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Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D)
1.steel backing,sintered porous bronze,PTFE layer
3.low wear


Hydraulic Cylinder bushing (SF-1D) introduction:

1. Hydraulic special bearings is a new type op material, which in basis of SF-1P and designed in principles of oil and shock absorber. it become more wear-resisting under breaking off the lubricating oil .these products also particularly suitable for the frequent reciprocating motion besides having the advantages of SF-1P.

2. Its properties is similar to that of the foreign product designated as DP4,Currently the product gradually replace SF-1P,applying to auto shock absorber, hydraulic cylinders and other various fields.


Load capacity                                   120N/mm2

Max Speed                                       2m/s

Friction Coefficient                            0.04~0.20

PV Limit (dry)                                    3.6N/mm2 m/s

PV Limti (oil)                                     50N/mm2 m/s

Temperature Limit                             -195oC ~+270oC


Why use Cast brass Bearing?


long service life and maintenance-free

High load capacity

High wear resistence

low coefficients of friction

Good heat conductivity

High corrosion resistence



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Q:What are the implications of limiting P and PV for non full liquid sliding bearings, please?
Design of non liquid friction sliding bearingMost of the actual bearing in mixed lubrication (boundary lubrication and liquid lubrication exist at the same time, the state) reliable working conditions is to maintain the boundary of oil film is not damaged, in order to reduce the heat and wear (calculated according to criterion), the mechanical strength and rupture of the boundary film temperature to determine the bearing capacity.
Q:Now the self-lubricating sliding bearings can withstand the high speed, and if the speed is 30000 rpm, what kind of sliding bearings are chosen?
Price a penny, goods, good price more expensive, Germany's good
Q:Plain bearings are linear bearings? Are they different?
Linear bearings are one of the rolling bearings, and the two are not the same concept at all.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of plain bearings relative to rolling bearings
I don't know much about sliding bearings, but according to my understanding of a little volume is divided into several aspects: sliding bearing roller bearing, can be very thin, thinner than the needle bearing speed, noise, life and other properties: sliding bearing ratio of rolling bearing, sliding friction to rolling friction than for small, energy relatively small losses. Therefore, whether in noise or at the highest speed, the rolling bearing is superior, and the friction is relatively small, and the life is relatively long.
Q:What are the structural and functional differences between thrust bearings and radial bearings and conventional ball bearings and plain bearings?
First of all, there is a classification error in the question you ask. The thrust bearings and radial bearings are separated according to the direction of the bearing force of the shaft. The ball bearings and the sliding bearings are separated according to the bearing structure,
Q:Who knows the specifications of sliding bearings?
See how large your specifications, linear sliding bearing IKO is better, there are standard products. You will see the thickness of the shaft, can contact our company 51105080-103, Shanghai sidaquan Bearing Co. Ltd.
Q:Why does the internal combustion engine crankshaft adopt sliding bearings,
The reason is very simple, in general requirements under the condition of rolling bearing performance than the sliding bearing a lot of excellent, so generally use rolling bearing, why crankshaft sliding bearing, the rolling bearing is forced, because there is no way to go above can be mounted to the crankshaft, the crankshaft is curved to bend to. The rolling bearing is impossible to install crankshaft inside the spindle neck, unless it is a single cylinder crankshaft. If you want to install the crankshaft rolling bearing must be decomposed, become assembled crankshaft can be assembled by a rolling bearing, but generally can only be used on a single cylinder engine crankshaft, such as motorcycle crankshaft, rolling bearing is used, then V type double cylinder cylinder can also be used for rolling bearings, twin cylinder in-line with rolling bearing assembly of the crankshaft, which is generally small gasoline engine for motorcycles. But the car is generally at least 3 cylinder, 4 cylinder common assembled crankshaft will do, can not guarantee the accuracy and performance of the crankshaft, can only do the crankshaft, then rolling bearing will not be installed, can only be installed because of sliding bearing, sliding bearing can be split, very easy to install on the crankshaft.Finally, if appropriate lubrication, the performance of sliding bearing is rolling bearing can not be compared in many aspects, such as the crankshaft in this place, good design would cause to become dynamic pressure bearing sliding bearing. High efficiency and high speed and high carrying capacity will be achieved. In other words, high speed crankshaft is better than sliding bearing in performance.
Q:Who says that the sliding bearing motor is better than the ball bearing motor?
The rolling ball bearing is the ball, roller bearings should be cylindrical roller bearing, rolling body inside the cylinder, a bearing point contact, less friction, high working speed limit, but the bearing capacity is small, suitable for high speed and light load.
Q:How are sliding bearings and rolling bearings assembled?
First of all, rolling bearings are easy to slideRolling into the general bearing position to be in place.Large equipment, plain bearings, very precise. First painted look and the axis of the contact pressure is required to do according to the clearance bearing and shaft in general adjustment times.If you haven't done it, you'd better ask someone to do it. If your head once afraid not this kind of equipment is very expensive. The motor and the machine are to be connected by meter.Bearings are now generally not adjusted by scraping pads.
Q:How is the oil groove of the plain bearing processed?
1, with the processing of internal thread processing. 2. Pull out with a broach. 3. Pull out with special machine tools.

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