Galvanised Kwikstage Scaffolding Formwork

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Jiangsu China (Mainland)

Model Number:
kwikstage Scaffolding
scaffolding system
silver,yellow,black or as your request
EN74, BS1139
kwikstage Scaffolding:
kwikstage Scaffolding system standard

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:in bulk or pallet according to customer's requirement kwikstage Scaffolding system standard
Delivery Detail:no more than 15days


Best price kwikstage scafffolding
Good bearing capacity .
Used time long .
Very good stability .
Covenient to transport

Kwikstage system

1.have our own factory
2.Good bearing capacity
3.Stable& durable
4.Easy to assemble or dismantle

Our capability

Produce Equipment: 4 forged production lines,2assembly line,2 bolish line ,1sets 400 punch   press,3sets 300t punch press

Produce Technology: stamping/pressing/forging;

Produce Capacity: 500 tons/month

Output: 3000 pcs/day couplers,3000pcs steel plank



Thickness(mm):48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



  Thickness(mm): 48.3*2.75 / 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.75 / 4.0



 50mm*50mm*5mm thickness steel angle  



  size:48.3*2.5mm thickness steel tube   Length(mm): 1830/2750/3530/3660

5.Bace Jack:

   Solid Base Jack:38mm(diameter)*650mm     (length)or as your request

   Hollow Base Jack: 38mm(diameter)*4/4.5/5/6mm(thickness) or as your request

size for reference

Kwikstage ItemsLength(mm)Steel GradeTheoretical Weight(kg)

Standard w/o spigot3000Q23517.5
Standard w/o spigot2500Q23514.5
Standard w/o spigot2000Q23511.5
Standard w/o spigot1500Q2358.5
Standard w/o spigot1000Q2356
Standard w/o spigot500Q2352
Ledger 3.2mm2400Q2359.26
Ledger 3.2mm1800Q2357
Ledger 3.2mm1200Q2355
Ledger 3.2mm760Q2354.3
Transom 5.0mm2400Q23522
Transom 5.0mm1800Q23513.5
Transom 5.0mm1200Q2359.6
Transom 5.0mm1000Q2358
Transom 5.0mm760Q2356
Ladder Access Tran2400Q23511.6
Ladder Access Tran1800Q23515.3
Ladder Access Tran1200Q23524
3 Board Stage Bracket3000Q2359
2 Board Stage Bracket2000Q2356
1 Board Stage Bracket1000Q2352.5
Tie Bar2400Q2357
Tie Bar1800Q2355
Tie Bar1200Q2353
Tie Bar760Q2352.1
Double Coupler Q2351.25
Swivel Coupler Q2351.25
51mm Double Coupler Q2351.3
51mm Swivel Coupler Q2351.3
Putlog/Single Coupler Q2351
Girder Gravelock Coupler Q2351.5

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Q:Is the scaffolding ear piercing worth it? Any problems? Advice please.?
No piercing heals in a week or two and you should never put vaseline on a ignore that advice. Industrial piercings can take awhile to can be anywhere from 4-6 months to a year to heal depending on your body. Hypertrophic scarring is pretty common with industrials which is just scar tissue on the piercing. If done improperly they can really mess up your ear so make sure that your piercer knows what he/she is doing. To keep it clean just do sea salt soaks - 1/4th of a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 8oz of hot water, twice a day for ten minutes each soak. Don't move the jewelry around...don't use bactine, alcohol, peroxide, neosporin, antiseptic, or any kind of ointment on your piercing. Your piercer should answer whatever questions you have.
Q:How Long Does It Take A Scaffolding/Industrial Piercing To Stop HURTING!?! >.<?
Unfortunately, a scaffolding piercing can take a lot longer for the pain to stop. It may take a few weeks before you can sleep on it comfortably, but by then it should be okay just normally (e.g. when not resting on it.) I'm not sure how to ease the pain really, I just put up with it. xD I'm not sure if rock salt is the same as sea salt? But if so, keep that up as you are.
Q:Should the WWE hire New Jack to a one match contract, for a triple threat scaffold match with Cena and Orton?
WWE does not do Scaffold Matches. Try an Independent Wrestling Promotion if you want to see a scaffold match. Considering how many times that Randy Orton has been out with injuries over the last 10 years and that John Cena had spinal surgery a few years ago, your match would send both John Cena and Randy Orton into retirement with Career Ending Injuries just like Edge. WWE could then induct both John Cena and Randy Orton into The WWE Hall of Fame though. Why should WWE hire New Jack to wrestle one match? They already have Triple H, Kevin Nash, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and The Rock as Part-time Wrestlers.
Q:Scaffolding involves a teaching style in which assistance is always?
Hi, Mary, How about doing a quick online search for scaffolding teaching? You'll find over a million pages that discuss the topic -- many from top education schools. You'll get an answer lots faster than you will here!
Q:what is the difference between industrial piercing and a scaffold?
ok so at the parlour i had mine done they called the bar going across the ear horizontally a scaffold and the bar going almost vertically down an industrial, but really i think theyre pretty much the same thing
Q:Why is there scaffolding on this building if it is under going demolition ?
so they can build a new identical building afterwards, lol
Q:Scaffolding engineer?
Calculations, specifications, plans, sections, and details for scaffolds and shoring must be prepared and certified by a licensed civil or structural engineer.
Q:scaffold method of division in base six?
It I hope that it helps you in something, bye-bye! =).
Q:Industrial or Scaffold?
I think that your Mom ought to rethink that 15th birthday thing, I don't think many shops would do it.
Q:Scaffold/Industrial Piercing Help.. Infected?
i'd end making use of the tea tree oil it ought to worsen a piercing.the antibiotics ought to seem after any an infection you've and can make you sense undesirable too.attempt making use of sea salt soaks to make your indy sense extra useful.Us a million/4 teaspoon for a cup of warm temperature water.yet when it starts off to have puss bypass see a customary practitioner. do not take ut the bar because you could catch the an infection on your ear.

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