Gantry Crane and Portal Crane

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Gantry crane mainly used for outdoor goods yard, cargo, bulk cargo yard handling operation. Its metal structure like the door frame, bearing the main girder, the installation of two supporting feet, can be directly walking on the orbit to the ground, both ends can be overhanging cantilever girders.

Gantry crane with high space utilization, wider range of operation, adaptation of wide and strong commonality, its widely used in port yard.

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Q:Gantry crane car walking vibration how to do?
Confidence and technical ability can also be changed to your own gear can best change the convenience of the product for the gear box.
Q:What is the gantry of the gantry?
Generally refers to the "isosceles triangle honeycomb beam", the main beam end of the triangle, both sides of the oblique belly with honeycomb holes, upper and lower chord.
Q:900 tons of gantry crane total number of motor?
In fact, the number of gantry crane motor is not fixed dead, depends on the parameters of the gantry crane itself.
Q:Gantry crane remote control how to do?
The main components of the transmitter part of the remote control are infrared light emitting diodes.
Q:Wharf gantry crane is a small steel wire is created by China?
Wharf gantry crane used in the wire rope, phosphate coated steel wire rope is the production of Chinese patented technology, real China to create
Q:What are the components of the gantry crane?
cylindrical wheels, buffers, block brakes, wire rope, lifting hooks
Q:Gantry crane belongs to what machinery and equipment?
Gantry crane, is a large crane, beams and columns of the structure was "door" shape, you can move in the track, with a larger weight.
Q:Longmen hanging wheel to determine the principle of what is the principle?
(B) the outer dimensions of the cargo shall pass smoothly through the outrigger steel frame;
Q:Container track gantry crane how to change the crane hanging steel?
The lifting speed is 8 to 10 m / min; the span is determined by the number of containers that need to be crossed up to a maximum of about 60 meters corresponding to 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet long container weight of about 20 tons, 25 tons
Q:How to use gantry crane?
Under normal circumstances, from the weight of 50t below the span of 35m or less, no special use requirements, should use a single main beam type.

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