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China (Mainland)
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Scaffolding Parts
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Scaffolding Couplers
silver,green, blue
hot dip galv., electri galv., painting, powder coating

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Packaging Detail:normally its packed in square steel pallet or in bulk. it depends on client's requirement
Delivery Detail:25days delivery after receive 30% deposit


Putlogs with High Quality Steel Used, Firm and Strong, Used as Frame Accessories

  • Putlogs

  • Dimensions: 12, 16, 22, and 24ft

  • Weight: 41.93, 54.78, 74.07, and 80.49lbs

  • Used as frame accessories

  • High quality steel used

  • Firm and strong

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Q:What does the scaffold represent to the Puritan community in the Scarlet Letter?
Every chapter in The Scarlet Letter has symbols displayed through characterization, setting, colors, and light. The most dramatic chapters using these techniques are the chapters comprising the three scaffold scenes and the meeting in the forest between Hester and Dimmesdale. Hawthorne’s ability to introduce these symbols and change them through the context of his story is but one of the reasons The Scarlet Letter is considered his masterpiece and a peerless example of the romance novel. Think about what takes place on the scaffold in all three scenes.
Q:Why wood scaffolding and not metal , in Budapest ?
Countries such as Budapest usualy don't have the industrial capibility of other countries that do use metal scaffolding.
Q:my scaffolding/industrial piercing- so much blood?
I wouldn't worry too much. I have a friend whose did this as well. Turns out that she just happened to be someone who bled a lot with that kind of piercing. Mine didn't do that, everyone's is kinda different. If you're really worried, there's no harm in seeing a doctor just to make sure, but they may just reassure you that you just happen to be someone whose ears get a lot of circulation. Eventually, my friend just took hers out because, as you probably know, it takes around a year for it to heal well enough, and hers would continue to bleed when it tugged as she slept or hit it or anything so I'm not sure if it ever would have eased up.
Q:12 meters high, 0.5 meters spacing of the scaffolding costs a lot of labor
Steel pipe series, door type scaffolding system, steel support and screw series, bowl buckle system, star system, steel series, new type of aluminum alloy formwork system, aluminum alloy steel (I-beam), etc.
Q:how does the scarlet letter represent atonement in third scaffold scene?
Dimmesdale atones by admitting that he was a party to the adultery.
Q:In the book The Scarlet Letter, does the scaffold have the same meaning in each scene?
Similar meanings. The scaffold in each scene is meant to symbolize declaring secrets. The first one, Hester doesn't say anything about her secret that she could so easily give up. The second and third obviously signify Dimmesdale wanting to tell. Also, the scaffold is a form of punishment. Dimmesdale doesn't feel like he's been punished for his sin and he needs to. Since the town punishes Hester by putting her on the scaffold to bear her shame in public, Dimmesdale thinks that's what he has to do to be free from his sin. I love that book. Hope you enjoy it. There's a lot of symbolism in it and it's great.
Q:What does Dimmesdale do in each scaffold scene?
He constantly touches his chest (making an imaginary A on his own chest, out of guilt)
Q:does a scaffold piercing hurt?
I just got my scaffold done about 4 hrs ago. Im 14 have a really low tolerance for pain so I thought I was really in for it. However, the initial piercing didnt really hurt. It was just 4 quick pinches [2 for the needle 2 for the bar]. It felt really hot and hurt for about 1 hr after it was done. Now it doesnt hurt at all its just uncomfortable. Initial Piercing - 5 out of 10 An Hour After - 7 out of 10 4 Hours After - 3 out of 10 Hope this helps!
Q:Dose brand scaffold keep a week of pay?
Does, not dose. And I have no idea what the rest of your question means.
Q:Tips for someone with a scaffolding piercing?
Since everyone's anatomy is different, you'll have to get your barbells custom-bent. I don't advise doing this yourself; You should take your barbells to your piercer and have them do it.

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