Precast yard Gantry Crane 05

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Product Description:

(1) Reasonable structure for less costing and maintenance.
(2) Favorable performance to improve your working capacity.
(3) Smooth starting and stopping to improve you security sense.
(4) Low noise, commodious cabin and good view can make you happiness operatingand accurate operating.
(5) Credible electric parts to guarantee the crane safety in operating.

Safety feature:
(1) Weight overload protection device
(2) Lifting height limit device
(3) Voltage lower protection function
(4) Phase sequence protection function
(5) Emergency stop function

Control method:
(1) Pendent line control
(2) Remote control
(3) Cabin control
(4) Choose any two together

(1) Process: Sandblast, Primer, finishing paint
(2) Color: Yellow, Red, Blue etc. (according to your demand).
(3) Average thickness: Above 120 microns. (According to your demand).

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Q:Truss and "Hang Hang" are two concepts?
In the port, mainly for outdoor freight yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations.
Q:How to determine the size of the gantry crane
Spreader should not work with the transport vehicles should be more than 0.5m spacing, the goods through the door when the legs should be more than 0.5m spacing.
Q:What is the shipbuilding gantry crane?
There are two lifting trolleys: one with two main hooks running on the orbit of the bridge; the other has a main hook and a vice hook,
Q:Is the gantry crane and the gantry crane the same concept?
Gantry crane is a deformation of the bridge crane, also known as gantry crane.Mainly used for outdoor freight yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo loading and unloading operations.
Q:What documents do you need to open a gantry?
Need gantry crane operation driver certificate, in the local technical supervision bureau for.
Q:Does the bridge crane include gantry?
Bridge crane is the same as the bridge, both ends of a fixed beam, no arched; gantry crane refers to its track part of the ground, there is a vault of the crane; there are semi-gantry crane, cantilever hanging;
Q:What are the types of gantry crane?
Generally based on the nature of the use of the decision.Flowing operation using flower frame pin structure.
Q:Gantry crane does not hang what things?
Brake or other brake safety device failure is not hanging;Driving heavy objects directly when the processing is not hanging;
Q:What are the classification of gantry cranes?
1. Double cantilever gantry crane: the most common form of a structure, the structure of the force and the effective use of the site area is reasonable.
Q:35 tons of gantry crane drive wheel derailment how right?
Second: the scene if the conditions allowed to use the most simple oneFour: this approach, need to know the span, lifting the height of the specific crane model

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