Rubber-tyred Gantry Crane

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SDI can supply rail mounted cranes rated from 10 tons to 900 tons which can span up to 80m. Depending on the demand and design, a gantry crane alone can lift a beam of up to 900 tons, and two gantry cranes working together can lift a beam of up to 1800 tons.


Running on the rails; self-contained generator; able to move straight, and turn 90 degree.

Till the year 2011, 82 numbers of gantry cranes with rates over 450 tons have been delivered.

Rated lifting capacity

10-900 ton

Lifting speed

0-4m/min, heavy load

0-8m/min, no load



Running speed

0-5m/min, heavy load

0-10m/min, no load

Overhead trolley speed

0-3m/min, heavy load

0-5m/min, no load

Grade ability

±2%, long slope

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Q:Gantry crane track is installed in the concrete structure, how to adjust the level?
in the buried spear when the basic leveling, but also in the solidification of the time to adjust to find a flat,
Q:What is the principle of effort?
take off and landing by the electric hoist above the lifting motor drive roll roll to do the upper and lower movement.
Q:How is the port gantry crane?
The Kreis Group has innovated on the basis of the marketing characteristics of the tower crane and has increased the three business functions of the tower crane leasing business, recycling business and technology service business. It has expanded its previous after-sales service model to "pre-sales consultants
Q:China's largest gantry crane is the number of tons?
heavy industry on the 4th dock, its span of 202 meters, far more than a standard football field length
Q:There is no 20-30T40m span of the gantry crane it?
Have to provide tonnage, lifting height, span and so on.Have to provide tonnage, lifting height, span and so on.
Q:What are the precautions for oil spill
At the same time in the design process should improve the combination of the two boxes of the process of precision, so as to prevent the contact surface caused by oil spill failure.
Q:What is the procedure for reviewing the gantry?
And then look at each place of the technical supervision bureau is not the same, he asked you to issue what information you submit on the line, usually your company's qualifications, as well as some random traffic information.
Q:Subway gantry crane should have what conditions?
There are two main types of gantry specifications: First, all-round moving gantry on the ground, with brake load wheel can move on the ground, suitable for lifting objects on the ground; Second, fixed with rails installed on the floor or beam,
Q:What is the difference between the bridge crane and the gantry crane?
When there is a sudden gust wind speed over the crane design allows the working instantaneous wind speed or greater than 6 winds should be wind speed alarm device.
Q:What is the detailed practice of gantry crane grounding?
the grounding device grounding resistance is not greater than 10 ohms, for the sake of insurance grounding resistance as small as possible, if the track should be longer than the middle of the grounding device can be added.

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