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Made from 48.3OD x 4mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them.


 Consist of Standards with wedge housing welded to them at 500mm centers in four directions at right angles.  Ledgers and Transoms  with banana end brackets connect to the verticals with positive locking wedges fit in the wedge housings of standards.  The Diagonals have a swiveling bracket with positive wedge locking to the standards. Standards are erected on adjustable Base Jack to cope with variation in Ground level.

  • Made from 48.3 OD x 4 mm thick Steel Tubes with housings at four directions at right angles. Standards have spigot welded to them to connect one above the other. Standard sizes are 9ft.9in, 6ft. 6in & 3ft3in.

  • Conforms to BS Standards.

  • Dip painted to give protection inside the tubes

The elements constituting the system:

§      Vertical element

§      Horizontal element

§      Lower universal jack and jack nut

§      Upper universal jack and jack nut

§      Connection tool for vertical elements

§      Beam supporting element

§      Console

§      Base jack

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Q:A window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold weighs 190 N?
Draw the picture ie Free Body Diagram ALWAYS!! Sum Fx = 0 Sum Fy = 0 Sum Moments = 0 Take moments about one end. I choose the left end and put the window washer 1 m from the left end.====> Tension in left rope goes through the left end ==> lever arm has length=0 ===> moment from left rope = 0 Moment from window washer: 1 m * 700 N = 700 N-m clockwise Moment from weight of scaffold: 1.5 m * 200 N = 300 N-m clockwise (Center of gravity in center of scaffold) Your question says 190 N your question statement says 200 N. NOTE I solved for 200 N Total clockwise moment 700 + 300 = 1000 N-m CW Right rope must supply that Lever arm = 3 m * 1000 N-m = 3m * T T = 333.33 N UP Total force down = 200 + 700 = 900 N ===> Tension in left rope: 900 - 333.33 = 566.67 N
Q:Scaffold/Industrial piercing - Can't unscrew the balls to take it out?
Go back to the piercer, they can take it out for you.
Q:I want a scaffold piercing?
Yes it hurts badly, they just stick a needle through the cartilage, there are different ways they can do it they way they did it for me was the guy stuck the needle through one side then had another needle and stuck it through the other spot. The smallest gauge is 14 i believe thats what i have. It takes about a year to heal, they are prone to develop keloids for you have darker skin, i did develop keloids they hurt.
Q:Scaffolding involves a teaching style in which assistance is always?
I'm not sure if you are trying to answer a question on an exam or from homework. Really you shouldn't be cheating. If this is a take-home exam then it's ok. I will help you to solve this question. Think about which of these would ALWAYS be present in scaffolding. Do peers have to be around for scaffolding to occur? Are no words to be spoken? Can it only be done in informal settings? Is it always based upon the needs of the learner? One of these is correct and if you look at it this way I'm sure you'll see the right answer. Although, the wording does seem confusing at first:)
Q:Sleeping on an industrial/scaffold piercing?
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Q:why doesn't scaffolding fall over?
The secret is the diagonal supports on two sides. this prevents the rectangle to change into a parallelogram.( or to wobble ). Gates also usually have a diagonal so they don't droop. There. Simple.
Q:A question about Industrialscaffold piercings...?
It doesn't really matter if you start out with the hoops/smaller barbells or the industrial barbell. I started out with the industrial barbell and so far I have had no problems with bumps. I don't sleep on that side at all, I don't touch it, I don't move it around and I clean it regularly.
Q:Just got scaffolding ear piercing ... Why?
The mouth is the fastest healing area of the body. Cartilage has many layers to it and because of that it takes the fistula longer to form.
Q:Why is there scaffolding on this building if it is under going demolition ?
Dear JusTrav, Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support the crew who worked on the building and material used in the destruction of buildings and other large structures. The scaffording could of been there for a bomb inspector to approve the destruction sequence. The scaffording could of been there to remove very expensive windows and ornament. The scaffording could of been there to support the structure from falling certain way. The scaffording are remove as the last stand.

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