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China (Mainland)
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Scaffolding Parts
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Scaffolding Couplers
silver,green, blue
hot dip galv., electri galv., painting, powder coating

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Packaging Detail:normally its packed in square steel pallet or in bulk. it depends on client's requirement
Delivery Detail:25days delivery after receive 30% deposit


Putlogs with High Quality Steel Used, Firm and Strong, Used as Frame Accessories

  • Putlogs

  • Dimensions: 12, 16, 22, and 24ft

  • Weight: 41.93, 54.78, 74.07, and 80.49lbs

  • Used as frame accessories

  • High quality steel used

  • Firm and strong

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Q:my scaffolding/industrial piercing- so much blood?
Wow that didn't happen to me when I got it. But we are all different so....
Q:Removing Industrial/Scaffold bar?
Well i have mine done and it takes 6 months to a year or longer to heal so changing it i wouldn't do. I was told i can change it after 4-6 months. But you can hide it with hair instead of taking it out. If you wear your hair up wear it down for a interview. If you plan on taking it out permanently when getting a job why did you get it in the first place? Yes the crust is ok its marker and blood mixed from when you got it. Just clean it 3 times a day for about a month and then yo can cut back to just 2 times a day. Just do a Luke Warm SSS (Sea Salt Soak). How to make a SSS: 1Mug/Cup of luke warm water 1/4 teaspoon Non Iodized Sea Salt (Can be found in grocery stores next to regular salt) my other advise try not to catch it on hair or with brushes. Also do not use regular salt unless you want a major problem with your body lol. Anything else feel free 2 email me.
Q:about scaffold piercings?
Sounds like your piercer did it too shallow or at an improper angle. Find a better piercer and have them look it out and change the jewelry if they need to. Since it's unhealed you don't want to mess with it yourself.
Q:What would be a good song for Hester in the Scarlet Letter when she is standing on the scaffold?
some desire to punish her further--one enormously exhibits branding Hester on the brow; yet another proposes death. a third says that Hester will continuously save the mark in coronary heart. (it is all in bankruptcy II.) To be straightforward a number of those women folk are fats and unpleasant and hefty adequate (They have been her countrywomen: and the beef and ale of their fatherland, with a ethical weight-help plan no longer a whit extra sophisticated, entered frequently into their composition) so a number of this harshness comes from jealousy, considering that Hester is somewhat desirable. The comments as an entire demonstrate an unforgiving, stern society with various pettiness and little room for generosity of spirit, compassion, or empathy.
Q:Where is the best place to buy industrial bars for scaffold piercings?
Industrial Bars
Q:Has anyone ever heard of a scaffold piercing, but instead of a bar there's a thin chain instead?
Ive Seen Those Many Timesz. Try Looking On Wikipedia. U Can Find Everything On There
Q:What are some ways of stoping a scaffold piercing from hurting?
Take advil it helps the with the swelling and the pain. I found that doing warm sea salt water soaks helped a bit. To me the warm water soothed it.
Q:In the book The Scarlet Letter, does the scaffold have the same meaning in each scene?
Similar meanings. The scaffold in each scene is meant to symbolize declaring secrets. The first one, Hester doesn't say anything about her secret that she could so easily give up. The second and third obviously signify Dimmesdale wanting to tell. Also, the scaffold is a form of punishment. Dimmesdale doesn't feel like he's been punished for his sin and he needs to. Since the town punishes Hester by putting her on the scaffold to bear her shame in public, Dimmesdale thinks that's what he has to do to be free from his sin. I love that book. Hope you enjoy it. There's a lot of symbolism in it and it's great.
Q:Why are the three scaffold scenes so important What happens in each of them?
Your question is not a special ed question. Your question belongs in homework help.
Q:Any suggestions for cleaning windows (on the outside) in a 3 story house w/o scaffolding, stepping on ledge?
go to your local home depot or lowes they sell a bottle that hooks to your hose that you squirt on your windows then rinse. Providing your hose stream will reach that far if not rent a lift from an equiptment rental store they are safe and easy to use. And not that expensive we rent them usually for 135 dollars for all day.

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