MG type Double-girder Construction Gantry Crane

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MG type Double-girder Construction Gantry Crane

Brief introduction

Double girder engineering truss crane  appliesin the road bridge engineering place, it has not fix location, the ambulationis bigger, so each conjunction part join in the form of link, which easy toknocked-down and transport. The crane’s facade wind ward is stable, it isapplicable to field and neck workplace usages.

Technical specification

1. Double welding box girder, accorded with national standard, high safety and stiffness
2. High quality carbon steel, Q235B or Q345B, and high quality automatic welding and NDT inspection
3. 10.9 class High tension bolts mounting between girder and legs
4. Vertical gear motor driving, driving separately for crane moving, safety and reliable
5. End carriage equipped with cellular buffers, rail sweeper

6. Composed of motor, reducer, brake, coupling, wheels, cable drum, etc.
7. Plugin brake rim and block without Asbestos, safe and reliable
8. Harden gear reducer, compact structure, durable service
9. Separately driving for trolley moving, stable moving and braking
10. Equipped with derailment protectors, angle box wheel, buffer unit
11. Large load capacity, long service life, Modular design, for different demands

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Q:What procedures do you need to install second-hand gantry crane?
2, the installation of the installation staff to provide special types of workers, technical supervision bureau will come to check.
Q:What are the shortcomings of the gantry?
Almost on these, and such equipment would like to use the words must use high-quality, after-sales service is guaranteed even more money is worth it!
Q:What are the specific differences between door machine and gantry crane?
Door machine and gantry crane is the same crane. Door machine is a bridge crane deformation, also known as gantry crane.
Q:Gantry crane generally have what brand?
1 use factor (design) only one or two and more than 6 years of long-term heavy load of two kinds of door crane, the latter cost of the general estimate of the cost of 30% to 45% higher.
Q:Do you want to wear helmets?
2, non-staff should be maintained in the equipment console, production lines and other regional safety line or safety distance.
Q:What is the resistance of the gantry crane?
Gantry hoist wire motor series resistance speed control wiring there are two, divided into parallel connection and asymmetric connection.
Q:Gantry crane remote control how to do?
Modern remote control, mainly by the integrated circuit board and used to generate different messages (communication in the definition of the message: a set of interrelated meaningful symbols, to express a complete sense of information.) Button
Q:What is the main girder of the gantry crane?
L-type manufacturing easy installation, the force is good, their own quality is small, but the lifting of goods through the legs at the relatively small space.
Q:Is the gantry crane and the gantry crane the same concept?
Its metal structure like a door frame, carrying the main beam under the installation of two legs, you can walk directly on the ground track, the main beam at both ends can have extended cantilever beam.
Q:What is the truss beam of gantry crane?
The use of angle or I-beam welded from the structure, the advantages of low cost, light weight, good wind resistance.

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