Bearing Bearings 7017 Angular contact ball bearings 7017 Angular contact ball bearing

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Angular contact ball bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time and also can bear pure axial load. Their ability of axial load is determined by contact angle and is increased with contact angle increasing; speed limit is higher; stiffness is big and can be pre-adjusted. They are applicable to high-speed and high-precision site.

Product application:

- spindle and other high speed precision mechanical spindle

- aircraft engine spindle

- high frequency motor

- printing machinery

- air compressor 

- gas turbine 

- jet engines 

- turbines


 Design ations  Principal dimensions (mm)  〆15º〆25º
Limit speedLimit   speed
dDBBasic   load rating LubricationRated   loadLubrication
Cr   CorGrease   Oil Cr       CorGrease    Oil
70 Series single angular contact ball bearings
70031735106.7   4.944000   66000 6.4          4.739000   59000
70042042129.6   6.337000   55000  9.2              6.033000   49000
700525471212.9   8.733000   4900012.329000   44000
700630551315.7   11.627000   4200014.9      10.923000   37000
700735621419.3   17.519000   3300010.4      10.319000   33000
700840681519.9   19.118000   3100018.9      18.216000   27000
700945751626.7   25.316000   2700025.4      24.115000   25000
701050801627.6   27.515000   2500026.2      26.214000   23000
701155901836.7   37.113000   2100034.8      35.312000   19000
701260951837.8 13000   2100035.8       38.0   11000   18000
7013651001838.9    42.912000   1900036.8      40.710000   17000
7014701102049.9    55.511000   1800047.2      52.79000     16000
7015751152051.3    59.210000   1700048.5      56.28500     15000
7016801252261.6    70.49000    1600058.3      66.98000     14000
7017851302263.6 8500    1500059.9      71.37500     13000
7018901402466.9 8000    1400063.2      79.77000     12000
7019951452479.1    97.67500    1300074.86500     11000
70201001502481.2   103.37000    1200076.7  6000     10000
70211051602693.9    118.26500    1100088.86000     10000
702211017028110.4   139.86000    10000104.4    132.85700     9000
702412018028112.7   148.76000    10000106.3    141.15700     9000
702613020033144.8   190.85700     9000136.8    181.05000     8000
702814021033148.7   202.65000     8000140.4     192.24600     7500
703015022535168.4   232.54600     7500159.1     220.64000     6500
703216024038189.1   264.54000     6500178.6    251.03800     6000
703417026042205.6   299.33800     6000194.2    284.03300     5300
703618028046229.5   352.13500     5700216.8     334.13000     5000

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Q:What are the main structures of radial sliding bearings?
The integral type bearing has simple structureThe mounting surface of the flange type bearing is perpendicular to the central line of the bearing
Q:What kind of lubrication is used for spindle bearings of important or precision machine tools?
Precision machine tools bear less load, grease selection is a secondary factor, but temperature rise is an important issue, must be strictly controlled. General precision machine tool spindle temperature rise at 10 degrees right. It has been reported that when the product of the bearing bore D (mm) and the spindle revolution n (R / min), such as 1 * 106, it can be lubricated with synthetic grease. At present, there are two main structural forms of spindle roller bearing for the coordinate boring machine at home and abroad, namely roller bearings and roller cone bearings, for 1. axis boring machines. Coordinate boring machine using roller bearings, such as T4240, T4163, etc., and the main shaft and the bearings are in interference fit. Therefore, the selection requirements of grease lubricated low viscosity base oil preparation, such as No. 2 low temperature grease, in order to ensure the spindle temperature rise is low; the rolling cone bearing coordinate boring machine, such as SIP 6A, SIP 8P, a DIXI 75, T4280A, T42100, T4263 and so on, all these boring machine spindle lubrication use grease lubrication.
Q:When the sliding bearing works, does the Bush not rotate and the journal rotates?
Generally, the Bush and the bearing seat are relatively fixed, and the shaft rotates; also, the shaft is fixed and the Bush rotates.In fact, it is essentially the same, that is, that one component rotates relative to the other.
Q:What are the causes and purposes of thermal balance calculation in the design of plain bearings?
Reason: when the sliding bearing works, the friction power will change into heat, so that the temperature of the lubricating oil will rise.
Q:How does a sliding bearing work?
High speed rotating, in the sliding bearing surface, if the lubrication film can be formed to separate the surface of the moving pair,
Q:Explanation of sliding bearing code: 6309-2z/p5
(2) prefix codeThe bearing prefix is used to represent the bearing parts and is represented by letters. For example, separable rings for separable bearings are represented by L; the K represents the rolling element of the bearing and the cage assembly.(3) post codeThe rear code of the bearing is used to indicate the structure, tolerances and special requirements of materials, such as letters and numbers. There are many contents of the post code name. Here are some commonly used code names.1) the internal structural code is the different internal structure of the same type of bearing, followed by the basic code. Such as: contact angle of 15 degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees of angular contact ball bearings, respectively, with C, AC and B that {HotTag} internal structure of the difference.2) bearing tolerance grade is divided into 2 levels, 4, 5, 6, 6X and 0, a total of 6 levels, followed by advanced to low-level, its code names are /PZ, /P4, /PS, /P6, /P6X and /PO. Tolerance class, 6X class applies only to tapered roller bearings; 0 is an ordinary class, in the wheel bearing code is not marked..3) bearing radial clearance series commonly divided into 1 groups, 2 group, 0 group, 3 group, 4 group and 5 group, a total of 6 groups, sequentially larger radial clearance. O group clearance is a common clearance group, in the bearing code is not marked, and the rest of the clearance group in the bearing code respectively with /CI, /CZ, /C3, /C4, /CS said.
Q:What are the common sliding bearing bushing materials? What are the characteristics of each?
1) grey cast iron, which is used in low speed, light load and no impact load, and is commonly used in HT15-33 and HT20-40.2) copper base bearing alloy. Commonly used ZQSn10-1 bronze and ZQA19-4 bronze, suitable for medium speed, high turbidity and impact load conditions.
Q:What are the main failure modes of plain bearings?
There are three kinds of failure modes in rolling bearings: fatigue pitting, plastic deformation and wear. Calculation criteria:(1) for the bearings of general speed, fatigue pitting is the main failure form, and fatigue life is calculated according to the fatigue strength.
Q:How to determine the oil velocity of journal bearings?
Sliding bearing lubrication according to the speed of rotation, high speed bearings will be high speed lubrication, low speed by oiling.
Q:Which one is good for sliding bearings?
ZQFYT series radial thrust bearing, VZB series vertical thrust bearing manufacturers; is the production base of professional production of large gas turbine bearing, turbine, blower, compressor, oxygen making machine, rolling machine, ball mill, rotary kiln and so on.

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