Rubber-tyred Gantry Crane

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SDI can supply rail mounted cranes rated from 10 tons to 900 tons which can span up to 80m. Depending on the demand and design, a gantry crane alone can lift a beam of up to 900 tons, and two gantry cranes working together can lift a beam of up to 1800 tons.


Running on the rails; self-contained generator; able to move straight, and turn 90 degree.

Till the year 2011, 82 numbers of gantry cranes with rates over 450 tons have been delivered.

Rated lifting capacity

10-900 ton

Lifting speed

0-4m/min, heavy load

0-8m/min, no load



Running speed

0-5m/min, heavy load

0-10m/min, no load

Overhead trolley speed

0-3m/min, heavy load

0-5m/min, no load

Grade ability

±2%, long slope

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Q:What are the advantages of gantry cranes?
In operation, press the button to lift the load, the use of beam bending and rotary motion, in the control of the work area to avoid the object, so that the work area to maximize.
Q:How is the gantry hanging up?
That is called the tower crane, will increase with the increase in the floor, you carefully observe the tower can be found in the long tower hanging part of the section is connected by a section of the box, than a long section, to
Q:What is the use of cantilever hanging gantry?
Gantry crane cantilever is the main convenience to unloading, loading and lifting the goods at the same time do not waste the use of space within the scope of a gantry crane beam design form, very practical, very easy to use
Q:Gantry crane track is installed in the concrete structure, how to adjust the level?
n the grouting when the first to be buried inside the embedded parts, is commonly known as the spear,
Q:What are the types of gantry crane?
Fixed use of long-term use and large tonnage of the use of box girder structure.
Q:China's largest gantry crane is the number of tons?
heavy industry on the 4th dock, its span of 202 meters, far more than a standard football field length
Q:What is the similarities and differences between bridge cranes and gantry cranes?
It is the use of the most extensive, the largest number of a lifting machine
Q:What are the shortcomings of the gantry?
This device is generally exposed to rusty rust in the outdoors②: the impact of the wind is generally not working (be sure to do a fixed measure)
Q:Gantry crane remote control can match it?
Copy directly with the copy machine 2 you use the computer software with the data programming line to connect the transmitter or receiver directly modify or copy the ID input can be completed in order to complete the above steps can be a specific tool and technology can contact me see my nickname can teach
Q:Gantry crane remote control how to do?
The main components of the transmitter part of the remote control are infrared light emitting diodes.

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