Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Formwork

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Model Number:
kwikstage Scaffolding
scaffolding system
silver,yellow,black or as your request
EN74, BS1139
kwikstage Scaffolding:
kwikstage Scaffolding system standard

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bulk or pallet according to customer's requirement kwikstage Scaffolding system standard
Delivery Detail:no more than 15days


Best price kwikstage scafffolding
Good bearing capacity .
Used time long .
Very good stability .
Covenient to transport

Kwikstage system

1.have our own factory
2.Good bearing capacity
3.Stable& durable
4.Easy to assemble or dismantle

Our capability

Produce Equipment: 4 forged production lines,2assembly line,2 bolish line ,1sets 400 punch   press,3sets 300t punch press

Produce Technology: stamping/pressing/forging;

Produce Capacity: 500 tons/month

Output: 3000 pcs/day couplers,3000pcs steel plank



Thickness(mm):48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



  Thickness(mm): 48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



 50mm*50mm*5mm thickness steel angle  



  size:48.3*2.5mm thickness steel tube   Length(mm): 1830/2750/3530/3660

5.Bace Jack:

   Solid Base Jack:38mm(diameter)*650mm     (length)or as your request

   Hollow Base Jack: 38mm(diameter)*4/4.5/5/6mm(thickness) or as your request

size for reference

Kwikstage ItemsLength(mm)Steel GradeTheoretical Weight(kg)

Standard w/o spigot3000Q23517.5
Standard w/o spigot2500Q23514.5
Standard w/o spigot2000Q23511.5
Standard w/o spigot1500Q2358.5
Standard w/o spigot1000Q2356
Standard w/o spigot500Q2352
Ledger 3.2mm2400Q2359.26
Ledger 3.2mm1800Q2357
Ledger 3.2mm1200Q2355
Ledger 3.2mm760Q2354.3
Transom 5.0mm2400Q23522
Transom 5.0mm1800Q23513.5
Transom 5.0mm1200Q2359.6
Transom 5.0mm1000Q2358
Transom 5.0mm760Q2356
Ladder Access Tran2400Q23511.6
Ladder Access Tran1800Q23515.3
Ladder Access Tran1200Q23524
3 Board Stage Bracket3000Q2359
2 Board Stage Bracket2000Q2356
1 Board Stage Bracket1000Q2352.5
Tie Bar2400Q2357
Tie Bar1800Q2355
Tie Bar1200Q2353
Tie Bar760Q2352.1
Double Coupler Q2351.25
Swivel Coupler Q2351.25
51mm Double Coupler Q2351.3
51mm Swivel Coupler Q2351.3
Putlog/Single Coupler Q2351
Girder Gravelock Coupler Q2351.5

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Q:A window washer drops a brush from a scaffold on a tall office building?
a) To find the speed of the brush, the equation to use is v(t) = at + v(0), where a is the acceleration of gravity; t is the elapsed time since the start of the fall, and v(0) is the initial velocity of the ball. Then we get this after 1.53 seconds: v(t) = at + v(0) v(t) = at + 0 v(t) = (9.8 m/s²)(1.53 s) v(t) = (9.8 m)(1.53 s/s²) v(t) = 14.994 m/s v(t) ≈ 15 m/s. The brush is falling at approximately 15 m/s after 1.53 seconds. b) To find the distance the brush has fallen, we use this equation: s(t) = ½ at² + v(0)t + s(0). If we consider the top of the building 0, and the brush's initial velocity v(0) = 0, then the last two terms drop out of the equation above, leaving us with this: s(t) = ½ at². Plugging in a = 9.8 m/s² and t = 1.53 s, we get this: s(t) = (4.9 m/s²)(1.53 s)² s(t) ≈ 11.47 m, or 11. 5 meters rounded to the nearest tenth of a meter. The distance the brush has fallen after 1.53 seconds is approximately 11.5 meters.
Q:In the book The Scarlet Letter, does the scaffold have the same meaning in each scene?
yes and no, When Hester stands on the scaffolding, its a forced punishment for committing adultery. and when Dimmesdale stands on it, it on his own because he feels guilty for doing this to Hester (giving her a child and her being shamed by the town)
Q:new scaffolding/industrial piercing.. help!?
i know how you feel about the pain lol i got mine done 2 months ago, i went thru the same stuff. the bar might feel tight and small in your ear because of the swelling and the skin around the hole tightening up. it is completely normal that your ear is swollen, it'll be like that for a couple days. it'll be painful for the next couple of days/ a week, but it'll get better after the swelling and irritation goes down. it'll hurt if you bump it with a brush, your hand, or putting on clothes. you should wait to change it after it completely heals, which varies on person to person. i believe that it completely heals in about a year, but im planning on changing it before then, like in a couple months. dont twist it or play with it. only twist it while cleaning it: clean it twice a day for 8-12 weeks. first, use a q-tip with warm water and wipe off the crusties. (make sure you do this bc if the crusties get in the hole, it will get infected) then, use anti-bacterial hand soap and lather it up in your hands to make a lot of suds. then, gently brush the soap on the holes and twist and move the bar up and down (this will really hurt for you because you just got it--but it'll get easier and wont hurt). then rinse off your ear with warm water and dry it. shampoo wont hurt it. after your shower, just rinse off your ear before hopping out. also, you can start sleeping on it when it doesnt hurt, just make sure you change your pillowcase often i hope i helped and good luck! :D
Q:what were the three most important scenes that happened on the scaffold in the novel, The Scarlet Letter?
the woman's punishment trial, the minister admitting he was the girl's father, and his death.
Q:how often should i clean my scaffold piercing?
i havent got that piercing yet, but i do have a friend who has it. your mom is right clean it atleast 2-3 times a day. once in the moring - once when you come back from school [ if you dont go to school ] at 4:00 - 5:00 - and once when your about to go to bed. if you dont feel like cleaning it 3 times just make sure you do it atleast twice, or instead of doing the full cleaning - with the soap and stuff just clean it fully twice and remove the crusties in the afternoon - youll get alot of those ;P and that would be itt . . . (: GOODLUCK ! :)
Q:Tudor history fans: how would you feel if you were on the scaffold about to be beheaded?
If I had been sensible enough to provide myself with a little money beforehand, I imagine I might well approach the scaffold drunk as I could be. Normally people were beheaded as a treat, or because of their good social standing. it was considered to be rather less unpleasant than being hanged. Certainly quicker.
Q:Scaffold Piercing Questions?
no the industrial piercing goes in a different hole then the cartilage. APIN? do you mean hurt? It was like a 9 because its 1 after another, but its worth it. Dont worry they will show you at the places.
Q:Would you like the WWE to bring back the Scaffold match?
Not really. Other than the quick high spot, they make for very boring matches since the wrestlers have to be so careful. I'd rather watch a TLC or a HIAC match that has a high spot than a scaffold match, since that way the match will actually be good.
Q:12 meters high, 0.5 meters spacing of the scaffolding costs a lot of labor
Steel pipe series, door type scaffolding system, steel support and screw series, bowl buckle system, star system, steel series, new type of aluminum alloy formwork system, aluminum alloy steel (I-beam), etc.
Q:industrial/scaffold earring on a guy. wat do ya think?
Scaffold Earring

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