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China (Mainland)
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Scaffolding Parts
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Scaffolding Couplers
silver,green, blue
hot dip galv., electri galv., painting, powder coating

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Packaging Detail:normally its packed in square steel pallet or in bulk. it depends on client's requirement
Delivery Detail:25days delivery after receive 30% deposit


Putlogs with High Quality Steel Used, Firm and Strong, Used as Frame Accessories

  • Putlogs

  • Dimensions: 12, 16, 22, and 24ft

  • Weight: 41.93, 54.78, 74.07, and 80.49lbs

  • Used as frame accessories

  • High quality steel used

  • Firm and strong

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Q:Should I remove my infected scaffold piercing?
You could always take the industrial piercing out ( Scaffold, if thats what you call it) and put in two hoop earrings insted of the bar, give it room to breathe. and keep taking the antibiotics, It's going to hurt to take it out, so use pliers to remove the balls on the end of the bar. Hope this helps!
Q:A window washer drops a brush from a scaffold on a tall office building?
9.8 * 1.53 = 14.994 (speed/velocity) 1/2 * 9.8 * 1.53^2 = 1/2 * 9.8 * 2.3409 = 11.47041 (distance) If 11.47041 is not the answer, then what is? The proof is in the math. I have done it following the examples of two web sites, and the same answer pops up. Maybe they want you to round up.
Q:Tragus/scaffold piercing?
i choose to recommend septum :) i be attentive to you suggested none on your face although that is been my popular piercing as as quickly as pierced it won't % up, the hollow isn't seen once you're actually not wearing any jewelry and with the aid of the healing technique you may consistently flick it as much as conceal it once you should. I did discover it a somewhat uncomfortable even though it became into relatively properly worth it. stable success figuring out on!
Q:Is a scaffold piercing n a guy gay?
i don't know why people think having a certain piercing makes you gay or not. it's absolutely ridiculous. if you want a piercing just get it
Q:Why wood scaffolding and not metal , in Budapest ?
Countries such as Budapest usualy don't have the industrial capibility of other countries that do use metal scaffolding.
Q:about scaffold piercings?
Sounds like your piercer did it too shallow or at an improper angle. Find a better piercer and have them look it out and change the jewelry if they need to. Since it's unhealed you don't want to mess with it yourself.
Q:Scaffold/Industrial Piercing Help.. Infected?
if its infected it will probably get full of puss and bloat up during redress.if it is infected you'd better put some methylated spirits or Oxygene (found at a chemist).
Q:Easy to assemble Scaffolding?
personally i think you would get more use out of a scissor lift...
Q:Is my scaffold piercing infected?? please answer?
Is the pus white? If so then everything you are experiencing is normal. If it's yellow, it might be the start of an infection. Either way, just continue to do sea salt soaks or saline soaks twice a day to clean it. The crusties are completely normal for healing, as is white discharge. I'd have the bump checked out by your piercer. It could be the start of hypertrophic scarring which is really common with industrial piercings. There's really no way any of us could tell you what it is.
Q:A question about Industrialscaffold piercings...?
It doesn't really matter if you start out with the hoops/smaller barbells or the industrial barbell. I started out with the industrial barbell and so far I have had no problems with bumps. I don't sleep on that side at all, I don't touch it, I don't move it around and I clean it regularly.

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