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Made from 48.3OD x 4mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them.


 Consist of Standards with wedge housing welded to them at 500mm centers in four directions at right angles.  Ledgers and Transoms  with banana end brackets connect to the verticals with positive locking wedges fit in the wedge housings of standards.  The Diagonals have a swiveling bracket with positive wedge locking to the standards. Standards are erected on adjustable Base Jack to cope with variation in Ground level.

  • Made from 48.3 OD x 4 mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them to connect one above the other. Standard sizes are 9ft.9in, 6ft. 6in & 3ft3in.

  • Conforms to BS Standards.

  • Dip painted to give protection inside the tubes

The elements constituting the system:

§      Vertical element

§      Horizontal element

§      Lower universal jack and jack nut

§      Upper universal jack and jack nut

§      Connection tool for vertical elements

§      Beam supporting element

§      Console

§      Base jack

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Q:A 100 kg scaffold is 7 m long. It is hanging with two wires, one from each end. A 600 kg box sits 1.8 m from t
This question can be solved by first drawing a free-body diagram and then summing the moments (torques) around the right end of the scaffold. We'll designate the tension in the left hand wire with T. So after making our free-body diagram we find the sum of the moments around the right end of the scaffold (where each moment = force x distance from point we are taking it about), setting it to zero because the system experiences no angular motion 0 = 7m * -T + 600kg * 9.8m/s^2*(7m - 1.8m) + 100kg * 9.8m/s^2 * 3.5m (Notice that T is negative because it would produce a clockwise rotation about the right end of the scaffold, and the weights are positive because their rotation would be counter-clockwise) Now we just solve for T, which comes out to be T = 4858N
Q:Are my ears suitable for a scaffold/industrial piercing?
Yeah you should be able to get it done. Go talk to a piercer they can help you out.
Q:Tragus/scaffold piercing?
I have my tragus done.. Personally it wasn't sore at all it did swell a bit but I just kept it clean and it was perfect I still have it and I love it I've had it about 2-3 years now
Q:Scaffolding piercing - need advice?
Sounds like it was either pierced at an improper angle and/or the anatomy of your ear isn't made for the piercing but an idiot piercer did it anyways. Without seeing it there's no telling. Go have a better piercer look at it.
Q:Where could I get a scaffold piercing in my ear, and the beginning piercing for ear gauges?
in case you desire the ***** you will desire to not even care on the grounds which you already took this in attention. would I ask did you ask your female this question previously you ask this question. And one greater element sure it is going to break a sprint, their is a small probability it is going to bleed, and that i admire the be conscious left
Q:Scaffold piercing question?? Please help?
I have these problems all the time! They're normal, no worries, because cartilage takes forever to heal! I have been pierced upwards of 11 times so this isn't a new thing to me. Don't touch it! My biggest problems with anything coming out of my piercings after the first month are from touching them! Also unless the piercing is really red and puffy, the stuff coming out is probably sebum. Your body is just healing. Try not to sleep on that side if you can help it. Putting a washcloth with really hot water on it onto that piercing over and over really helped me if it was indeed an infection. Is is also itchy? That's a good indication of infection if it's also red and puffy and oozing anything. Use NON antibacterial soap that is unscented like dove to clean it. Please do your piercing a favor and don't use anything like hydrogen peroxide or anything they give you to clean it at places like Claire's. Been there done that, have scarring. As for your hair, try to have someone else with squeaky clean hands try to get your hair untangled...I hate it when that happens >_< As to using sea salt, it does help SOME. For me, it just irritated my piercings and delayed healing time. If you are still worried about infection because of itching, puffiness, redness, swelling, and consistant pus, see your piercer. If you didn't get it done at a tattoo/piercing shop, I'd recommend going there and getting it checked out if you are concerned. PS THANK YOU for calling it a scaffold piercing! I know piercers who didn't even know it was called that! ^_^
Q:how often should i clean my scaffold piercing?
i havent got that piercing yet, but i do have a friend who has it. your mom is right clean it atleast 2-3 times a day. once in the moring - once when you come back from school [ if you dont go to school ] at 4:00 - 5:00 - and once when your about to go to bed. if you dont feel like cleaning it 3 times just make sure you do it atleast twice, or instead of doing the full cleaning - with the soap and stuff just clean it fully twice and remove the crusties in the afternoon - youll get alot of those ;P and that would be itt . . . (: GOODLUCK ! :)
Q:Is my scaffold piercing infected?? please answer?
Is the pus white? If so then everything you are experiencing is normal. If it's yellow, it might be the start of an infection. Either way, just continue to do sea salt soaks or saline soaks twice a day to clean it. The crusties are completely normal for healing, as is white discharge. I'd have the bump checked out by your piercer. It could be the start of hypertrophic scarring which is really common with industrial piercings. There's really no way any of us could tell you what it is.
Q:Scaffold Piercing Questions?
no the industrial piercing goes in a different hole then the cartilage. APIN? do you mean hurt? It was like a 9 because its 1 after another, but its worth it. Dont worry they will show you at the places.
Q:Just got scaffolding ear piercing ... Why?
The mouth is the fastest healing area of the body. Cartilage has many layers to it and because of that it takes the fistula longer to form.

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