Gantry Crane and Portal Crane

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Gantry crane mainly used for outdoor goods yard, cargo, bulk cargo yard handling operation. Its metal structure like the door frame, bearing the main girder, the installation of two supporting feet, can be directly walking on the orbit to the ground, both ends can be overhanging cantilever girders.

Gantry crane with high space utilization, wider range of operation, adaptation of wide and strong commonality, its widely used in port yard.

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Q:What is the safe operation of gantry crane?
Gantry crane should be someone to drive, the driver should be professional training, familiar with the structure of the machine characteristics and methods of operation, and after passing the certificate issued a certificate, only to allow driving.
Q:How is the gantry hanging up?
That is called the tower crane, will increase with the increase in the floor, you carefully observe the tower can be found in the long tower hanging part of the section is connected by a section of the box, than a long section, to
Q:How many years old gantry?
(B) aircraft, trains, ships, machinery, machinery and other production equipment for 10 years
Q:What documents do you need to open a gantry?
Gantry crane operation permit, by the State Administration of Work Safety unified production, the provincial production safety supervision and management departments, special operations operating license in the national general.
Q:Gantry crane track is installed in the concrete structure, how to adjust the level?
in the buried spear when the basic leveling, but also in the solidification of the time to adjust to find a flat,
Q:What is the main content and scope of use?
The same and similar parts of a dedicated gantry crane may also be used.
Q:32 tons of gantry crane with the choice of how much wire rope?
, Steel core, 1770MPa strength level, the minimum breaking tension of 2270 kN, about 231 tons, to meet the requirements of single rope lifting 32 tons, if the crane has multiple pulleys, the rope to withstand the corresponding reduction in tension, according to the calculation of the pull
Q:Can the span of the gantry be customized?
At present, ship cranes, container yard and other cranes are divided into two types, namely, rail container cranes (RMG) and tire container cranes (RTG).
Q:What is a gantry crane?
Iron shoes is a gantry crane a windbreak device, it can prevent the gantry hanging in the case of no one,
Q:Gantry crane is not a tower crane?
Gantry cranes are small and medium-sized cantilevered gantry cranes.

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