Germany), GGB and Federal- Mogul, Japan Oiles and Daido.
Q:In the design of imperfect liquid lubricated sliding bearings, what should be done to check the bearings?
therefore recommended design make use of safe PV low value, to ensure that the bearing will have longer service life;
Q:What are the ways to flush bearings?
2. shaft and bearing housings, holes and other parts of the cleaning, first with gasoline or kerosene cleaning, dry cloth clean, and then coated with a small amount of oil in order to install. These parts after cleaning, should pay attention to where the casting sand is to completely remove all burrs and sharp edges; bearing parts, must be removed, to avoid residual sand and metal debris when installed into the inner part of the bearing, affecting the quality of assembly. 1., attention to the internal, outer ring separable bearings, do not change the outer ring each other wrong, so as not to affect the quality of contact. On the ball and roller bearings, roller bearings shall be arbitrarily put out in the mix, so as not to affect the accuracy of the installation position. When installing the bearing, in order to easily observe the bearing code number, not to be wrong, the bearing rings should be typed outside and installed. The shell hole 2. bearing and bearing seat heating for a large amount of surplus and large bearing, in order to facilitate the installation, must be installed before heating; for light metal bearing shell hole tight fit (such as aluminum bearing), due to very low hardness, surface to prevent bearing outer ring press bearing shell hole the scratch and galling, should also be heating installation. Heating method, usually bearing or separate bearing ring into the tank with clean oil, so that oil flooded bearings, uniform heating. When the temperature reaches 80 - 90 degrees, remove the heat and install it while the heat is hot. The tank made available 2 3mm thick plate, from the bottom 50 70mm height with a porous plate, bearing in porous plate heating. The aim is to prevent the precipitation of impurities in the oil into the bearings. However, for both bearings with a dust cover or seal ring, the lubricant cannot be heated at the beginning of the installation because of the lubricant used in the manufacture.
Q:What material is suitable for sliding bearings?
3. low carbon steel provides good load-carrying and heat transfer action. 4. copper / tin electroplated coating 0.002mm makes it better corrosion resistance.
Q:What is the effect of clearance on sliding bearings?
Depending on the tolerance between the sleeve and the pin shaft with Jiashan lantalu Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd Sun Huaichen
Q:What kinds of plain bearings can be divided into?
Chongqing plain bearings indicate that sliding bearings can be classified into the following categories:(1) sliding bearings can be divided into non liquid lubricated bearings and full liquid lubricated bearings according to their different states of friction. Full liquid lubrication bearings are divided into dynamic pressure lubrication bearings and hydrostatic lubrication bearings. Liquid lubrication bearings are mostly used in engineering. There are many kinds of sliding bearings: integral type, split type, automatic centering type, etc.. As the sliding bearing itself has some unique advantages, it can be applied to some special occasions, such as high speed, heavy load and high precision.
Q:Is the ultra high speed spindle suitable for sliding bearings?
(1) types and characteristics of plain bearings1. the sliding bearings are divided according to the load:(1) radial sliding bearing (radial sliding bearing), mainly bearing radial load;(2) thrust bearings are mainly subjected to axial load2. sliding bearings are suitable for low speed, high precision, heavy load and structural requirements. They are also used in low speed and impact occasions3. center journal bearing(1) integral type and split fractionThe splitting is usually made up of bearing cap, bearing seat, bearing bush and connecting bolt(2) the Bush is the key part in the bearingBearing materials should have small coefficient of friction, good thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti scuffing ability, sufficient mechanical strength and plasticity(3) requirements for bearing materials: bearing alloy (Babbitt), bronze, bearing materials of special properties, etc.
Q:How many times does the clearance of the sliding bearing take the diameter of the axle?
The range of sliding bearing clearance according to the use of precision parts to determine,
Q:The difference between rolling bearings and plain bearings in ball mill
You should ask, why does the mill's bearings change from sliding to rolling?. The moment of technological upgrading in industry is the birth of new products. As you ask, when the ball mill starts to use the bearings is like asking when the bike starts to use chain drive. The design, I have not been able to know the mill but the historical setting, must have tried many times of failure, material, loading, production process, and ultimately determine the early embryonic development since the various types of mill.

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