A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton

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Product Description:

A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton

Yufei Heavy Industries Group


1.capacity:10T / 20T
3.Max height:11m
Product Overview of A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton:
A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton is suitable loading and unloading materials in open storage depots, materials yards, railroad freight stations, and harbor wharf. May also match by many kinds of special-purpose fishing tackles carries on many kinds of special works. The bridge consists from double lying welding structure box.
Electric equipment for the trolley applying soft conductive cable, large carts supporting sliding contact line, cable reel-type is available. It build with a closed air conditioning house with linkage platform control, so it has the advantages of broad vision, flexible control, comfort work, and high efficiency.

Product Features of A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton:

1. Main girder (patented product) enjoys a good fame in industry inside and outside
2. Light self-weight, large load, high wind-resistance and high rigidity, low deflection, so it is quite safe
3.Flexible legs, easy to transfer to another site
4. Reliable and unique pin connection, short-time installation
5. Lift objects easily by using winch
6. Imported and high-quality electronic components also ensure the safety of hand operation
7. Frequency-converter can be added to meet customers’ need  

Product details of A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton:
1.main girder of gantry crane
be welded of steel plates with honeycomb hole, connected by high-strength precision bolt. there are sliding rail for trolley to travel upper the girder which is fixed on outrigger by high-tension precision bolt
2.outrigger of gantry crane
a. consist of rigid outrigger and flexible outrigger, all connection points are connected by high-tension bolt
b. the ladder is used by operator to enter into cab or arriving at winchc. when the span>30m,there need a flexible leg aiming at reducing the lateral thrust the trolley has to the rail when the girder load objects
3.travelling mechanism of gantry crane
consist of driving gear box and passive wheel box
a. the driving gear box supplys power to realize the crane’s travelling.what the difference between driving gear box and passive wheel box is that passive wheel box lacks transmission structure such as dynamo, reducer and a pair of exposed gear
4. trolley with hoist of gantry crane
be made up of trolley frame, winch and pulley block
a. trolley frame welded of steel plate  is the loading and travelling mechanism of trolley with hoisting
b. winch is the lifting mechanism of trolley..when it works, wire  rope affects the pulley as rising and falling movement, which makes suspended objects lifting and lowering
Warning: wire ropes need to be examined regularly and changed in time if there is a 10% broken wires, loosen wires and wearing down.
5. Cab of gantry crane
a. glass window through which one can watch overall working condition is installed in the front and two sides of the cab

b. Electric cabinet as a group of independent cabinet , fixed outside of cab is connected by control cable and linkage station which is set up in the cab
6. Electrical system of gantry crane
a. lifting motor, crane travelling motor and hydraulic power motor are included. The whole electrical system is controlled by PLC.
b. Two ways to operate the crane: cab operating and remote controlling.
c. Electric components are imported from Schneider in Germany
7. Platform of gantry crane
platform is installed in order to maintain the crane,the protective guard is added to protect the safety of servicemen.  

Safety Devices of A-Frame Single Girder Gantry Crane 20 ton:
1. Hoist height limit
2. Over speed limit
3. Overload limit
4. Obstacle warning light
5. Anemograph
6. Trolley protection device
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1.We promise to response within 24 hours.
2.For your special need , we also could provide the turn-key project service.
3.12 months warranty for the machine.

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Q:What procedures do you need to install second-hand gantry crane?
2, the installation of the installation staff to provide special types of workers, technical supervision bureau will come to check.
Q:What are the safety devices on gantry cranes?
When the lifting torque reaches 90% of its rated value, the lifting torque limiter should be able to emit sound or red light to indicate the alarm.
Q:China's largest gantry crane is the number of tons?
China's largest gantry crane 1600 tons: located in Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Q:What are the precautions for oil spill
At the same time in the daily use of the process should also do a good job of maintenance work, the ventilation holes, oil, boxes, fasteners and other regular checks are in the regular state
Q:What is the difference between a gantry crane and a gantry crane?
Gantry cranes (gantry cranes are cranes made up of masts.
Q:What is the use of cantilever hanging gantry?
Under normal circumstances, the gantry crane span is usually used for the production site required, finished or the material can be in the span of the lateral through the gantry boom hanging, loading, transfer or discharge, while not affecting the normal production within the span.
Q:Longmen hanging wheel to determine the principle of what is the principle?
(B) the outer dimensions of the cargo shall pass smoothly through the outrigger steel frame;
Q:Container track gantry crane how to change the crane hanging steel?
The lifting speed is 8 to 10 m / min; the span is determined by the number of containers that need to be crossed up to a maximum of about 60 meters corresponding to 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet long container weight of about 20 tons, 25 tons
Q:What are the types of gantry crane?
Fixed use of long-term use and large tonnage of the use of box girder structure.
Q:35 tons of gantry crane drive wheel derailment how right?
Three: the above two methods are unable to operate can be used "shift shift" This is too difficult to operate the professional staff have failed

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